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Ameiry Savar

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Book 1: Her Twin Mates Book 2: *SOON* Amelia grew up in love with her mother and brother. But everything changes when her mother dies in a rogue attack. She was blamed by her packmates because of it. And even her brother started didn’t talk with her. Her burden became harder when her wolf didn’t come out and her fated mate, their next Alpha, rejected her. Amelia ran away from their pack to start her new life in a human city. But then she learned that instead of a wolf, she was a Lycan after all! And the Moon Goddess blessed her more because her second chance mate was the Twin Princes! Would Amelia’s life finally become happy with her two mates? Or will it just become a burden to her as her beast comes out? ~~~ “Mine…” he whispered. One word and it made Amelia’s world upside down. One word and her heart were like a thousand horses racing on a mountain. But there was something different. This man was looking at her like they had just met. But his eyes looked different. ‘Mine! Mine! Mine!’ Lily said happily. He smiled at her and stepped forward. “It’s true. You are true.” Amelia was confused. She doesn’t know what to say. She might not know the name of her mate, but she remembered she had blue eyes. Though, the man in front of her had the same scent and hair color. He still looked like a different person. She stepped backward. The door behind him opened again and a man came out. ‘OMG! What is this?!’ Lily exclaimed. ‘What is going on, Lily? Am I dreaming?’ ‘No! Oh, Moon Goddess! You blessed us more!’ “I see you saw our mate.” Another man stood up in front of Amelia. There she saw two different people but with the same face. Warning! This story consists of violence and scenes not appropriate for young readers!


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