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Brook winters

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This room hung with a thick stench of alcohol and cheap cigar smoke; I was doing everything I could to not cough. Not wanting to draw attention to myself. The fat man had been bringing me with him a lot recently making me sit on his lap as if he was showing me off as he would stroke my legs under the table, he had also been getting rougher with me. “F*CK” he yelled tossing me on the floor “its your fault I’m losing. D*mn distraction. You little b*tch” I curled in on myself trying to make myself smaller and just laid there at his feet. The man in the suit across the table from him stood up to collect his winnings “looks like your out.” “double or nothing?” the fat man asked The other man raised his one eyebrow cocking his head to the side “I don’t play for IOUs and your out of cash” he replied The fat man looked down at me “if I lose you can have the girl. She’s groomed and everything she’ll let you do whatever you want to her with no fuss, and she will be big enough to f*ck soon” The other man stood thinking for a minute but then he sat back down leaving the cash on the table meaning that he accepted. The dealer shuffled the cards and passed them back out. The hand didn’t last long, and I knew the fat man had lost from his angry tone before he stood up and kicked me hard in my side. His foot was coming back for a second blow when two hands pulled me up from the floor smashing me into his warm chest. He was yelling something at the fat man, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying over my ragged breathing from the kick. He turned and walked out with me still in his arms into the chilled night air. A limo waited out on the street a man held the door open for him “Sir?” the man questioned to the man that was holding me. “I don’t want to talk about it Luc” he replied “I’ll fill you in latter” he placed me on a seat and then climbed into the car taking the seat facing me. The car started moving and we sat in silence with him glaring at me for a long time. I didn’t want to make him angrier at me, so I stayed quite and looked at the floor. After what felt like forever, he moved opening a compartment on the side and pored himself a drink filling it almost to the brim before he started galping it, after finishing it, he refilled it again. The fat man often drank before he touched me, so I knew what was going to happen next. “I don’t suppose you want a drink” he held out the cup to me. The fat man had made me drink that stuff before, it was gross and made me feel sick and I didn’t want to be made to drink it again. So I got up from my seat and move towards him to do what I knew he wanted. His eyes studied me as I approached him. I reach for his pants to put my hand in. he dropped his drink on himself flinging me across the car violently. then he crossed the car buckling me into the seat. he gripped my chin forcefully pulling my face up, so I had to look him in the eyes. “Don’t ever do something like that again” he said his voice dripping with disgust I wasn’t sure what I had done wrong. He shoved himself back into his seat and shivered picking his cup back up from the floor and pulling the bottle back out. He looked like he was going to poor it into the cup and then changed his mind putting the cup down and drank right from the bottle. The rest of the ride was silent till we pulled up to a large gate. As it opened he sighed “thank the f*ck*ng goddess we are almost home. I am almost out of alcohol” someone in the front of the car chuckled in response. An hour latter the car pulled up to what looked like a hotel and a man open the door he climbed out “can one of you please get Claire and ask her to come to my office” Someone said, “yes sir” and heard footsteps moving away. “you” he pointed at me “come” I clambered out of the car I had to ran to keep up with him. He walked quickly up the stairs in the front of the building. A man ran up from behind us getting ahead of us and jerked the door open just as he got there, holding it open till I went through. A brisk walk through a lot of hallways he finally stopped at a door and walked in, I followed. I heard the door close behind me and I looked back seeing the man that had opened the car door from before. He looked over at him to “Luc, see who is on call at the hospital tonight and ask them to send someone over.” Luc nodded just once and then retreated “a female, if possible, Luc” he added as the door closed behind him. He walked over to a small bar, got out a glass and a bottle of amber liquor. Again, he looked like he was going to poor it into the cup, but he put the cup back away and walked back to the big desk in the room, sat down and put the bottle to his mouth after a long swig he put it down and rested his elbows on the desk and pinch the bridge of his nose. He sat like that till he heard