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Two boys and a girl

Two boys and a girl

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Amy is given the opportunity to choose between the dashing Amos white and the arrogant and snobbish Aaron, can she make the right choice and choose the one her heart beats for... Will a young girl who has nothing, become the fiancee to one of the white brothers.. A lovely relationship threatens to ruin everything when the set time has come for a boy to become a man, a girl becomes a lady and a father's greatest gift is to love and value his children, but at a price of making a life changing announcement, in hopes of leaving something special for a once old friends daughter..

Chapter 1

Coming of age, a lot of us have been faced with that tough decision to make; it might be regarding life, your family, or anything worth worrying about and cause for alarm.

Not long, I was confronted with the same dilemma, making a choice, although mine had nothing to do with life neither does it involve my family, the only thing was I had to choose between the tall, caring, and dashing Aaron White and then we have the rebellious, short-tempered Aaron white, I know tall, caring and dashing sounds better than rebellious and short-tempered; how do I put this? Although Atim might have a lot of shortcomings, he wasn't a bad person and neither was his brother.

Aaron being the first son, had a lot of responsibilities, and Aaron, having to be the second, didn't get to do much work_ How I do know? My mom and I live at the worker's quarters, mom worked there as their maid, one of their maids.

She's been with the White family ever since I was a child; and yes, Aaron, Atim, and I both grew up together, Their mom, Mrs. Lucia, didn't like the fact that she had me running up and down with her son's, however, Mr. Daniel seems not to have a problem with that.

He loved me from my childhood like a father would and even swore to take care of me until my school is done, some months ago, he proposed to my mom, that I will be allowed to go through college abroad if I do well in high school by getting the good grade, I trust my mom, she immediately accepted and as I was told, I swore that I'd do everything together have a good grade and get a chance to study abroad.

Mr. Daniel is the dad I didn't know.

Truly, I haven't seen my dad or heard Mom talking about him; not a photo or anything that can lead me to him.

The only thing I know is; my mom begging me to forget about having to Know my dad and that he was dead, since then, the topics regarding my birth father as been covered in the dark and they should remain there.

"Miss Amy, what's the population of Mexico City,?"

Standing at tht front of my desk was Mr. Benjamin, the history teacher.

I try to read, Mr. Benjamin brought out my book and hid it behind his back.

"Tell me, Miss Amy," he requested to know from me.

I got up from my Chair, everyone seated in the class had their eyes on me, when I replied, " 130.3 million sirs, as of the year 2021,".

Mr. Benjamin look proudly at me, " good one dear," he said and asked me back to the seat.

I gently sat down again, Mr. Benjamin walks Back to the chalkboard and continued his lecture.

Afterward, two hours precisely, I put my books into my bags, and a girl passed in front moving along with the students outside the classroom, I joined getting close to the exit when I heard Mr. Benjamin call back my name, from his deck.

" Miss Amy, please come," he said as he puts out his hand and called me back.

Chapter 2

I got to Mr. Benjamin's table, I see his hand giving me signs to seat, I turned back one of the Wooden chairs at was close to his table, and pulled it front to face back to him.

"Yes sir, you called,?"

I said slowly dropping my bags to my lap.

"Yes dear, I wanted to give you this," said Mr. Benjamin, as he carried a flyer passing it to me. I collected the flyer from his hand and read that the flyer was for a writing competition and the winner is said to win 200,000$ and a scholarship to college worth more...

Mr. Benjamin said." Amy, do you wish to participate, I know you'd win," he said being rested and assured. I put forward the flyer back on his table, I put forward my head looking straight into his eyes, and said; " I'd love to but my mom's boss, Mr. Daniel has requested to send me to aboard for college, he was happy to hear that, by his; I meant Mr. Benjamin, yet he was still adamant in making me go p


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