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international Class

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The international class begins, after more than 7 years closed, due to the mysterious death of a student, now it reopens its doors for 10 students from different countries, continents, social status, talents and intelligences, the international class is popular, to create the new leaders of the world, politicians, writers, musicians, presidents, businessmen, etc., the most powerful in the world come out of that class, now 10 new students will enter, discover each one of them, while they discover what hides the international class, love, romance, betrayal, death, lies, millions of emotions. While the classes are going on, Arnold Ligthfeid falls in love with the most powerful girl in the class, they both discover how their bodies unite them, a mystery is their birth and what unites them to the class, which hides the international cabinet.

Chapter 1

The fact of having to get up tortures me, I look at the clock again, maybe if I look at it long

enough it would stop running, but it didn't, the seconds were still ticking, bringing with it the

minutes, giving way to the hours.

- Arnold Ligthfeid, Mom says get up.

Suddenly my brother opened the door yelling at me, so fast that when I turned to his direction

he was already gone, that call was the last nail in my coffin. Those sheets around my body

came off as I got up leaving my naked body in the air, stretching my body, I felt a relief that ran

through my bones, another thing I felt, was the look of my neighbor, that when I went to the

window she was at hers, nailing her eyes in mine, I threw her a smile and a wink, before raising

the blind. That woman of 35 years old, married and with children, when she realized that I was

walking around my room naked, began to have a life in the window, that seemed funny to me,

I am not ashamed of my body nor taboo of it, besides it seemed funny, so I let her continue to

see me, her ideals and Christian designs tied her to just that, I had times that for the pleasure

of breaking her vows I played with her, but not in that way, we have never gone beyond looks,

her ties are stronger than I thought and I got bored, so I stopped sending her signals, but I still

let her body, her eyes and her body shudder at the sight of mine.

As I turned on the shower, the water slammed against my body, I could feel a drop of water

fall on my forehead, down my face, past my cheek, onto my lips, dropping onto my chest,

without stopping, down my abdomen, touching my pelvis, drifting and reaching my thighs,

passing next to my crotch and getting lost in my legs, falling to the floor, where it was lost to

my touch.

- What time do you go out today, dear? My mother asks, without taking her eyes off her plate,

not even when she talks to me does she deign to look at me, I would like to ignore her, and so I

did, I continued eating, as if nothing had happened, the truth is that seeing her like that, makes

me laugh, besides, she does everything I want, so I will pretend to be upset, angry and hurt a

little more, at least until I get bored or feel the blow to my heart, well, seeing them like that,

also tears me up inside, not so much for what they said, that for me is super x, nothing of

import or relevance had, but, knowing them, I knew that would give me a free pass, to do

whatever I want for a while, so, I started my act, tears, pain and traction, a play I've been doing

the last few days, maybe I'll finish it tomorrow, I have to think of a dialogue for that.

The afternoon passed quietly between classes, people and talks.

- What do you think Arny?

- AH?

- you didn't hear anything I said, did you?

- I'm sorry. I tell her, looking at her with my empty, overwhelmed gaze.

- don't say anything, I understand you, I don't want to burden you any more.

Rose, gently rested her hand on my cheek, her touch on my skin was soft and warm, for a

moment I felt lost, then I remembered.

- it's all right love, I'll get over it.

- And you haven't talked to your parents anymore?

- it's complicated, I don't know what to say, or how to feel, the fact that they kept such a big

secret from me for so long hurts me, they betrayed me, I don't know how to see them or talk

to them.

- I think you should talk to them, it's not good for them to be fighting.

- I'll try, it's just, I'm not ready yet.

- if you wait for the day he's ready you'll never tell him anything.

Rose was silent, we only looked at each other, I was lost in her eyes and she in mine. At the

exit of the institute I ran into a dog, he looked at me with those big eyes, his white fur was

tanned, full of human waste in the street, his smell made me shudder, that gave me a burning

in my nostrils, I bent down a little, I took a small stone and threw it to him, it was so that he

would go away, that dog, he did it, he went away, It itched a run to the road where a truck ran

over him, the street was implanted by the dog, the truck lost control and hit the traffic light,

that guy who was driving went flying, through the glass, falling on the hood of the car, all

covered with blood and glass or at least that was what went through my head, so I just walked

away from the dog silently.

