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Billionaire Entanglement.

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"Just meet with the young man..................." Mom said. It's so easy for her to say, I don't blame her though. ..................... Being young and 20 means having so many dreams to be accomplished. But for Natalie being 20 means only one thing, forgetting about law school and getting married to Maverick, the CEO of Glee, to keep herself and her family safe. And on the other hand, Maverick wants to get married to Natalie to save his peace, but will getting married to her do justice and relieve him of stress? But soon, she's trapped and entangled between the guy she had always wanted and the contract, which will she choose? Will getting married save her and her family? When troubles, Loss and betrayal begin to rule, will curiosity and revenge be enough? Will they be alright?

Chapter 1


"Nat I think you should just meet the young man, I'm sure you'll like him. I heard he is a supermodel and he is hot. Besides if you do this, you get to save yourself and your family" Mom said. Her words drowning me in a pool of anger. I wonder how getting married to a stranger will save me.

"Mom, father shouldn't be signing contracts to marry people off, especially not his daughter. I'm not even ready for marriage. Mother, I'm only 20. What the hell I'm I going to be doing in a marriage living with a man? I don't even know him. I have dreams ma, what about Law school?." I glared at her.

"Look, baby, you do not have a choice, if you disagree, they might as well come for your father, take your father," she said moving closer to me.

"This is for you, for your family, Nat."

I looked at her dubiously wondering what went wrong with my mother.

I don't blame her for picking sides with her husband, it was only the right thing to do.

"Okay," Mom began again, rubbing my shoulders.

"You don't have to love him, just sign the marriage certificate, answer his wife, and who knows, you could find love.". She said and smiled. One of the warmest smile in the world. One laced with assurance.

God, I hate this woman. I let the scowl on my face widen.

And with a feeling of exasperation, I left my mom. The plan was to go back to my room and get some sleep.

What I don't understand were my father's reasons to sign me off to a man that could be much older than I was. Worst of it all he could be a serial killer.

I should speak to dad. I thought

I strode down the stairs through the short hallway to meet my father in his office.

I knocked before opening the door and waddled in taking my time.

"Good day father, I need to speak to you" I said. He was on a call when I walked in, but he dropped the call afterward and looked up at me.

"Sit" He ordered and I sat.

"Speak I am busy" He commanded, flipping through the file in front of him.

"It's about the man I am to marry, do I have to marry him? What if he's a serial killer? What if he strangles people? What if..."

"Stop Nat. What is your point?" He was smiling but sounded serious, I knew what that mood was. Then he looked at me with full focus and vigor.

"I can work hard for the company, I'll keep our company and our safety too, father I promise, I will. I already applied to Law school. I'll get in, I know" I spoke with courage being intentional about my words as I pleaded with him.

He smiled widely and looked at me for a few seconds before he spoke.

"It's not just about the company, our lives could be in danger, your life could be in danger if you don't marry Maverick, they will have the company, and getting married to him will only relieve us a bit" He exhaled and continued.

" I trust you would have worked hard for the company but this is somehow a done deal. I'm sorry but Maverick seems like the good guy, at least I should know that." He said and cleared his throat.

"Nat! baby, do this for me, can you? That man is good for you I promise, he's a man with dignity."

How he sounded so sure about Maverick. Did he meet him already? We're they friends?

The way he looked at me, made me feel guilty in every way. That look has always been his winning game. His way of making me do what he wanted.

"Ok, I will marry him" I nodded with a faint smile with a shrug.

"That's more like it, my daughter. You'll thank me later, Maverick is good for you, he's a good man"

"You said that already." I reminded him folding my arms.

" Come here," He said opening his arms and motioning for a hug.

I reluctantly walked to him sinking into his big body. He caressed my hair and kissed me on my head.

"He'll take care of you, I know," He said and I nodded on his chest in acceptance.

Then, he released me and touched my chin.

"And by the way, they'll be here for breakfast tomorrow, look your best." He said and I nodded.

Dad had made his point, always succeeding to convince me to do his will.

I walked out of his office quietly and into my room. Wishing I could disappear.


I took my phone as I lay on the bed and googled about Maverick, not much was said about him except that he was a tycoon owning hotels and a few tech companies, he was a billionaire. At least, only then I knew who I was getting married to.

