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  • Author: AdaWrites
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 89
  • 7.5

“I want nothing but your love, Isabella. Give it to me and I’ll make sure that no harm will come to you,” he said affirmatively. “But…” he placed his finger on my lips in an attempt to shut me up, his strikingly hazel eyes planted on my lips. He drew me close, our faces inches apart. I could feel his breath on my lips, and my heart was racing. But just as our lips were about to touch, I pulled away. I turned and fled, my heart pounding in my chest. He was left standing there, bewildered and confused. What had just happened? Meet Benjamin Foster, a 36-year-old billionaire and the CEO of LubeLibations Winery. Handsome, wealthy, and well-respected amongst his peers, he is one of the town's most eligible bachelors in all of society. Known far and wide for his shrewd business deals, cunning intelligence, and irreproachable character, mothers and fathers alike throw their eligible daughters at his feet. Sure, they are all beyond beautiful and come from respectable families, but he knows their "desire" for him is manufactured. No one strikes his fancy—that is, until he meets the delightful and mysterious Lady Midnight. She is both stunning and sassy and ignites a flame within. The only problem is, she is a courtesan. Will their love blossom regardless of her job as a courtesan? Will their love endure, or will her lifestyle keep them apart forever? The story has only just begun, and the journey is far from over.


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