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Cassandra was rejected by her mate, the new Alpha. After Smith was crowned the new alpha, he decided to show his cruel behaviour, which he had been hiding from his dad waiting to be crowned the new alpha. He was certainly a badass king. After he found his mate, he rejected her because she was nothing but an ordinary powerless omegas, as if the pain of rejection was not enough for her. He used her as his sex slave along with other ladies he uses for his pleasure. but unknown to him, the rejected omega was more powerful than he thought, and belonged to someone else in the dark forest. ******* I felt breathless and choking. Holding my neck, he gripped me against the metal wall of his enormous room. " Don't think I accepted you as my mate! You are just a sex slave to me!" he twisted my neck. Suddenly, I felt myself being lifted from the floor and dropped roughly. " Ahh! " I groaned out in pain, landing my back on the floor. I was rejected as if that wasn't enough. He used me as his sex slave. You disgust me, weakling! He spat at me. "My father should have left you alone to die in the woods, instead of bringing you to the orphanage home in the park! " I felt my heart ripped apart like it was pricked by a needle. I'm I'm Cassandra, a girl who lost her parents at 9 months old.

The Legitimate Son
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"You drop the crown, the heir is here!" Everth was regarded as a nobody in society because of his poor background. But his story took a U-turn on the day of his mother's funeral when a strange man approached him with an irresistible invitation, revealing his unknown father's identity to him, which he knew nothing about. Everth finding out that he was a son of a multi billionaire and next in line to inherited his father's empire. But this caused a war between him and his two adopted brothers. The sons of his father's friend who refused to back down without a fight.

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[Warning Mature Content] "Hey, Miss Savannah. Come have a taste", he said in his causal voice, as if what he did was normal. Savannah couldn't even find herself to speak as she stood by the door in shock. She doesn't understand what is happening now and who exactly the man she has as a fiance is. She had never known anything about him except his name. Her eyes swiped across the dead bodies lying on the floor and back to the man who was seated comfortably on the sofa with a glass of wine in his hands, which Savannah assumed could be blood from the dead bodies on the floor. He had a devilish smile on his lips and bloodstains on the tip of his shirt. "Don't tell me you're scared?" He asked with a smirk, reading the fear in her eyes. He could hear the sound of her heart beating from where he sat and also read the thoughts racing in her head. The thoughts of fear and horror. And the voice telling her to run away as fast as her legs could carry. But she was still standing! She had mistakenly made a deal with the devil she knows nothing about. She could feel her hands shaking and every part of her body trembling. What the hell has she gotten herself into? Elijah stood and fastened his steps to her. And within a blink of an eye, he was standing right in front of her. Savannah almost missed a step as she was stunned by his sudden appearance in front of her, but before she lost her balance, his hand held firm on her waist to keep her stable before she fell. His devilish smile was still on his face. "Who..who are you" she whispered in fear. "The devil is going to be your husband" he said, and the smile on his face expanded. Right there, Savannah knew she was screwed. Savannah was one of Brentwood's granddaughters. The most influential family in T-city. A law was made in the Brentwood family that all the granddaughters should get married before inheriting their wealth. Each one of them must bring in a son-in-law and present him before the oldest family members in the family__ Old Mrs Brentwood . Savannah was determined to be a part taker of this but she wasn't interested in marriage because she had no believe in it. She asked her best friend to fix a blind date for her. Someone she could pay to pretend to be her fiance and husband but later divorce when the deal is done. That night on the blind date, she mistook the devil as her date.

Married To My Fiance's Uncle
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[ WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "You're an offer to me this night and there's nothing you can do to change my mindset, because, after this day, I'm going to be your worst nightmare," he said in that blink of a scary smile that washed across his lips. _____ She was convinced to have a nightstand with a stranger to save her father's legacy, but never in her life had she thought after that night. Her life was going to change completely and she would become a bride to the ruthless man in the city. This is her fate, married to him or no one else.


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