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Kathryn Ice Rewis has a childhood tragic incident experience under Madam Antonia who love to torture the innocence of a child. After Mrs. Kristina Rewis, Grandmother of Kathryn ask a help for the authorities to save her grand daughter under Madam Antonia. Later on, the government police kill her and died. After a months to year Kathryn suffer a traumatically depression because of what happened to her under Madam Antonia, she undergo different psychologist to help her condition. After a year, Mrs. Kristina give her grand daughter Kathryn to be her heiress of her wealthy because she discover that she a stage 4 cancer and has a short period life left to fix everything before she died. Her doctor friend suggest to buy a man who can never leave her grand daughter even she died, who can love and accept her mentality condition. That's why she found Yuri Daniel Athanas a Greek billionaire in Athens Greece but eventually part of an Alcolyte Triad for all bikers in United States where he studied in college campus. Mrs. Kristina set an appointment meeting to Mr. Athanas to meet her grand daughter Kathryn Rewis, she explain everything would like to know about her grand daughter, the status and many more. After they talked they have a deal, Yuri will marry Kathryn in exchange of Mrs. Kristina Rewis will help him to get her step younger sister under her maniac father which is Haley Daena Athanas. Kathryn met Yuri when he visit at Rewis residence, The grand mother told him to always tell to Kathryn that He loves her and willing to marry her, so that Kathryn will trust only him. After a year passed, Mrs. Kristina had passed away, and Kathryn left alone, then someone psychologist doctor who is greedy maniac visit Kathryn in her Residence area, because he knew that this girl is multi billionaire and he wants to marry this girl, get the all money she has, everything and torture her again like Madam Antonia did to her way back when Kathryn is 9 years old. Doctor Corba, frankly said to Kathryn that she's alone right now, he want to pursue the custody permit that he will take care Kathryn but Kathryn said that there is someone who can take care of, but Dr. Corba didn't believe because he knew that she has a mentality condition because of her childhood experience. Then after a while, Yuri surprise the Doctor and announce that Kathryn is her fiancée, and she is under to Mr. Athanas authority. Dr. Corba can't believe what he heard about the announcement but eventually in his mind he will never give up easily because he want to get everything to Kathryn, he want to be rich and famous. Yuri Daniel, get Kathryn to fly going to United States to stay his side because it his responsibility in exchange to help her sister who is now in his side who live in his headquarters together with the other Greek biker billionaire brothers hood. When Kathryn stay on headquarters area, everyone officers there welcome and greet her, all of them are friendly and they know their situation. After a months passed staying here on headquarters, some of local members joined there breakfast, someone who named Lily wanting to flirt Yuri in front of Kathryn, but Kathryn make a an innocent move because Yuri is her fiancée. Lily gossip everything want her to know about Kathryn so that she can make a move to get Yuri from her because she was obsessed. Time goes flies, Lily knows everything so she contact Dr. Corba and be his partner to destroy Kathryn's mind and lose trust of Yuri to her. They set a plan, to make Kathryn look crazy and eventually Yuri will surrender the custody care of Kathryn to him and he will do everything to get what he wants. After more incidents with Lily and Kathryn, Yuri cannot take anymore so he call Dr. Corba to get Kathryn from him. When the team of Dr. Corba arrive they get Kathryn immediately, Kathryn almost cry in pain and hatred towards to Yuri, and she said that he really doesn't love him because he is a liar. When Dr. Corba success to his plan, Leo who is Kathryn's best friend explain to Yuri that Lily is spying and partner to Dr. Corba to destroy Kathryn. That's why they use bike motorcycle to reach the van where Kathryn and the Team of Dr. Corba is in there. When they hit the side door, they open it and Yuri saw Kathryn lying down, and her pants are already down and at the top of her is Dr. Corba who will r*p*d her. Yuri decided to hit more the van vehicle so they will hit the barrier and they would stop, so when they stop Yuri get Kathryn, but seeing Kathryn no life in her face and see in her pain makes him regret what he did to her. Police get caught the team and Dr. Corba, Kathryn bring her to the hospital to cure her. After a days passed Yuri visit her and Make an apologize but Kathryn refuse. Haley make a move so that Kathryn would understands the situation between Yuri and her. sooner or later Kathryn understand everything and eventually she accept Yuri again because Kathryn loves Yuri so much. A year and months passed, Kathryn has already bump because she is pregnant with a twins, and all people in the headquarters are very happy for them because another member will be born again. Kathryn and Yuri lived happily forever.


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