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Sarah George

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About me

I am a ghost writer. I write billionaire romance and Mafia novels.


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  • 👁 558
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Kylie’s shriek could be heard across the dark basement as the silver dagger her mother held cut through her arm - No, it wasn't unintentionally. Kylie’s mom was the definition of the Devil and her brother wasn't exempted from the torture. After what seemed like centuries of pain, Kyle made a deal with a strange woman who walked in the midst of the inferno state Kyle had put the house into. Placing her hand against Kylie’s head, Kylie was off to dreamland. Kyle had done everything to save her from their mother. Ten years passed and Kylie could never forget the sacrifice her brother had made for her and vowed to find and protect her brother. Just when Kylie was getting used to her life without any sort of drama, Derrick appeared. “I said don't you dare leave,” he growled slowly. “Vera must be worried sick about me, I have been gone for way too long. I need to go back,” she defied. She knew Vera wasn't accustomed to people leaving her and wouldn't be able to handle it if she left so suddenly, they were each other's only family. “She’ll understand but as for you, you remain where you are,” he said with so much authority. Kylie hated being controlled and even though she knew the consequences of disobeying her mate especially when he was an Alpha King, she still chose to run towards the door which was far from the right decision. Just when she started getting used to having a shoulder to rest her head on, secrets of her identity are leaked to the very man she loves. He couldn't believe that she had lied to him for so long and she refused to tell him the lie he hoped she would. Devastating secrets revealed, haunting past resurfacing, appearance of the person she dreaded most, losing the confidence of the people who she wants to protect and her love hanging by a thread, Kylie is trapped in a labyrinth of her powers and she knows that to save everyone, she must have what it takes to be a MONSTER to her threats. Join Kylie on her journey of love, rejection, redemption and conquest.


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