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About me

I'm Aisha Ashiru, 23, Nigerian, a passionate writer with a love for words and storytelling. Writing has always been my way of exploring the world, expressing my thoughts, and connecting with others. Whether it's crafting fiction, sharing knowledge through articles, or creating engaging content, I find joy in the art of putting pen to paper, or rather, fingers to keyboard. My journey as a writer has been a fulfilling one, filled with endless inspiration and the thrill of bringing ideas to life. I look forward to sharing my work and connecting with fellow writers and readers alike.


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  • Author: aisha a
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5

“In the corner of a secret nightclub, my eyes met a stranger’s. He exuded a commanding and powerful aura. Our gazes locked and an electric spark leaped between us, drawing us together like a magnetic force. The dance of seduction began, a silent exchange of desire and intrigue. The music's sultry tempo mirrored the rising tension between us. Viktor's fingers brushed against mine, igniting a trail of sensations that sent shivers down my spine. We moved closer to each other, our bodies swaying in perfect harmony with the music. As the night wore on, the attraction became too potent to resist. In the shadows of that secret nightclub, amidst the intoxicating blend of music and desire, our lips finally met in a searing kiss. We moved to a secluded place. He raised my short little dress and slid my panties to the side, put this thing in me and was pumping in and out.” ----- "You shouldn't wear underwear." He says as he rips off my panties. "F**k, you're so tight." He groans while pumping harder. "Tell me you aren't a f*ck*ng virgin." "I'm not a f*ck*ng virgin." I grit, arching my back. "Please. Make me come." "Put your hands above your head." He ordered. Oh my God. I did as he had instructed, and Viktor did quick work of grabbing his abandoned tie and tying my wrists to it. "Make me come," I whisper. ----- A thrilling and erotic tale of passion, power, and forbidden desire, where alliances shift, loyalties are questioned, and the ultimate showdown between two worlds awaits. Tensions escalate between Viktor's empire and the rival gang, "The Black Serpents". Can love truly conquer all in a world where shadows conceal both danger and desire?


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