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About me

I am Joyce from Nigeria. I started writing at the age of ten when I was in school. My friends and I would create our stories and write them in a book and give our classmates to read them and tell us their thoughts about t. Ever since then, writing has become a part of me. I write genres like paranormal, and fantasy and I am trying to get better with the romance genre because I feel it requires a lot of skills which I am building up. My first story was a vampire story titled, The Familiar Strangers. I was surprised when Webnovel decided to offer me a contract. I didn't think it was real because I had no idea about platforms that pay AUTHORS for their books so I lost that opportunity and wasn't able to meet up with their terms and conditions after I learned my mistake from this experience, I have been able to put my books on so many platforms and earned from them. I never thought writing would pay my bills and help me with some of my miscellaneous but it did and I am grateful because readers like you are giving us wings to fly by purchasing our books and reading them. You can check out my books and share your thoughts about them. I'd be glad to hear from amazing readers like you. Authors like us are nothing without readers like you. Thank you for being a part of our journey. I have a page on Facebook. You can check out my stories there.



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