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Daddy's Princess

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A naive hotel receptionist Mallory Phillips gets pregnant after a one-night-stand with Harris Thompson, who hid his identity as a hotel room attendant. Unbeknownst to Mallory, Harris was his boss's son, who was engaged to Nicole Hudson, a billionaire's daughter. Mallory must hide her daughter, Harriet, from Harris's wealthy and influential family, who wants full custody of her daughter. While juggling her work as a hotel receptionist and her responsibility as a single mom, Mallory is heartbroken by her daughter's desire to have a complete family. While Harris tries to break away from his engagement with Nicole, he works to win Mallory's heart back. He is torn between obligations in their group of companies and following his heart. Will there be a future for Mallory and Harris where they can live as a family like their daughter, Harriet, has ever wished for?

Chapter 1 Hidden Identity

Mallory woke up at 5 in the morning and felt the need to use the bathroom. She slowly peeled off the blanket to avoid waking up Harris. She succeeded in getting out of bed, but she elbowed Harris's wallet on the side table and fell on the floor, revealing the cards on it. She thanked God it didn't create too much noise.

Mallory's eyes widened in confusion, and she picked up one of the cards to check if she was right. She was holding a black card only offered to ultra-wealthy people. The card seemed legit as she rechecked it repeatedly, and Harris Thompson was on it.

"It's impossible," she whispered. "If this is fake. Why would Harris carry a fake black card?"

How would a man working as a hotel room attendant hold a black card? There are only two possibilities she could think of. First, Harris has a sugar daddy issuing him a black card, and second, Harris is rich. But the latter doesn't make sense, as Harris works with her at the same hotel.

And before she could think further. She closed her eyes and poked herself at the realization that Harris had the same last name as the hotel owner. The first time she met Harris, she didn't think about his last name that much as he was just an ordinary guy who could chat and blend in with the rest of the hotel employees.

"No. I don't think this is possible," she muttered. Yet she took her phone for her peace of mind and searched Harris Thompson on every social media she could find. Mallory is not into using social media, even if she has an account. She thinks it's a waste of time. Instead, she would focus on her job and find a new part-time job to achieve her savings goal.

Mallory was shocked that Harris Thompson had no single result on any social media she was in. She tried on a search engine. Her hands were shaking in anticipation as the results were loading. Her jaw dropped to see different women with Harris. She bet they were models and not just models but famous supermodels, and she could recognize some of them.

Mallory is not into fashion, celebrity, or even in the business world. She rarely knew famous and wealthy people, and it was the reason she didn't recognize Harris came from an ultra-wealthy family.

As she looked further, a specific photo caught her attention, leading to an article. "Harris Thompson engaged to Nicole Hudson, an Hudson Group of Companies heir."

Mallory felt her heart stop as she read the headline. Before she could even process what it meant, her strength seemed to desert her, and all she could do was cover her mouth with her hands in horror. Her legs took her to the bathroom before she even knew what she was doing, but when she got there, instead of feeling relief at being able to pee, sorrow and pain seemed to gush out of her like a river. She wanted to scream for help, but no sound came out.

"Harris is engaged," she said, her voice shaking. "He took advantage of my innocence. I wonder if some of my co-workers knew about Harris' background. I bet they make me a laughing stock." Mallory was raging in anger.

As she exited the bathroom, she found Harris still peacefully sleeping. Despite her anger, she couldn't help but stare at Harris's handsome face like she hadn't seen him before. Mesmerized by the perfect shape of his nose, long and thick eyelashes, same as his dark eyebrows complimenting his face with a defined jawline.

Mallory thought she was God's favorite for giving Harris to her. A perfect example of a gentleman, caring and loving person, and having the masculine body and the most handsome face in the city is a bonus.