When I got home, I felt my stomach contracting, I didn't know until I opened the door to my

room, there they were, my mother and my father, sitting on my bed with a picture of me in

their hands, some tears were sliding down their cheeks, this was where the game ended, since

I could not resist that image, I am not cruel, I would not say I have the heart for that, I just

wanted to teach them a little lesson and in that, do what I wanted for a while.

- I'm not upset, I don't mind being adopted, OK?! I was just a little confused about everything,

but can you guys get out of my room now? I want to sleep.

They both raised their heads to the beat of my words, their bitter faces came back to light,

they know me, so they just left in silence, not to try to ruin this moment. I felt my clothes

sticking to my body, f*ck how hot it is, I sigh, I take everything off until I look like I came to the

world, I quickly enter the bathroom, before going to the shower, I stay a while looking at

myself in the mirror, I'm a little narcissistic, but every time I see myself in the mirror I fall in

love with every part of it, every time I see how all the lines wiggle in a perfect way, my blond

hair, my green eyes, my nose outlined, my thick lips, in a perfect way, the perfect lines that

make me be me, everything was beautiful until I get to my chest, where in the center of it

there is a red spot, that was what damaged my shape, the black spot in my work of art.

* * * * *

The door of the red room opened slightly by the impulse of the wind that came through the

windows of the corridor, it contracted by itself, it opened and then closed again, producing

that deafening noise that woke her up. The idea of covering herself with the pillow to stop

listening to it wandered in her mind, but it continued, until suddenly she stood up, taking a

firm step towards the door, closing it with a lock, ending her torment.

Although she made a great effort to go back to sleep, it was in vain, she could not fall asleep,

she tossed and turned in bed, her mind wandered between subjects, until she gave up. She

went to the designated bathroom, before shedding her clothes. For a strange reason, she kept

looking in the mirror, she felt a magnetism for it, with her gaze she went all over her body, all

the lines that wiggle in a perfect way in her, her blonde hair, her green eyes, her profiled nose,

her thick lips, in a perfect way, the perfect lines that make it be her, everything was beautiful

until she got to her chest, where in the center of the chest there is a red spot. After a bath,

she lay down on her bed to read, with her headphones on. The music was her driving module

that guided her to concentration, she had to silence the other part of her mind.

* * * * *

- I have already spoken to them.

- And how did it go?

- I wouldn't say it was a conversation, rather, it was a monologue, but we are fine.

- I'm glad honey, honey, remember that tomorrow is Ryan's birthday, please don't forget, you

have to come to my house to pick me up.

- okay, that's fine, I won't forget.

- I love you, bye a kiss.

- me too.

I hang up dry, f*ck, I don't want to go to any parties, though, I don't know, maybe clearing my

mind will help me get over the trauma of being adopted, not that there's any trauma, but, it's

a good excuse. If I'm going to go through that, I need some stimulation, something to help me

get through the night. I put on my black jacket, a white jumpsuit, some boots and leave my

room. As I walk down the stairs, each step, echoed in my mind, it was as if I had disconnected,

suddenly I felt in space, cold and empty, where nothing made sense and was detached from

some value, my footsteps were only echo of the physical world that kept in contact with my

body, that which I harbored in my mind was spreading through my space, with fleeting images

eh sounds, all at once, with fierce edges that cut me, even so I keep walking, while my mind

explodes of interconnections.

- Where are you going?

- to luke's.

- Don't be late, honey. My mother says, before I slam the door in her face. I walked out of that

house, sat down for a moment and took a deep breath. Everything was overloading me, the

pain in my head became noticeable. It took me a while, everything was making me dizzy. If I

kept lying here I wasn't going to do anything, I got up staggering. Thank the gods that Luke

lives next door. My walk didn't last long, I was already at his door knocking, when my heart

became big and my space even bigger, the emptiness was like a black hole in my body, every

thing I felt s*ck*d it in and quintupled it, every sensation tore me apart. luke's mother opened

the door, seeing me, but all she saw, was a boy smiling at her, as usual, they can't see past a


- Hello Arnold.

- good evening Mrs. Reyes, is luke in?

- Yes, of course, it happens.

He opened the door further, leaned a little giving me room to enter, a small, light house,

where the necessary things were.

- LUKE!!! you are wanted.

- now go downstairs, wait for him on the couch.

A white couch in the corner of the living room, the waiting time for my well being was short.

Luke came running down the stairs letting himself be seen, a dark-haired, long-haired boy with

dark eyes, wearing a slightly oversized sweater and shorts.

