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Overbearing President Favors Petite Wife

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In a web of deceit, she found herself entangled in a sinister plot, forced to replace her sister as the bride for the man confined to a wheelchair. By day, he treated her with a tenderness that seemed to melt her very core, but as night fell, he transformed into a ravenous wolf. "Qiao Moling, aren't your legs supposed to be disabled? You lied to me!" she accused. "I never said that," he retorted, a mysterious glint in his eyes. Trapped in his clutches, she pleaded, "Qiao Moling, I'm just a substitute. Let me go." Yan Xiluo, however, swept her into his arms, his voice low and husky, "Be good. If you try to escape, you'll only find yourself more deeply ensnared." As the secrets of their intertwined destinies unravel, a captivating tale of love, deception, and the blurred lines between desire and danger unfolds. Qiao Moling must navigate the treacherous waters of her involuntary role while wrestling with the enigmatic man who holds her captive. The question lingers – is she truly a replacement, or is there more to her connection with Qiao Moling than meets the eye? Against the backdrop of opulent mansions and hidden agendas, the story weaves a spellbinding narrative that explores the complexities of trust and the limits of love. With each twist and turn, the characters reveal hidden facets, and the reader is left questioning alliances and motives. Will Qiao Moling's captivity lead to a love that defies the odds, or will the shadows of the past cast an insurmountable darkness over their future? In "Whispers of Deception," the boundaries between passion and peril blur, leaving readers on the edge of their seats. As the characters grapple with their fates, the story unfolds with an irresistible blend of romance, suspense, and unexpected revelations. Will Qiao Moling break free from the shackles of her sister's fate, or is she destined to be forever entwined with the man who holds both her heart and her captivity? Only time will unveil the truth in this riveting tale of love and betrayal.

Chapter 1

**Chapter 001: Sacrifice, Moling**

My world crumbled, life cyclically spiraled, yet you remain my sole Mrs. Qiao – Qiao Moling.

In Xuancheng's June, the coastal proximity did not yield the expected heat. The capricious weather, however, couldn't escape inducing restlessness, with the sea breeze offering no refreshing solace on one's face.

At ten in the evening, Yan Xiluo sat on the second-floor study's balcony, gently caressing the prominent swell of her abdomen.

"Darling, just a few more days, and you'll grace this world. Mommy will shower you with all her love."

Perhaps, in her life, only this child represented warmth in her existence. She squinted her eyes, letting her thoughts drift.

Her phone, lying on the desk, chimed with a melodious tone. She silently opened her eyes, glancing at the screen. A video from her sister, Yan Xixi.

It was always either a message or a video. She had grown accustomed to it. She gently covered her belly, instinctively opening the video.

Inside, a bare man and woman embraced on a bed, passionately kissing, entwined in a fervent dance.

The entire video lasted for three minutes, capturing the wild fervor of the lovers.

This video conveyed to Yan Xiluo that her husband and sister were entwined in passion. She chuckled, tears streaming down her face.

Turning around slowly, hands gently cradling her round belly, she felt a sudden weakness. Trying to take a step, her foot caught on the thick carpet, and she stumbled, the abdomen piercing with pain.

Trying to stand again, she felt a warmth on her legs. The intense pain and the already despondent heart made her unable to scream before blacking out.

Finally, the bedroom door swung open. The maid, seeing the girl on the floor, called out loudly, "Madam Yan, something is wrong with Madam Yan!"

Yan Xiluo's last consciousness heard the butler, Uncle Lin, shout, "Madam Yan is giving birth! Quickly call the Young Master!"

Later, the ambulance sirens echoed in Yan Xiluo's ears one after another.

Opening her eyes again, the pervasive white told Yan Xiluo that she was in the hospital.

The child?

She slowly turned around, intending to sit up. However, a nurse was assisting her with an IV drip.

Seeing her awake, the nurse smiled, "Madam Yan, you're awake."

Yan Xiluo opened her mouth to speak but felt her throat dry, unable to produce sound.

The nurse promptly lifted a cup of water from the bedside table, "Madam Yan, what would you like to say?"

"My child..." Yan Xiluo's throat felt like it was stuffed with cotton.

"...," the nurse hesitated. She helped Yan Xiluo with the IV and looked at her sympathetically, "Rest well. If you need anything, just ring the bell."

She turned to leave, and Yan Xiluo grabbed her arm, hoarse, "Where's my child? Bring him to me!"

"Madam Yan... the child... the child didn't make it. He suffered from oxygen deficiency due to premature birth... he passed away as soon as he was born."

