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Broken willow tree

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Luna Wicken has spent her entire life believing she was just an ordinary girl, but on her 18th birthday, everything she thought she knew is shattered. Her supposed parents are revealed to be impostors, paid off by her real mother, to keep Luna hidden from the world she truly belongs in. Even her name is a fabrication, and Luna realizes she knows nothing about who she really is. As Luna's powers begin to manifest and the spell cast on her as a baby starts to break, she discovers that she is not just any witch - she is the forgotten werewolf princess and the most powerful witch of all time. But her true identity puts her in grave danger; both witches and werewolves seek to exploit her power for their own gain. Among those drawn to Luna is Braxton Lykos, the cruellest alpha of them all. Instead of seeking to harm her, however, he claims Luna as his one true mate. The bond between them is undeniable, but as Luna grapples with her newfound abilities and the dark forces that threaten to consume her, she must navigate a treacherous path towards self-discovery while fending off those who wish to see her destroyed. With enemies closing in from all sides and the fate of the Luna's life hanging in the balance, Luna must confront not only external threats but also the darkness within herself. Can she harness her powers for good and prevent the impending catastrophe? Or will she succumb to temptation and become the very thing she fears most? The fate of all supernatural beings rests in Luna's hands as she embarks on a journey of self-realization and ultimate sacrifice. All while falling in love.


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