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5 roses

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  • Author: 5 roses
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 59
  • 3.0

It’s Saturday night and Mike Turner, Chris Garcia, Leon Smith, Olivia Davis, Harper Sutton and Bailey Parker. Mike, Chris and Leon are the three hottest guys in the school and Olivia, Harper and Bailey are the three hottest females in the school. They’re the richest and most popular group of kids in high school and almost every Saturday night they throw a party at Mike’s house. Tonight him and his group of friends sat in the living room drinking, having a good time playing a game of truth of dare. It was Chris’s turn, “truth or dare.” Leon says. “Dare.” Leon begins to look around the room when he noticed a some girl and what looked to be her friend standing in one of the corners of the house talking. Leon puts a smirk on his face looking at Chris and says “See that girl standing over there in the corner talking to her friend? I dare you to go over there and try to get her to kiss you.” Bailey and Chris are dating so she get furious at the sound of it “ Christopher Garcia! Don’t you think about going over there! I don’t care if it is just a kiss.” “It will be okay baby, it’s just one kiss and it doesn’t mean anything. I’ll make it up to you later.” He tells her as he looks at Leon and his other friends getting up with a huge smile on his face saying “this is going to be easy.” He walks over to Rose while his friends watch but being unable to hear anything that’s being said. Next thing they no they see Chris getting smacked across the face. The look of shock and anger all over his face. “YOU STUPID B*TCH! WHAT THE F*CK WAS THAT FOR?” Rose, extremely p*ss*d off looks at him and says “I don’t know who this *ssh*l* thinks he is but you picked the wrong girl to hit on because I’m not interested so you can crawl back to whatever hole you came from and leave me alone.” With a p*ss*d off look on his face and the look of revenge in his eyes he walks by over to his friends thinking ‘that stupid b*tch will pay for that. No one puts they’re hands on me and gets away with it.’ As Mike’s smile is still plastered on his face, and him and his friends laughing hysterically he says “I thought you said it was going to be easy, because by the looks of what I just saw you didn’t even Come close. She shot your *ss down good.” Bailey glares at him “serves you right. You never should have gone over there in the first place.” Chris shoots her a look “SHUT UP!” And with and even angrier look on his face turns to Mike, “I bet you can’t do any better.” “I’ll take that challenge. In fact let’s make a bet. Not only will I get her to kiss me but I bet she’ll have s*x with me and I’ll make her fall in love with me.” “You’re on! You have until Christmas break and if you win I’ll give you $10,000.” Chris gave a satisfying smile thinking ‘how can I lose this bet, she wouldn’t even give me a kiss. There’s no way she’ll have s*x with him let alone fall for him. He’ll be lucky to get a kiss.’ Rose Emerson is a sweet and innocent goody two shoes and her best friend Whitney Sawyers is spontaneous, adventurous and quiet the party girl. How hard will Mike have to work to try and get Rose to like him enough to win the bet or will he at all? Will his plan work at all? Better yet, will it pay off with Rose falling victim to Mikes bet? Not only getting her to kiss him but to sleep with him and/or fall in love with him as well?


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