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Alexis Dee

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"When he is at work, you will have us entertain you," Alpha Atticus whispered. "You belong to me," Alpha Atticus mumbled, shoving his hand between my legs and in my underwear. His fingers traveled to my p*ssy and grazed around for the entrance, but I was keeping my legs shut tightly. I was sitting between my two alpha mates, who were supposed to accept me and protect me, but they failed. Now that I was married to a much older and more mature Royal Counselor, these two came back into my life and demanded acceptance. While I spoke to Atticus, Alpha Enzo’s hand traveled down my spine, his fingers playing with my bra's hooks. "Ah!" I yelped but instantly covered my mouth as my husband was still sitting with us and munching on food. "I’ll be back in a minute," my husband said, then got up from his chair to attend the call he had received. "He is 29. You are too young for him," Enzo complained, unhooking my bra and letting my boobs relax. “I know you love us," Atticus whispered, bending over my lap after lifting my skirt. The instant his lips came into contact with my p*ssy, I shuddered. I wanted my mates so badly that I let them taste me. Alpha Enzo raised my shirt and brought his lips over my n*ppl*s, sucking them and making me lose my mind. "Ah! I ca---n see him from here," I moaned, keeping my eyes on my husband, who wasn’t that innocent either. He was on call and turned to the side while these two alphas were busy f*ck*ng his wife. (Content/ Trig*er Warning: The following read consists of extreme profanity, violence, or gore. Subjects like SA and abuse are briefly discussed that might be difficult for some to read)


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