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Time stone tells the story of 4 Teenager, Raymond, Jamie, Jenny, Ethan and the girl they Rescued from the man who would do almost anything to get the time stone in his hands. Elaine’s father worked as an Archeologist. But then in one day he discovered an Ancient neckless, which in the past was possessed by the Chief Lector. The stone had the power of time. The discovery of this ancient stone was a great breakthrough, but in the wrong hands it could do great harm. The Government wanted the stone and so did others, But Dr. Weston wasn’t going to hand it them. He had to run away with his family, to protect himself, his family and the stone. No matter where he went, they still managed to track him down up until he settled in the Bronx, New York. Ethan had always faced bullies, but it became more worst when he got into trouble with one of the most notorious gangs in Bronx, the Dragon brothers. He had to pay for his freedom, a payment he could not afford and because of this he and his friends decided to Steal a couple of jewelry from the Weston’s family house. It was going all smoothly until, The wicked man struck, killing the Weston’s after getting the information that the stone was in the house. Ray managed to save Mr. and Mrs. Weston’s only daughter, Elaine from almost being killed. they managed to escape with all the Jewelries they took. Amongst the Jewelries was the time stone. And now they are being hunted for something they know nothing about. The 5 teenagers are now on the run. The Time stone in Ray’s possession. Unknowingly one night, Ray triggers the stone, and in a bid to stop it from glowing bright, they are all s*ck*d into a worm hole and taken into the past. What will happen if they find out how powerful the stone is?


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