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Author Pawila Winifred

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"I need you, my baby," he whispered as his tongue touched her naked breast. Her toes curled up as a ticklish feeling transferred from her body and straight to her brain. Her mouth let out a sweet moan. She has never felt this good before."I will make your pain go away for a while, bambino." He said as he kissed her face sticking his hand into her panties. She screamed when she felt his hand inside of her, their eyes locked into each other before their lips met again. This time, with much ferocity and want than the first kiss but the thrust in and out of her body caused her to stop kissing and grab hold of his shoulder. "Do you feel better now?" He grunted out and she tried to nod her head. "No Bambino, you have to be grateful by replying me with words." He said driving deeper into her. She whimpered, shaking, her legs jelly like and immovable, she tried to make out words with her creamy lips. "I feel…Ahhh." He pinched her left breast and then held it. "You feel much better now Bambino?" He whispered, sucking her ears now and she was lost. She wasn't in this world anymore. "Answer me." He said as he pulled out of her and touched her face with his creamy fingers, he drew invisible lines on her rosy cheeks with his wet fingers and stuck his fingers into his mouth. "Hmmm, Bambino, you taste so good." *** Amora's life turned topsy turvy down when the powerful and brutal cold billionaire of Venice walks into it. A man filled with a raw taste of need and affection and he offered her what she wanted most in her life. AFFECTION but it came with a price which will cost her a lot more than she would gain. Will she survive being in the billionaire's world or will she be consumed? This book is RATED 18+


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