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Ashley Davies

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Chloe Hermes is on the verge of having it all. Hard work and passionate determination have culminated a promotion that promises to put her on track with her upwardly mobile boyfriend, who she has been dating for ten years since high school they are Young enough to have their whole life ahead of them, but old enough to have established themselves as forces to reckon with. the news should call for celebration but taking this job means moving two hours away instead of planning their reign as an up-and-coming power couple, they have their already tenuous relationship further damaged by their misunderstandings. Her boyfriend Sloan doesn't want her to leave and she refuses to reverse her opinion. In the end, she heads up north. The problem of sorting solutions later serves as a barricade She settles into her new routine easily, thanks to her large impact on her roommate Clara. Clara's companionship comes cripping affiliated with her brother Miles. One night over dinner an unsuspecting healthy banter leaks out of the bag that they all have more in common than they ever imagined. Ashamed of his role in the tread that binds them together. Miles begins to withdraw as Chloe devises a game plan to ease his torment. But her boyfriend accidentally pushes them together with his selfish actions. Chloe's relationship continues to stagger. The distance is an issue but Sloan's indifferences do nothing to help the crumbling relationship. Every bright spotlight in their courtship is countered by darkness and bitterness. More often than not Miles is there to pick up the pieces. Before meeting Miles, Chloe thought she had the man she ever wanted now she is in a point dilemma to pick up Sloan's Love or Mile's passionate lost


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