She immediately thought of Harris being the groom waiting at the altar while she was marching, wearing a wedding gown made by her favorite fashion designer Elie Saab. Just the thought of it sent butterflies to her stomach. She's a daydreamer. And she thinks Harris is the one for her. She wants to spend the rest of her life with the man sleeping soundly beside her. But after finding Harris's identity, it looks like they are meant for just a one-night stand.

Mallory refused to be Harris' victim and steeled herself against her embarrassment. "Stupid Mallory," she muttered under her breath as she shook her head.

Despite how much she had wanted Harris to be the one, the situation showed that he was far from it. Tears stung her eyes. She looked at the models on her phone and to Harris back and forth. She pities herself. She doesn't belong in Harris's world. It stings Mallory's heart, realizing she and Harris have no future. The dream wedding she pictured of herself and Harris was shattered into pieces.

"Harris, why did you do this to me? Why me?" She muttered in her broken voice. Mallory heartaches, thinking she trusts and gives everything to Harris, only to be fooled by him.

It's barely two months since Harris started working in the Royal Vista Hotel. They worked together, and it took almost a month before they got closer, but she could still remember how her heart stopped the first she saw him. It was like she was hit by lightning at that moment. She knew they had an instant connection but was shy to get close to Harris.

In an employee's event, they had too much to drink. Harris took advantage of the opportunity to confess to Mallory, and Mallory didn't hesitate to reciprocate Harris's feelings.

A tide of emotion washed over Mallory, and she closed her eyes and let it crash inside her. Her mind wandered back to what happened last night.

"Mally, have I told you that I fell in love with you the first time I laid my eyes on you?"

Mallory felt her cheeks flush so hot she thought they might catch fire. "Yes, you said earlier," she replied, tucking a strand behind her ear. "Guess what? I instantly felt a connection the first time I saw you too."

"Thanks for being honest. It only took some drinks to confess to each other's feelings. Funny, isn't it?" Harris asked as he reached out and clasped Mallory's hand in his.

Mallory chuckled as she nodded in agreement, entranced by the warmth of his skin against hers.

Harris slowly traced a finger down her cheek, and Mallory closed her eyes with a sigh, savoring the sensation and feeling every spark of electricity that shot through her body.

"Mallory, I love you so much. I've been dreaming about this night since the day I first saw you." He whispered tenderly in her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

Mallory nodded wordlessly, unable to find meaningful words to express how deeply she reciprocated his feelings. "I love you too, Harris," She finally managed to choke out.

An evil smirk crept out on Harris's lips as his green eyes darkened with desire. "How about you showing me that tonight? Will you?"

Mallory licked her lower lips as she looked at Harris seductively, which Harris took as a signal to kiss his girlfriend. They were both passionate, and the night was filled with moans and whispers of love.

But now, as Mallory looked at Harris's sleeping form, she couldn't help but feel used and betrayed. She felt like a toy that Harris used and then threw away.

Mallory gathered her things and walked out of the hotel room without waking Harris up. She didn't want to see him or talk to him ever again. As she left the hotel, she saw the sign that said "Royal Vista Hotel" and realized that Harris was not just an ordinary hotel employee but the heir to the hotel empire. The realization made her feel sick to her stomach.

Chapter 2 Worth Fighting For

Harris woke up without Mallory by his side. "Mally?" he called out her name. "Baby, are you in the bathroom? How about you join me in bed? I don't wanna get up yet," he said, expecting an answer from Mallory.

Still waiting for an answer from Mallory later on. "Baby, come here," he said, sitting on the bed and leaning on the headboard after waiting for Mallory's answer.

Harris squeezed his eyes shut, allowing the image of Mallory Phillips to fill his thoughts. He pictured her soft, light brown hair curling around her face, and her almond-shaped eyes sparkled when she smiled. He longed for a world where he could be with her without judgment from his family.

His daydream was cut but still no Mallory by his side. Harris peeled off the blanket showing his fully naked body. He needed clarification as to why there was no answer from Mallory. "Baby?" He went to the bathroom but found no trace of Mallory.

He ran his fi


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