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Reemah Reigns

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About me

I'm Reemah, to say writing makes me excited will surely be an understatement. It thrilled me. I am super boring, probably because i got lot of things unsaid. No one can never beat me by surprise because i have travel round the solar system in thought, i might look simple but my head is very busy with ideas of my next story or chapter. I love staying in my own imagination , hard to bring back to the the normal world. however my readers are the real reason i write. their support keeps me writing.


  • 👁 22
  • 3.0

Throughout his life Montero lawn was known as the cruelest business man ever lived so when he died unexpectedly, he was sent straight to hell where he met the devil who happens to be sitting on his Thorn throne that dark night. " Please ... Please spare me, I shall do anything you want. Just grant me another life... Probably twenty years more or so " Montero begged. " Oh really? " The devil's voice boomed, shooking the path to hell vigorously. " Then what would I get in return yo human? " Scramming and totally scared, Montero replied while shivering. " Anything you want... I will give you all my wealth and everything " " Huh? " The devil replied gingerly " But by the cunning nature of my heart you got nothing I desire " " Oh no! " Montero thought. He knew he had to act fast. His brain reeled on what else does he possessed apart from his wealth. Then suddenly his beautiful daughter whom he had out of wedlock popped up in his mind so he quickly speak out. " I have a daughter... A very beautiful daughter, you surely must want her " " A daughter? " The devil thought for a while before nodding " Well nice. You see, I have this son of mine who shall come onto the earth after you. His name is Lucifer and he would arrive to earth after you to claim your daughter... You agree? " " Yes! Yes I do "


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