a soft knock on the door. Shaking his head as if he was trying to refocus himself, he said “come in Claire” A friendly looking older women came in looking a little hesitant, but then her eyes landed on me then she looked really confused. “Claire this child will now be in your charge. A doctor will be here shortly to look her over and see what the damages are” she gave him a nod to. But kept his gaze for a moment like they were having a private conversation without talking. She started to grimmest and then nodded again and he went back to pinching the bridge of his nose. Then she turned her attention to me. “what’s your name little doll?” I just shook my head no. “No what honey?” I just shook my head again. I wasn’t going to give them my name. I knew this game. If I said my name, I would get hit and I wasn’t going to do that. There was Another knock on the door. His eyes flicked to the door at the sound and then Luc walked in with another stern looking man carrying a big red bag with a white cross on it. “Where would you like me to do this Sir” he asked. “Here is fine” he grabbed the bottle off of his desk and walked back over to the bar and chugged the rest of the bottle. Luc raised his eyebrows at him. “don’t judge” he snapped “you would be trying to scrub this night from your mind too with whatever you had on hand if you had been there. That man was vile, he had his finger in her at the table like it was something normal. Then she tried to touch my d*ck in the car ride back here” This time everyone cringed and gave a little shiver of disgust. “Okay” said the doctor “let’s get this over with. Claire, do you mind helping? I think it will be easier for her if a woman helps. Given what she has been through” “Arms up little doll” Claire chimed, bending down and grabbing the hem of my dress and pulling it up over my head quickly before I put my arms back down. Someone gasped, I wrapped my arms around myself trying to cover up. I had no idea what they had planned for me, and I had never been naked in front of so many people before. Then Claire picked me up from under my arms and plopped me down on the desk. “What next Doc” Claire asked “Can you get her to lay down and put her hands above her head so I can have a listen and check her broken ribs.” Claire pushed me down gently turning my body and pulled my legs up, so I was laying flat on top of the desk. “Okay little doll I need you to move your hands so that the doctor can look at your boo boos” she said as she pulled my hands from around me and pulled them above my head. She kept my hands in hers without much pressure but enough to make sure I didn’t pull free to cover myself again. The doctor poked at my new bruises, and I s*ck*d in a sharp breath from the pain and tried not to cry; but I could feel the water pooling in my eyes and I hoped that no one noticed. The doctor put something in his ears, listened to my chest and looked at his watch. He pulled out a light and asked me to open wide. I open my mouth and he looked in. next he moved to my legs he placed one of his hands on one of my ankles and pulled a little to open my legs. The moment he did that I tried to pull my hands free from Claire. Her grip tightened holding them firmly in place. But at the same time the leg the doctor had touched swung hard kicking him in the face. I hadn’t meant to it was just a fear reaction. Luc rushed forward, “Tobis I will hold one you hold the other” Luc said to the man standing at the bar who looked like he was about to be sick. But he came over and held onto my other leg. Ray, the small voice that lived in the back of my mind spoke to me like she always did when I was terrified. I had given her my name since I could no longer have it. (Let me take over) she urged at me. I let her take over control of my body so I could go into the back of my mind to hide. Then my body went limp like it always did when she took over. She wasn’t fighting them, she just let my body go dead like I should have done to begin with. The Doctor came back with a bloody nose, and I knew I was going to have to pay the price for my reaction. But I knew Ray would stay till that was over. She always took the worst part of everything so I wouldn’t have to feel it. It was like being in the back seat of my brain, I could still see and hear what was going on but had no control because it was no longer me. The doctor put gloves on and went in between my legs with his light. He just barely touched me and then stood back up. Everyone then let go of me and Claire sat me up and put my dress back over my head and pulled my arms through the sleeves. The one called Tobis who had been chugging Liquor like he needed to breath, bolted to the corner of the room and was now vomiting in the wastebin. The Doctor eyed him and asked, “you okay Alpha?” which confused me because I was sure the one called Luc had called him Tobis.


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