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The Dork and the Diva

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"Promise me here and now Ari, that you won't hurt me. Promise me you won't betray my love for you. Promise me, Ari, because if you do..." He cut off her wobbly words by placing a kiss on her forehead, "I won't hurt you, Areum. I promise."_ But she did get hurt... Areum Kyung is the best of the best singers in Crystal Academy. A troublemaker and rule breaker and she shockingly found herself falling for the guy she'd bumped into at a café. Not caring about anyone else's opinion, even her best friend's, Areum confessed her love for him. Their love grew so sweet and deep that anyone would get jealous of them. They loved each other a lot but it seemed their love was not meant to be a happy ending one. Before they got into a relationship, Arizona had taken up a disreputable task against Areum's family. One that would change their lives forever. What exactly is the task and how would it affect the both of them, especially Areum. But most importantly, will Areum be able to forgive Arizona for what he's done? Will she consider their love and pardon him? Of course, anyone in her shoes will chose to hate him till the end of time. Afterall, he betrayed her love and broke every single promise he'd whispered lovingly to her. Yet, she had to reflect on8 the fact that he had no other choice.



What exactly is a high school romance story? A typical 'bad boy x good girl' love saga right?

  Well, this book is gonna drive you into a whole new dimension with a very unique story that contradicts the high school romance tradition.

     The Dork And The Diva comprises of two different people from two different worlds.

   Arizona Hart... He's the opposite of what is supposed to be a main male character. He's the shy, clumsy, awkward and unnoticed, Introverted nerd. His nose is always in his book and he's always staying on his lane. He's literally a bookworm. If he's not reading, then he's working out some sort of technology . He's the plain type of guy infact.

Areum Kyung... Ever heard of a troublesome, loud, school hater? Well, she's the perfect example. She's an outgoing person and every single student in Crystal Academy knows her. The guys literally worships her.

So d*mn s*xy, total rule-breaker, mischievous and very carefree. Not to forget... She's a high-school Queen,High school Diva

Yes. These two are literally opposites. Two worlds apart to be precise. They go about their daily lives, oblivious of each other's existence... Till the universe decided to rewrite their stars.

  Their story is a beautiful yet twisted one. Is there more to the nerd or he's just.. Him. And hey, there's no love Story without a villan

   Find out about more of #Arezona


  She was already running late. Ok, not that she cared, but she doesn't want to listen to a whole hour of lecture from her uncle.

   Her phone vibrated in her hand and as she took it out to check what's up, she bumped hard into something and the smoothie she was holding spilled all over her.

   "Gosh!" She gasped, feeling the substance soak up with her blouse. D*mn it! She just bought this!

She looked up, with the intention of yelling at whoever the blind bat was, but she paused.

      Because for the first time... In her entire life, her heart skipped

Chapter 1

   Crystal Academy

17th July, 2023

    In Senior High School, CLASS C


  The class was noisy. The students awaited the arrival of the Geography teacher, Mr David.

  Some were chatting with their friend group, some were on their phones, some were even making out like they were in a club or something while few were reading.

    A particular person, was bent beside the teacher's chair, holding a screwdriver and literally loosing the screws that held the chair together.

   Few minutes later, a whisper was heard, "He's coming! He's coming!"

     Immediately, everyone settled properly like nothing was going on,even the one loosing the screws.

   Mr David entered the class, his face stoic as usual. He walked to the chair and placed the books he held on the table before looking up at the silent students.

  "I hope you all did your assignments because if you d


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