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Angela la

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  • Author: Angela la
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 12.8K
  • 7.8

Elizabeth is a wolfless mute slave. After her mother was brutally killed to protect her from r*p*, her father was murdered by the Alpha of the black river pack. Elizabeth endured endless bullying in the black river pack for revenge. She vowed to kill the Alpha's families and leave with her beloved boyfriend when she turned 18. However, fate played a joke on her. Elizabeth discovered that her boyfriend had cheated on her long ago, and her fated mates were Alpha's twin sons! She declared to reject them as her mates, but the moon goddess had more incredible arrangements waiting for her. One day she will find out that her mates are not only twins, but also the Alpha of Giant Wolf who is 16 feet tall, the prince of Winged Wolf who lives in a cloud castle, the Beta of Fire Wolf who is covered with Untouchable heat, and even the vampire king who is the enemy of all werewolves and the Merman who lives under the deep sea... Why does she have 9 mates? What should she do when all her mates are jealous and desperate to possess her? ***** A black cloth lifted, and a huge rusty iron cage was revealed. I was kneeling on all fours inside the cage, with a heavy chain tied around my neck. The blinding spotlight converged on me, and my tears spilled out of my eyes uncontrollably. Countless werewolves wearing clown masks sat in the circular stands, pointing at me, the cheapest auction item. "Give me a discount. 40 gold coins! Look at her huge belly. She's pregnant. Non-virgins aren't worth much!" "But she's pretty," the host with a fake smile grabbed my hair and yanked it back, forcing me to raise my head and show my face to everyone, "Look at her beautiful face. If she were a virgin, her starting bid would surely be more than 10,000 gold coins." "Minimum 50 gold coins, no bargaining. I guarantee it's a good deal. She is expected to give birth in half a month. If she has a baby girl, then you will have two s*x slaves in the future. If she has a baby boy, then you will get an additional male servant. Buy one get one free. You've made a fortune!" "55 gold coins! I want her!" "I'll give you 60 gold coins!" I bit my trembling lips tightly. I couldn't believe that I, Elizabeth, the most cherished daughter of Blue moon pack's Alpha, would be reduced to being auctioned off as the lowest-priced s*x slave in such a shoddy and dirty underground trading market. Suddenly, countless gold coins fell from above interrupting the bidding. An uncountable rain of gold coins drove everyone crazy. "Gold coins! Gold coins! Pick them up!" "Don't grab it from me!" As everyone fought to pick up the money, I saw 9 handsome men dropped from the sky, accompanied by 9 majestic, grim voices. "10 million gold coins, we want to buy her!" "And, the lives of all of you!" "We will not spare any of you! You all die!" "Brandon, Austin, Caleb, Isidore..." I murmured the names of each of them, my mates, my baby's fathers. Tears fell from my eyes. A sharp pain came from my belly. D*mn! My water broke! I'm going into labor early! I collapsed to the floor in pain, spasming, rolling, and hissing. Am I going to die? I saw my 9 mates running towards me, but my consciousness drifted further and further away. Their running figures wavered before my eyes like the shadows of the trees swaying outside the window. I can't help but think back to that afternoon 10 years ago when I was napping in my room with my face to the window. The dappled, tiny dots of light danced across my eyelids. All the tragedies hadn't happened then. And I hadn't fallen from heaven to hell... If I could, I'd rather never have met my 9 mates in return for not experiencing those heartbreaking pasts...


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