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Amanda Vint

  • 👁 19.3K
  • 7.5
  • 📚 3


To Have or to Hold
  • 👁 9.6K
  • 7.5

After jilting her fiance at the altar, Becca needs to escape fast. Fleeing on her honeymoon on her own, there she meets the handsome and generous Jace, who is willing to look after her and is worlds apart from the ex she once loved. But how well does she know Jace Morgan? And is he really all that he seems? Still, waters run fascinatingly deep, in this delectable romantic suspense.

Christmas at Clevenden  Cottage
  • 👁 1.2K
  • 7.5

Emma doesn't particularly like Christmas, so when her best friend drags her along again to Clevenden Cottage for the festive season, she is more than reluctant to go back. In bygone years, this "tradition" of both of their families getting together at Clevenden, was something she wanted to forget. Between her parent's incessant questions about her love life, and her best friend's pesky older brother, Dawson, she has more than one reason to want to stay at home. But what Emma doesn't realize, is that what she's been running away from, may be the best thing that has ever happened to her, and will make her Christmas extra special. Mishaps, surprises, and a whole load of humble pie are served, in this cozy Christmas romance.

To Love & To Cherish (To Have or To Hold Book 3)
  • 👁 8.4K
  • 7.5

What the mind forgets, the heart will remember...Starting out as a married couple is never easy, but the extra threat of an unknown danger looming over both Becca and Jace can make things unbearable. When an accident occurs, Becca finds herself vulnerable to the secrets that Jace has been keeping, and it suddenly falls to her to keep them both safe and find out what has truly been going on behind the scenes. But all is not what it seems, and with a new secret of her own to hide and protect, it's imperative to keep pushing forward until the truth is exposed. The past is revealed, and a sinister turn of events awaits, in the last installment of this romantic suspense series. The truth can't hide forever. "


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