I dialed Abby's number.

"Hey," I said when she picked up

"What's up?" Abby asked

"They said I have to marry him, they have dropped 101 reasons why I had to. I don't even know what to do."

" Calm down Nat. It's not even like you have a choice, you do not, or do you?" Abby said

"Yes thanks for reminding me that," I responded.

"It's not that bad Nat, besides, this man is hot" Abby said sounding happy about her declaration.

"So are you telling me to marry him because he's hot?" I asked, feeling exhausted.

"No sis, don't marry him because he's hot, marry him because you want to get laid by someone very hot" She laughed

"Abby? Then what happens after I get laid and I'm not happy?" I exhaled rubbing my face

"I don't know, but isn't that why people get married? To get laid and produce babies?"

What in God's name was wrong with Abby, sometimes I wonder how we are so different in humor and thinking yet we were best friends. If you ask me, I didn't know how that happened.

"Okay, I'll have to call you back, I have something going on, yeah?" I lied. But I needed to run away from Abby's crazy self.

" yeah, take it easy on yourself, it's just marriage you are not going to die okay," Abby assured me

"Well said Abby, talk to you later, bye"

"Bye Bes, love you" She shouted before I hung up.

It was already 3:30 pm. Soon, it will be morning, and I will meet the almighty Maverick, I sighed.


I looked at the photo of the lady given to me by my mother, I observed her closely, she looked like someone I'd met before, but I wasn't sure.

She looked hot and timid at the same time, I swallowed. She had an amazing smile and her eyes were beautiful.

"So mom, what you are saying is that I'm supposed to get married to the lady in this photo as a fulfillment of a contract signed by my father and hers? " A grin appeared on my face, but a questioning one.

"Yes son, and not only that, She's a good girl, you have that as a gain. After all, I haven't seen you bring home any female in a long while. I want grandbabies while I'm still strong."

I looked at my mom and smiled. Sure she wanted grandchildren.

"She doesn't look bad, but why would her father give her out for marriage in exchange for money?" I paused then continued. "But if you ask me mom, I don't want to get married again, like not yet I mean. I have a lot with women already" I dropped the photo on the table and sat up from the dinning seat.

"How old are you Mav? You are not getting any younger. So that's why I figured that this way is better for you, I married your father the same way, this is the best I could do to get you married, that Ruth wasn't good for you" her voice sounded melancholic.

"What if we don't fall in love? I mean these girls want to be in love" I looked her in the face, I was sure she wasn't expecting that question.

" Just prepare for breakfast at their place tomorrow. " Mom said giving me a jolt.

The way she sounded sure about this Natalie girl, she better be worth it. Or she might just be like the rest.

"It's not like I want to be married to this young lady, I'm only doing it for you. What if she doesn't find me attractive?" I asked again.

"Well, no female won't find my son attractive" With assurance she patted my back and left the living room.

I looked at the photo once more before flicking it to the table.

Then my phone began to ring, it was my assistant, Maya.

"Hello sir" Maya said over the phone

"Yes, what's happening?" I asked

"There's a meeting scheduled for you by 8 am with Nike company" She said

"Emm., is that so? Well, you will have to shift that meeting, I have an appointment at that time. Maya I'm meeting my supposed wife and family by that time. Take the meeting down to 12" I dug my fingers in between my hair and ruffled it.

"Yes sir, no problem" She replied and I hung up.

Chapter 2

Natalie's POV:

I suck badly at make-up. I was just waking up but my mom has been going about with how I needed to get my hair done properly, and how my clothing needed to be appropriate. I was already tired of all of her bombarded tips on what to do because my so-called husband-to-be was coming over with his family for breakfast.

"Honey, are you ready yet?" I heard her yell from the sitting room.

How the hell will I be ready? I don't even know what to do, or how to go about dressing. Nor do I know what to wear. I had become very confused and I could lose it any moment, I just knew.

"Mom! Come I need you please" I screamed

"Coming honey" She responded. Her voice was faint like she was far away.

I heard her footsteps clunking across the wooden stairs as she came right in front of my room pushing the door open.

"What is the problem? Our guests will soon be here" She said, examining me, and turn


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