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About me

I am a young, 23-year-old enthusiast, in love with romantic films and books from the Harlequin collection. This passion pushed me to start writing my own stories, a path that I am seriously considering turning into a profession. Alongside my career as a project manager, I aspire to develop my skills as a writer and share my stories with a wider audience. As a project manager, I learned valuable organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills that will serve me well in my writing career. I am convinced that the combination of my professional experience and my passion for writing can bring enriching diversity to my life. I am particularly drawn to romantic stories, and I intend to create captivating and moving tales that will touch the hearts of my readers. I realize that the path to a writing career can be demanding, but I am ready to continue reading, studying, and improving my skills to realize my dream of writing professionally.



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