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Saved By A Dark Billionaire - Part III

Saved By A Dark Billionaire - Part III

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"If you keep biting your lip like that I won't be able to contain myself." I could feel the warmth of his breath fan over my lips, making me hungry to feel them against me. I bit my lip again as my way of permitting him. He gave me a sexy smirk before he crashed his lips against mine. His hands gripped my hips, lifting me and placing me on the kitchen island. I parted my legs allowing his torso between them as he grabbed my bottom while parting my lips with his tongue. I let him explore my mouth with a soft moan. His hands left my rear, traveling up my thighs, pushing my dress up along the way. He ran his finger over my dampening slit, through my underwear. "You're so wet for me already." He smirked against my lip before biting it lightly. I moaned again at the pleasure his touches and words were bringing me. "I want to know what you taste like, Rose." **** Olive came home one day to find her only long-term boyfriend balls deep inside her roommate. With her heart crushed, her fighting spirit from hell, and her best friend at her side, she sets out to prove a point. She can be with anyone if she wants to be. She finds the hottest guy at the nightclub and has her one-night stand with a stranger. Only it becomes more than just a one-night stand as she runs into him again next weekend while out with Lucas' best friend, Leo. Of course, she wasn't aware of the relationship between Loe and Lucas. Lucas is determined to make her his, but so is Leo. How will these best friends handle fighting for the same girl? Read on to discover how Olive deals with these two new men along with her college studies and family drama. Did I forget to mention these guys are rich beyond reason? Warning:there are plenty of hot and steamy scenes in this book


Davis, P.O. V.

"Okay, so what do you need her for?" I asked Derek, holding Lisa's hand under the table. I had placed her on the inside of the booth so that she was squeezed between me and the wall.

"I am hoping, if Lisa is willing, that she can find the information we need. She has access to areas that I just can't get into. If she can dig around and find what we're looking for, then we'll be golden."

"No way, it's too dangerous. She doesn't need another lie or pretense to keep up around her dad. This will only make things harder for her." I was fuming at the thought of Lisa being hurt if he caught her snooping somewhere she wasn't supposed to be.

"I won't get hurt. I snoop at my dad's office in the building often. He's pretty bad about keeping important things lying around. What exactly am I looking for?" Lisa leaned forward, resting her bent elbows over the glossy wooden surface of the table. Derek smiled at her response, looking at me as if to dare me to say a word.

"You're looking for his ledger, his book of contacts. Any cops, judges, mafia heads, or anything of the sort. He probably keeps it hidden and locked away somewhere. I would venture to say he keeps it at home, or perhaps a safe in his office. Have you ever seen such a book?"

"No, I haven't, but I haven't exactly been looking for it. I'll start searching more whenever I'm home with him, or left alone in his office. What do I do if I find it? Do I take it?"

"No!" Derek and I both said in unison, coming off too stern.

"You can't take it, otherwise he'd know we had it," I explained more calmly.

"You would take pictures of as many pages as you can, and send them to me. Be careful to put the book back exactly where you found it. We'll take the next steps from there. Do you think you can handle that?" Derek asked her, keeping those serious eyes locked with hers. It surprised me the way Lisa seemed unbothered by Derek's intimidating gaze.

"Yeah, I'm sure I can handle it. It seems simple enough."

For your sake, I hope it is.

"Perfect, then we'll be in touch," Derek said, getting up from the table. He's never been much for goodbyes, leaving once we handled business.

I turned to Lisa, ready to get her out of here. I hate bringing her anywhere dangerous. There was a panic creeping in me, one I know too well. It was the memory of that night that caused me to worry any time I walked by a shady guy with a girl on my arm.

“Ready to go?”

“Lead the way, my Viking.”

“Your Viking?” I laughed. I had never heard someone call me a Viking before. It was comical, but I guess I could see how someone would think that.

“Yes, my Viking, and only mine. Although, I can’t claim credit for the name, Lucas is the one that called you Viking man and that’s just how I knew you for the longest time.” She had a playful smirk on her face as she stared into my eyes. I leaned down, cupping the side of her face as I let my lips tenderly kiss hers.

“Putting on a show for everyone?” A voice cut our moment, instantly putting me in fight mode.

I was ready to punch anyone that dared come too close to Lisa. When I turned, my anger only doubled as I saw Chris. How the hell did he know where we were? Did he follow her here?

Chris hadn’t learned his lesson. Lisa told me about the lie he told during their lunch and how she now has to go to his house in the morning. I think he thinks I am playing around, but he’ ll soon learn that I’m not. I’ll handle him, her dad, and his dad all at once in the not so legal way if I have to.