"What did you say?" Yan Xiluo's world shattered upon hearing the nurse's words.

"Madam Yan, I'm sorry... the child is gone because of premature birth and oxygen deficiency. You need to rest. Anything you need, just ring the bell."

Yan Xiluo tightly grasped the nurse's arm, "No, it's impossible! He couldn't have died! He was jumping happily in my belly every day, how could he die? Quickly, bring him to me!"

Yan Xiluo abruptly pulled out the needle, not even bothering to put on her shoes, and rushed out.

The nurse saw the fresh blood dripping from her hands and tried to stop her, "Madam Yan, you're bleeding! Lie down!"

"Get out of my way!"

Yan Xiluo, with all her strength, pushed the nurse aside and rushed out. She reached the nursery, seeing the doctor come out.

Grabbing her, the doctor said, "Madam Yan, I'm sorry. Due to your fainting earlier, the child couldn't be saved in time. You just gave birth less than a week ago; you need proper rest. The child would have a chance in the future."

Upon hearing the doctor's words, Yan Xiluo slowly let go of her hand. The child couldn't be saved due to oxygen deficiency.

Baby, is it possible that you're also leaving Mommy?

Baby, I'm sorry. Mommy shouldn't have fainted. Tears streamed down her pale face.

"Madam Yan, Madam Yan, why aren't you wearing shoes? It's not suitable to be walking around like this while you're sick!" Butler Lin quickly brought a pair of shoes for Yan Xiluo to wear.

He had just returned for a while, and Madam Yan woke up. He quickly called the Young Master.

While Lin was making the call, Yan Xiluo walked to the stairs and directly walked downstairs.

She stood at the hospital entrance, looking up at the sky. "Baby, are you waiting for me in heaven? Mommy will come to accompany you."

At this moment, a car screeched to a halt at the hospital entrance. Qiao Moling hurriedly got out of the car, not even bothering to close the door, and ran straight towards the elevator.

Yan Xiluo walked out from behind the pillar, slowly approaching the car, and sat in the driver's seat, closing the door. Seeing the key inserted, she smiled, a smile full of despair.

She gently started the car, reversed, and turned to leave the hospital.

As Qiao Moling rushed out of the elevator directly to the

ward, the empty bed only had a lump of blankets on it. Where had she gone?

At this time, Lin rushed in anxiously, "Young Master, Madam is gone!"

"Gone? Didn't she just wake up?" Qiao Moling suddenly felt his heart uncontrollably pounding, his eyelids twitching crazily.

He walked irritably to the balcony, seeing the car he had just driven out of the hospital! He widened his eyes, feeling like he couldn't breathe!

"Luo Luo!" He turned around, snatched the car keys from Lin's hand, and jumped from the third-floor balcony! The nurse on the second floor suddenly saw Spider-Man flying by and was greatly surprised!

On the highway, Yan Xiluo drove off, closely followed by the car behind. Qiao Moling, anxious as hell, saw her accelerating. Trying to overtake her to stop her, her speed was terrifying. Even if he caught up, he would get hurt.

All he could do was shout one after another, "Mrs., please, stop the car!"

Yan Xiluo couldn't hear the shouts behind her. She only saw her child waiting for her in the sky.

Her car crossed the horizon directly onto the elevated bridge.

Seeing the guardrail ahead, she smiled. Maybe this was good. She could be with her child in the sky, escaping this ugly and wicked world. She just wanted to leave quickly!

In her eyes, the guardrail grew closer. The car, like an arrow, ascended the elevated bridge.

Seeing the railing, she slowly closed her eyes, a beautiful smile on her lips. Directly rushing up...

Chapter 2

**Chapter 002: Qiao-Yan Union**

The black Rolls-Royce broke through the guardrail, somersaulting in the air before slowly descending into the sea, creating massive splashes of waves...

"Luo Luo—"

Qiao Moling saw the car drifting towards the sea like a speck of dust. His eyes widened with a howl, darkness closing in as he violently turned the steering wheel, attempting to follow her into the water. However, he collided with the robust steel pillar of the overpass, rebounding and wedging between the guardrail and the steel pillar...

Yan Xiluo's car slowly sank to the seabed, her ears, mouth, and eyes filled with water!

A giant wave approached, and Yan Xiluo was washed out of the broken window glass, floating into the distance. Her sister Yan Xixi's laughter echoed in her ears, "Yan Xiluo, die! Only in death can you return my marriage. How shameless can you be, seizing the man who should have been


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