Each Writer Novel is Valuable. Promote and earn with us!

AlphaNovel is an ecosystem where you can publish your novel, find unique readers, communicate with readers and writers communities, and get a stable income!

We have a profound data-driven understanding of getting relevant readers for your books. We also promote books in the app – take your chance to join in-app Top Charts and acquire new readers!

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What we offer: Bonuses and Benefits

Publish your novels, sign contracts, earn money and get bonuses!


Signing bonus

We provide $150 to exclusive writers and $50 to non-exclusive writers.*

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Completion bonus

Earn up to $400 completion bonus of your novel!

Learn more about our bonuses at our Writers guide.

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Writer Royalties

We offer up to 60% of Net Revenue share for writers! Find more details in F.A.Q.


In-app promotion

Each writer must have time to shine!
We will provide each writer with opportunity to be highlighted on the main page of our app if his content gets initial traction from readers.

We have wide variety of showcase opportunities such as “Recommendations”, “Books of the week”, “Top charts”. Take your chance to become a Top writer!

*Bonuses cannot be withdrawn immediately. Your book must earn at least 50% of the bonus to make a withdrawal. See FAQ for more details.
*In order to be able to receive a bonus your published book should exceed 30'00 words

Easy and quick contract!

We are looking into both quality & authenticity of books very thoroughly to reward original content creators!

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Upload your novel, apply for a contract

One important condition, your novel must have more than 10K words

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Fill out an application, tell us about yourself and novel

We value each author and their successes on other platforms


Sign the contract, safe and easy with PandaDoc

Once we check your novel for compliance, you'll be ready to sign right away

Learn more about sign contract at our Writers guide.


Your contract is ready and active!

Immediately after signing on our part, the contract will be in effect and you will start earning your royalty share!

Simple signing is done with PandaDoc, without the need for registration:

How is AlphaNovel rated?

Linda Michel

I got some impressive coverage of my novel, and I'm very happy about it.

Linda Michel, April 24, 2022
Simon Dalton

Great service, very convenient to publish!

Simon Dalton, May 7, 2022
Samanta Philis

An exclusive contract, brought me great results!

Samanta Philis, May 16, 2022
Judy Davis

Love it! The stories are awesome.

Judy Davis, April 20, 2022
Alma Johns

Great app! It has really good books!

Alma Johns, May 18, 2022
Liam Michelle

I can’t stop reading a all the wonderful stories.

Liam Michelle, May 21, 2022

Books Promotion

We understand how hard it is to promote novels by yourself. That’s why we are here to help!
Regardless of experience


We will invest up to 300-500$ into each unique book promotion! *

Just imagine, your work will be advertised on leading social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Others. This will help you quickly generate first revenues and get bonuses.
We strive to make your first steps as easy as possible!


In-App Promotion

We have a variety of Top charts and categories to highlight your novels! If your book gets initial traction from readers - it will go to Top New / Trending / Discovery / Genre. We believe that quality content needs a spot to shine!

*This is an average amount we invest in a unique book promotion. The amount invested in each particular book may differ.

We have a blog!

Stay tuned for platform updates, stunning stories, and writing help. Learn more at Writers guide.

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