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About me

Hi! I'm Author GLH! Erm… What can I tell you about me? In 2022, I decided to open my laptop and let my fingers roam the keys. I started something that I'm incredibly proud of. I've always loved the realms of fantasy, so I thought I'd create my own. I never thought I'd actually share my imagination with the world, but here I am. The Sisters of The Moon is a series of three fantasy novels. I'm a college teacher by day and a passionate writer by night. I live in the UK with my amazing family, who have been incredibly supportive and I would never have made it this far without them. I'm a sucker for romance and love happily ever afters. So if you take a chance on me, I can guarantee I'll deliver that with added drama, sexy hot male leads, and self-assured female leads who might be princesses but are never damsels in distress. I’m British so you will find a bunch of S’s in the place of Z’s! Lots of love GLH x



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