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Luna Rose

  • 👁 9
  • 7.5
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  • Author: Luna Rose
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 9
  • 7.5

When Song Xi listens to the people around her using words like ‘bullying’, ‘all-powerful’, and even ‘evil’ to describe George Sheng, she calmly thinks to herself: Oh, that’s my husband. When George Sheng hears people using terms like ‘white angel’, ‘most beautiful doctor’, and even ‘kind-hearted’ to describe Song Xi, he coolly thinks to himself: This person is definitely not my wife. The story takes place in a bustling city, with Song Xi and George Sheng starting off as a married couple. Having never met before, they were forced to marry due to their fathers’ reasons, leading to a highly discordant ‘blind marriage’. George Sheng’s hatred for the house extends to Song Xi, and he avoids her as much as possible, only reluctantly interacting with her when necessary, and even then treating her with disdain and harsh words. Although Song Xi is unhappy about this, she knows that she can’t afford to offend George Sheng, and both she and Song Yuanqing currently need the support of the乔家 (George’s family) forces, so she tries her best to hold her tongue and even proposes to be his partner and friend, in an attempt to maintain this fragile relationship. This is not only a love story but also a story about how to find one’s true self in a bustling city and how to find true love in complex interpersonal relationships. The unique narrative technique and delicate character depiction successfully depict a vivid and interesting urban love world. Whether you like light romantic comedies or deep emotional analysis, this novel can surprise you. Come and read it, let this story take you to feel the urban love comedy!


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