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Barrister Tife

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  • 7.5
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Blood and Spells
  • 👁 10.2K
  • 7.5

Elena Marshall, the product of a dark lord vampire and a fierce Alpha is forced to paddle through her travails whilst fighting her attraction to Cassius. A one-night stand between two synced yet different creatures awoken the long-buried curse that was chanted a millennium of years ago by the most powerful lineage of witches who got wiped out by the creatures of the dark. Seventeen-year-old Elena is more concerned with school work and practicing magic spells behind her parents than pandering to quarter politics and quests for powers between the four quarters of the vampires, witches, werewolves, and humans. An elder witch soon begins to mutter about a prophecy of doom that is bound to cause havoc and death. Her entire world is thrown into disarray. Irrespective of the danger looming ahead, Elena is undoubtedly drawn to her mystery mate. An allurement is the last thing she needs but how long can she resist and deprive herself of that sweet magnetism?


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