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The girl with wings
  • Author: Bravery
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 8
  • 3.0

On their first date after the breakup with his ex-girlfriend, Thomas and Stefany are surprised to see a winged being pass over them while having an intimate moment at the Suanville golf course. The surprise leaves them stunned, unable to describe what they had just seen, but that's not all. Thomas realizes that after her date collapses on the floor, half-naked, she never remembers seeing him. Their suspicions come when the local guard helps them, and tells Thomas to forget about the girl, as she will never remember him again. The next day, the surprises do not stop, because having a conversation with the Sheriff’s daughter, he discovers that the same thing happened to her just for the fact of writing a love letter to him. She gives the letter to him, but tells him that after losing her memories, she also lost interest in giving it to him, as did her feelings for him. When he gets home, confused by it and by the fact that his parents and sister suddenly moved to New York, leaving him alone, he is surprised to find that in his house there is a lying on the floor, unable to speak to him, until after hugging him and choosing his name after that, Amazingly, he read a book in a tiny fraction of a second.

  • Author: Bravery
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 12+
  • 👁 483
  • 7.5

Michael, an 18-year-old boy, is followed one night on his way home by a mysterious hooded man. Finding refuge in an apparently abandoned residence, he is surprised that the place belongs to a sect, which gives him the choice between being part of them, or dying. In the ritual, a girl, Selina, becomes his Side, a loyal companion forever. The surprises would come after that night, since, the next day, his parents receive a mysterious job offer that cannot be rejected, for which they leave town along with Michael's brothers, who would go on to live with Selina in his parents' house. Although for Michael everything is very strange, his days are more interesting, and his new abilities please him. Until the day of his mass arrives. In a ritual, he enters a well that takes him to the underworld, where he must find his Moon. To his surprise, the events that occurred made him see that he was the only descendant of Sadhyria, the one who is not a demon, human, angel or magician, but is everything at the same time. After the reincarnation ritual, he stops being a demon, but hides it from the sect, including Selina. That is the beginning of the new story that Michael is about to live. His days at school are more interesting as it contains past life memories, so studying is unnecessary for him, but he must. Conflicts come when he meets Mikayla, one of the 3 Crys that the grandmaster had told him were traitors. Michael does not know that she is a Cry, and Selina's suspicions are the origin of the conflicts, involving other sects. Despite everything and without being a demon, Michael does not abandon Septum Black, until the execution of Ada, a member of the sect and who helped him more than anyone in the underworld. The White Knight (Ada's Luna) becomes Michael's Luna after she dies, causing a feud between him and the grandmaster, not to mention that the Knight revealed to him that Ada was not a traitor. Michael slowly falls in love with Mikayla, which upsets Selina and starts her plans to kill her. In a confrontation between them, a sect arrives, one they had not seen before. It is there that Michael realizes that he is not the only reincarnation of someone exceptional. Tyler is the boy's name, although he is still inferior to Michael. The confusion in the protagonist comes when he has relations with Selina, who with her persuasion manages to get him back into her hands with the intention of taking him away from Mikayla, whom she finds difficult to kill. Being tricked and manipulated by his Side, Michael makes powerful enemies who threaten to take him and the cult down. It is then that Mikayla advises him that he should make peace with his enemies, to which he refuses, causing him to be ambushed one night along with Luz, a friend and member of the sect, who loses her life trying to protect it. Seeing her fall without a sign of life, he makes use of much of her power, but Drako (who lives in him) intervenes, making her mistake and calming her anger. It is when he makes a decision that will change everything: assassinate the great teacher, who has the God of lies for Luna, powers that he used to deceive everyone and make Ada look like a traitor. In the fight, the sect splits. Some support Michael, and others the great teacher. The fight is intense, so much so that the 3 Crys considered traitors show up to support Michael, who discovers that Mikayla was one of them. They claim victory, but the grandmaster manages to escape with some loyal subjects. At the end of the fight, Charon appears and tells Michael that this will not stay like this, implying that she will find a way to kill them and take them all down the River Styx. Selina did not participate in the fight. She only got to the end to say goodbye to Michael, and that the next time they would see each other, one of them was going to die.


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