“No, just one for you, it seems,” Lisa’s quick tongue responded.

She glared at Chris, making me smirk. I loved seeing this fierce side of her. I never want her to look at him scared again. Chris seemed to be angry at her lack of fear as he narrowed his eyes on her.

“Let me make something clear. I still own you, Lisa. Unless you want me to tell your father what is going on, you’ ll do as I say. And I say you’ re coming with me.”

“The hell she is. I think you forget who you’ re talking to. Try to take her and you’ ll find yourself on the floor before your hand even grazes her skin.”

This wasn’t a threat, it was a promise. I’d beat him senseless in front of everyone here without a second thought. He just needs to give me the excuse to do so. Chris looked at Lisa expectantly, thinking she would get up and go to him. He doesn’t realize that he can no longer manipulate her in this way. She knows that she doesn’t have to fear her father when it comes to us. I will take care of whatever problem that arises in whatever matter I need to handle it.

“You need to go, Chris,” she told him, looking utterly unaffected by his threat. I was proud of her.

“Do you think I’m bluffing?” Chris was running out of steam, grasping at straws. He pulled his phone out, pulling up Lisa’s father’s number and showing it to her. “I’ll do it.”

“Go for it. I am curious to hear what you’ ll say.” Lisa rested her chin on her palm as she stared at Chris indifferently.

God, I love this woman!

I thought Chris would stop there, but he's too proud. His thumb hovered over the call button, looking at Lisa. When she did nothing, he pressed it. I could hear the line begin to ring, and Lisa froze beside me. She was trying to hold back the fear, but it was hard as she heard the line continue to ring.

“Hello?” Her father’s voice echoed through.

Chris looked at Lisa with a brow arched, and I began to fear that this man’s pride was way too large to recognize he would be making a mistake by going through with this. Is he really going to tell her dad everything? Lisa sighed beside me, making me believe she was about to cave to his demands. I smiled when she reached for his phone, taking it in her hands and pressing it against her ear.

“Hey, Dad. Sorry to call you on Chris’ phone. I can’t seem to find mine. I just wanted to check and see if you would be coming tomorrow too? Or if it was just Daniel.”

I couldn’t understand what he said, as all I heard was his muffled voice, but it didn’t seem to matter as Lisa fidgeted with the glass ketchup bottle before us. She seemed lost in thought as she held the phone beside her ear. I was pretty sure that she was tuning out everything he was saying to her right now. I almost laughed at that, squeezing her thigh under the table, earning me a stern look. She made me smile when she looked at me like that. I loved it.

“Okay, will do. I’ll see you tomorrow then.” She hung up the phone and threw it across the bar, letting it hit the wall and shatter before us. She glared at Chris with an almost murderous intent. I hadn’t seen her like this before, but it was damn hot.

“I’m over your bullshit, Chris. Grow the fuck up. I am not yours, and you won’t manipulate me into it. Get over it, get over yourself, and get over me. I am done with all of this. Keep up your shit and I’ll let Davis do what he likes to you while I watch with a smile.” Lisa stood as she spoke, jabbing her finger into his chest over the table. She was furious, and it was showing in the most beautiful of ways to me. My heart soared seeing her stand up for herself again.

My blossoming warrior.

“You’ ll regret this, Lisa. I promise you,” Chris swore as he backed away. Finally, leaving us in peace.

“I am sorry, Davis. I don’t know how he keeps finding me.”

“Don’t apologize, Lisa. It’s not your fault. How about we check your phone and your car, make sure he’s not tracking you somehow?” I cradled her hand in my own as I led her out of the old bar and back onto the crowded New York streets.


Lisa’s P.O. V.

Davis helped me find a tracking device that Chris had placed in my car. I have no idea when he did that, or how I didn’t notice. It kind of scared me, knowing he knew where I was at all times. He could have come to me whenever he wanted. Davis smashed the devices with his bare hands. I forget how strong he is sometimes with how gentle he treats me. Davis took me home after that, and we stayed wrapped in each other, trying to forget all about Chris.

Thanks to that phone call, Dad will be coming to breakfast tomorrow with some

ill-conceived notion of Chris and I. I am a little worried about how Chris is going to handle tomorrow. I am sure he’s going to do something, but I am not sure what. He is a very prideful man, and I humiliated him today. My only hope is that it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass too hard.

“What are you thinking about?” Davis asked me as his thumb continued to rub my arm lightly.

“Tomorrow,” I sighed, un


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