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Catalina Valentine

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About me

As a book reader I always strived to find the perfect adventure that portrayed the best and worst qualities in what we call human nature. At first it was books such as the Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes, even the Ranger's Apprentice series attracted my attention. However as the years went by I had a difficult time finding a book that inspired me to look beyond what I could see. Beyond the confining walls that keep me tied to reality. I started writing my own book scripts at the age of thirteen letting my wild imagination be described within the words written upon those pages. In fact one could still find those scripts piled in a closet. I hope everyone enjoys this epic journey with the characters I have created, and realize that though we do not have magical powers or abilities to conquer gods we are powerful by ourselves. Life is but a journey and the more you think beyond expectation the closer you are to being more than what you expected in a hero. As an Author I give you the best of wishes.



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