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Alex Baxter

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When Amanda Murphy discovers that she is a strong uncommon breed of werewolf rather than just a typical human, her existence in the tranquil town of Havenwood is completely upended. Amanda is attracted into a hidden world of magical beings where she finds herself at the center of a captivating tale of love, destiny, and forbidden emotions. Amanda is introduced to the enigmatic alpha Morgan Blackwood, the brooding beta Sebastian Bennett, who has a terrible past, and the attractive and seductive pack member Liam Elijah who is carrying his own personal scars when she accepts an offer to join a powerful pack of werewolves. Amanda embraces her newly found identity as she learns sinister facts and a prophecy linking her to the fate of their species. Due to her unique talents, Amanda becomes a target when she is threatened by a rival werewolf clan, disturbing the delicate balance in the pack. As they defy conventional norms, Amanda must manage the intricacy of her relationships with Morgan, Sebastian, and Liam as well as her growing feelings for each of them. Together, they fight a cunning opponent in a titanic battle for survival. Amanda must embrace her fate as the chosen one and reunite her pack in a world where fate and desire are entwined. She leads them on a captivating and tragic journey that will put their love, fidelity, and the strength of their lunar ties to the test. She does this with unwavering loyalty and the force of her unique abilities. "Lunar Bonds: A Pack's Destiny," a gripping werewolf reverse harem romance, delves into the depths of desire, the persistence of unconventional love, and the courage it takes to embrace one's true destiny.


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