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Arief Wiguna

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  • 👁 753
  • 7.5

Sandra is a beautiful girl who reigns as the queen of her school. Her life always seems perfect, but deep down, she feels lonely and longs for true love. When Samuel, a new transfer student from another school, enters her life, she becomes intrigued by the mysterious boy. Samuel was initially a victim of bullying by his schoolmates because they thought he was poor and weak. However, Sandra and her friends are unaware that Samuel is actually the sole heir to his wealthy father and also the most feared gangster leader in town. He keeps this truth hidden because he doesn't want to come across as arrogant and doesn't want his school friends to be in danger. Through struggles and hard work, Samuel eventually gains Sandra's trust, and they start to develop a close relationship. However, their love becomes complicated as various intrigues unfold in their love story. Sandra fights hard to help Samuel break free from the cycle of violence. However, they face numerous obstacles from their parents and friends. Their lives become even more complicated when Samuel becomes entangled in conflicts with rival gangsters, putting their lives at risk. In the midst of conflicts and imminent danger, Sandra and Samuel must consider their values and life goals. They must choose between fulfilling love or facing the consequences that could potentially ruin their lives. Will Sandra and Samuel overcome the obstacles and stay together? Or will their separate lives lead them to lose this heartfelt love?


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