- Come on man, get in.

I get up from the couch and chase him to his room, a small room at the end of a hallway,

painted blue, decorated with posters of some women, anime and rock bands.

- I'd like to say I'm surprised to see you here, but I'm not. He says, as he sits down on his bed.

- Why do you say so?

- because of the "aha" you know, the whole "you're adopted" thing. I lean against the wall.

- as you know.

- your girlfriend told a friend, of one of my friends, so, I think the whole school already knows.

- ha, f*ck*ng sh*t.

- f*ck*ng sh*t man.

For a moment I see in his eyes a little twinkle, he moved a little to settle himself, sighed and

looked away. Luke and I were best friends growing up, adolescence and the different paths we

took didn't keep us apart. Now I only visit him to buy drugs from him.

- Do you have any? I say, in a dry tone, snapping him out of his thoughts.

- Yes, of course.

He got up from the bed, walked over to the corner of the bed, slightly lifted the mattress and

took out a small plastic bag.

- Come on, man.

He says, sitting down and inviting me to do the same. I don't know, it's weird, I haven't spent

more than 10 minutes in this room, which is full of my memories.

- my mother is very you so relax.

- than liberal.

I say rolling my eyes. On a bedside table lay a pipe, he picks it up, and does all the sh*t he does,

while I was lost in the poster on his door. A man, full of colorful machas, intersecting with him

and the sub-real landscape in the background. I was just looking at him, breathing, trying not

to think, to control my thoughts, emotions and ideas, I wanted to fill myself with joy, to fill

myself with anything so I can stop feeling this emptiness that is inside me, maybe then I can

stop feeling like I'm dying slowly day after day, stop feeling like I'm tearing myself apart inside,

this pain that burns my body, this anxiety that takes my breath away.

- take man.

His voice brought me out of my thoughts, I took the pipe and inhaled from it, retained the

smoke in my lungs, released it and sighed, then went through the process again.

* * * *

- Have you already packed your bags, daughter?

- I am not your daughter, and yes, tomorrow you won't see me, but don't worry, it won't be for


- I know I will never replace your mother's memory, but to me you are like a daughter.

- I would like to say that for me you are something, but I find you so indifferent, you are

nothing, without my father's money, you are just a woman, one of millions, calm down, don't

rush to throw him down the stairs so soon, I am still the heir to everything, remember that,

Ashley Da'Comanot is all over the will.

With those razor-like words she leaves the kitchen, leaving her stepmother in it, that woman,

who clenches her fists tightly, is happily wishing her away.

* * * *

Sitting on luke's bed, feeling on cloud nine, I was so relaxed, I was calm, I didn't feel pain

anymore, it was so, so everything.

I didn't want to enter the house, but I had to and to my surprise, I see them in the living room,

sitting reading a book, until they noticed my presence.

- son can you come here for a moment please.

I roll my eyes, I don't want to be too close to them, I smell marijuana, so I just turn to look at

them, staying in the hallway still.

- I say with a smile and a soft tone.

- Tomorrow we have to get up early, the student from the international class is arriving, I

would like you to give him a tour of the city and introduce him to some friends, he will stay at

the house.

- okay mother, I will gladly do it, no problem at all. i ran out to my room. Lying on the bed,

while looking at my starry ceiling, I wondered, how is the international class, everyone has

been talking about it, even my parents, f*ck, I hope it's not too busy, I hope it's a nerd who got

a scholarship or a rich kid, they are the ones who form the international class, although I

honestly thought they were going to close it, because of the different deaths that have

happened in that class.

Chapter 2

- Thank you very much Mrs. Ligthfeid for welcoming me into your home.

- The pleasure is ours, it is an honor to have a student of the international class stay in our


- See you later.

- Have a safe trip, we will be waiting for you at the airport with our son, Arnold.

He hangs up the call, plopping down on the bed.

- tomorrow I will be in the international class, I will be living in London.

Every part of his body felt extremely calm, while his mind wandered in what he could do when

he arrived, he imagined places, landscapes, people, food and above all, how his guest would be,

he already knew the faces of Mr. and Mrs. Ligthfeid, but his son was still a mystery to him. The

house was filled with the sounds of trumpets and guitars, guided by the percussion of the

drums, together in harmony composed an aura of enthusiasm and melancholy, Angel De La

cruz, let his body even the rhythm of the music, that fill


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