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Black Beautiful Butterfly

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About me

Hello there I am a Black beautiful lady from Tanzania who loves to look colorful like the colors of a butterfly. You guessed it right YES..! English is not my first language, LOL. A bit about me is that I am a Chemical engineer by day. A deep thinker and introvert every day, and I used to be a lonely person by night. Not anymore as much since I started writing my books. Unless I have a mental block, I no longer feel lonely with you, my dear readers, at my side. I get a lot of company from reading the books I write and reviewing them. And I blush and giggle, for every new read every read means a lot to me. My heart beats hard whenever I read your comments. Thank you so much. You show up so much lately and the nights are no longer lonely. Your company is appreciated. Making a dream come true for me. I try my best to write what I feel is the best for me to read. And I hope just like me you enjoy my books. Let's share my dreams of writing and keep enjoying fantasy. I am grateful for the reads, please keep reading


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Luciano Salvatore 'The Bullet' was born, raised, and comes from a long family line of serial killers. But he wants nothing to do with that legacy. The block that has made it impossible for him to run away from all of it is his uncle, Don Mauro. The most powerful drug lord and a serial killer who had snapped a long time ago. Don Mauro promised to kill Luciano's remaining family to keep him in check. On his mother's death anniversary, Luciano tried to go against Don Mauro to make his mother proud by doing the right thing and trying to save a woman named Keirah from becoming his uncle's victim in his s*x trade. Unfortunately for him, he fell in love with her at first sight. He finds out later that Don Mauro was not after Keirah for the s*x trade, but Keirah is a biomedical engineer his uncle has been searching for. A person Don Mauro will do anything to possess. Succumbing to his heart's desire, even after Luciano finds out about this information. He tries to protect her in the only way he knows how. By kidnapping her and running away with her and his family out of the Mafia world. Setting them both on an expected path toward a love-and-hate relationship while discovering the hidden supernatural fate set upon them. What chances does Luciano have for survival and redemption while caught up in his unfamiliar feelings for Keirah? A woman who has feelings for someone else. PLEASE NOTE THIS BOOK CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, MATURE AND DISTURBING SCENES 18+


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