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Outline : Anvitha, Kumar and Naina only daughter who is their life. Her smile is everything they ask for. She has the capacity to lit up the entire room with her smile. She has a brother Karan who is very protective of her but never let a chance to annoy her. She is simple yet beautiful girl with confidence aura surrounding her. She solves problem with her smile. Her down to earth personality is something eye catching. She is pampered by everyone but she never take it for granted. She is hailed from middle class family but had not brought up her any less. She had everything she wanted from caring and loving family to perfect well settled life. She treat everyone better irrespective of their status, cast and religious.Sagar, An apple of everyone eye. He is smart, charming, handsome and not to mention rich. He is the only child of Suresh and Swathi, Who is dear to his parents. Kishore is his diaper friend who is one of his well wisher.Suresh own a textile industry. Now sagar is taking care of it. While kishore is a fashion designer and has a fashion label 'Kish Collection'. He is partner of 'Sagar Textiles' and he helps in promoting sagar company to fashion industry. Sagar and kishore are inseparable and understand eachother like no other.Sagar is very attractive person. He is modern , posh and EGOISTIC ( which he call it as COOL). He is state level football player. He love his family and football. Girls always swoon over him but his eyes never caught anyone that would have got his attention. He is a bit short tempered and got his things done before he vocalise by his parents.What will happen when his eye got stuck to simple yet elegant beauty who unintentionally didn't acknowledge him?His EGO hurt badly.He does something unfathomable.He marries her. Her lack of acknowledgement stirred something in Sagar. He drag her in to his sophisticated world by marrying her. He expected things, untold. She is naive when it comes to Marital Relationship. He let her to adapt to his 'ELITE SOCIETY' alone. He taunted her , cursed her listening to other accusing her. Their difference in social status and class did not help in bonding their relationship . Due to their lack of trust and companionship it was easy for people to criticize her but she handled politely. His past didn't help either. His ex ganged up together and bullied her at their reception. Anvitha ended up beaten and bruised on her reception day. When see was crying over her fate , a stranger passed by and shocked looking at her state. The stranger could see in her. She helped her get in to normal looking self by covering with lot of makeup. This caught eagle eye Tanya. She smirked thinking of the ways to kill both the bird in single stone as the stranger is none other than her brothers girlfriend and arc enemy , Disha. As if Tanya wasn't enough , Sagar ex girlfriend and current best friend Ananya didn't leave any change to let manipulate Sagar and made him hate Anvitha stating she is not upto your mark right in front of many people and including him. Being completely ashamed he tortured Anvitha with his words and actions. It ended when one fine day Kishore, Sagar friend and we'll wisher of Anvitha happen to check the cctv footage. And he didn't waste a second to show to Sagar and make him realise he is doing wrong by judging Anvitha and criticising her. Sagar was really hurt realising the mistakes he made. He was guilty and he did everything in power to give Anvitha safety. This is not what Anvitha expected. She expected him to hug her, console her , apologise to her and stand by her protecting but all he did was use his money instead of his time , gestures , care and love. She for a second thought he did marry her for fun. But little eye contact, touches , smiles, the concern in his eyes told something else. She was confused in between. In between all this chaos, Anvitha found a new friend named Harshitha. Surprisingly she was there whenever Anvitha was needed the most. But little did she know Harshitha is her real sister and here because she wanted to take Anvitha back to where she belong. Harshitha was discrete with her identity. She was scared to drop the bomb and turn up as a mistake. When she saw Anvitha being treated ill, she swore to God to take Anvitha from Sagar to her permanently. When everything was going smooth , Tanya entered Anvitha life with a new blast. She was dating Karan, Anvitha's brother. When Anvitha cornered Tanya for making up a show to take a revenge on her , Tanya created drama in front of the gathering. Sagar oh so badly wanted to go and wrap her in his arms protecting from evils but his d*mn reputation was at stake than Anvitha. She stood watching the scene beholded. This time it wasn't Harshitha who lend her shoulder to cry it was Jack, Harshitha's best friend and Disha's current love sick puppy. She took this as an great opportunity and brewed some weed into Sagar head. He was roaring like a wounded lion looking at the photos. He couldn't believe and he doesn't believed it bit he wanted to show how it hurts to Anvitha for not being loved , not being given attention, for not coming to him cry over his shoulder. He published those photos in all the media, in rage. As Jack was a famous football player in the states , the news spread like fire. Anvitha was gobsmacked by the news. She was terrified when she learnt it was her husband doing. She didn't waste any time to ponder on thoughts and left to have a talk with Sagar. As the relationship was building, she was happy with this new blooming love. She didn't want to ruin it. But it was crumpled by Sagar as she witnessed Sagar with Tanya in an uncompromising position. She left without a word as she was too shaken up at the scene to find peace. She could only find peace in her her mother's embrace. She hurriedly reached her home only to be thrown out as she is not their daughter but an orphan. She was devastated. Tanya took this as an opportunity to take her out and kill her. As planned by Tanya, she took Anvitha by car to schedule a place. There is a saying 'What goes around comes around ' . The same thing happened with Tanya. When she planned to kill Anvitha, Rohith, Tanya's brother, planned to kill Tanya. Because she was the reason for his miserable life.... reason for not knowing he is father for a child.... reason for losing his love life. But goodness cannot be erased by anything. Anvitha gave up her life to save Tanya. Good people are meant to live long lives. Their good doing will be paid back in any way. Same thing happened with Anvitha. She was being saved by Harshitha, Kishore, Jack and Disha but erased her existence to the world. Anvitha took 3 long years to recover. Once she was taken to Newyork, she learnt that Harshitha was her biological sister but she was too numb to even accept her. She was cheated , cursed, beaten , lied, used, rejected, taunted and what not. She avoided people. She was always locked up...isolated herself from every living thing. Things cannot be like that for too long, she stood for herself. She wanted to live for herself. She was an anonymous writer from long back. In those 3 years , she had written brilliant heart touching stories which hit everyone's heart. She got even more famous and to mention she was heiress of SHARMA GROUPS in the Medical Sector. Harshitha wanted Anvitha to take up her position as CEO. With too much persistence and emotional blackmail, Anvitha accepted her request. She made her comeback with a powerful and strong mindset and attitude. When the world thought , Anvitha was no more. Her comeback got everyone interested. But to Sagar, it was like he got his oxygen back. He was overwhelmed with her existence. He pleaded , begged for his mistakes with Anvitha. But Anvitha wasn't the same old Anvitha who would forgive easily. When she was stubborn to reject him , he was adamant to take her back to him. Finally his love, care, concern , attention ,longing and trust won over her stubbornness. They together started their half left life with the promise of cherishing each other even after death.


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