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  • Author: Benclare
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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Longing to live a normal life, Charlotte Miles finds herself caught up in a tumult after helping her friend in a job that wasn't meant for her. A help that leads to a breakup with Dave,a help which disorganize her entire life,a help that arouses feelings she never knew existed, a help which opens her eyes to see how broken the world truly is. She does her best to return to her how she lived her life in the past before the whole heartbreaks and oppression but all her efforts proved abortive. Only to find out that the one who brought all this, wasn't far from her and was often around her. Keith Maul, a guy who was determined not to have any relationship with the other gender finds himself going to any extent to have the lady who spent a month with him being his pretend girlfriend, not knowing he was already heads over heels for her. Their first facial meeting after their contract turned out disastrous making them stretch even further than ever. Though they were both heartbroken, their ego stayed in the way of reconciliation. They tried to live their life to the fullest inorder to forget each other. They were apart but their souls, tied together. We can all behave like we don't care but our fate are bound together from the beginning. When the Sadness, Jealousy and Heartbreak became unbearable they run back into each other arms, vowing that nothing was going to tear them apart again. Meanwhile, unknowingly to them, are those who never want to see them together and are obsessed with either of the two scheming on how to separate them or take either of them for themselves. It's up to them to either give up the love they have for each other or stay strong in that love. Their choice of the latter leads them to chaos, crisis and a murder. But remember it's decided by fate who's going to survive. Surprisingly, they both come out victorious and are now given the strength to conquer any difficulties the life throws at them....but remember it's just a one time affair.


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