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Tender Trifles Of Love

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"The flowers and vegetables they planted together was already blossoming,a dark constract to their own relationship which was just blossoming but no had to wither." Lucy is a force to be reckoned with; she's bold, cheeky, spirited, lively, and impudent. Lucy had lived in town her whole life, but after her mother's passing, she was unexpectedly adopted by her mother's employer, the Lennons. The Lennons were the presidential family, the most influential and powerful family in the city. They decided to adopt Lucy, much to the dismay of their only child Nathaniel. Nathaniel, a rude and proud heir, was displeased with his parents adopting Lucy. His mother opposed his opinion for the first time, all because of Lucy. Nathaniel decided to take out his dissatisfaction on her, but she wasn't as gentle or demure as she seemed. Two people with contrasting personalities living together, they were like yin and yang but somehow fate seems to have find it's way to them as sparks begins to fly. Buth then a crumbling realization was discovered and their love is out to test. A humourous, romantic and interesting novel free of complicated twists and turns

Unexpected Visitors

"But.. why?",Lucy granny stammered stealing a gaze atests who were currently sitting on the small cushion.just a look at them and you could tell that they are rich and influential people."Because that was Ruth's last wish", the elegant looking lady replied and Lucy could only shake her head.Ruth was Lucy mother.she was from a poor family but somehow she got involved with a second generation heir who dumped her when she was six months pregnant.unable to face her parents, she ran away to a faraway town where she gave birth to Lucy.She decided to look for a job and finally found one in the city, which was to be a maid in the Lennon's she entrusted her daughter to the old granny who was like a mother to her.she started working in the city and she would always visit her daughter twice in a month.But unfortunately, she pass away last two weeks due to depression, she had a close relationship with Mrs Lennon so while on the sickbed, she asked Mrs Lennon to help her take care of her daughter."Initially I agreed because this is Ruth's last wish, but now looking at you Lucy, I feel very eager to adopt you, you're so cute and adorable and besides I won't be the only one at home, now I've got a partner"Mrs Lennon chirped on and on excitedly."Since you've said so, I have no choice but I just can't leave her to you either, so I'll inform Ruth's brother but you might have to wait for two days because he comes around every Friday and today is only Wednesday", granny said"No problem, we'll wait, that's not an issue",Mr Lennon replied."Ah, okay", granny laughed awkwardly"Lucy let's go and prepare the spare room for them",she dragged Lucy in."Granny, do you know them?", Lucy asked immediately."No,I don't, they said they're your mother's employer, but why do I feel like I've seen them before somewhere.ahhh I remember, I've seen that man before,on the television,on the program"president talkshow",."Ahahahaha, president my @ss, why would the president appear here, granny be rational that's why I always make sure you take your medicine on time,now you're hallucinating, they're mom's employer not the president", Lucy laughed."You.. you little thing, but wait is he the president or not,well forget it", granny pouted and followed Lucy.Back in the living room."Dad, are you for real, staying in this d*mn forsaken place,I'll rather die", Nathaniel who had been silent all along finally said."We'll stay here, and mind you, she'll be your younger sister, okay",Mr Lennon said."Yes, your dad is right",Mrs Lennon supported her husband."Right", Nathaniel repeated in awe,he was totally surprised.his mother had always supported him no matter what, whether wrong or right but now because of this girl, everything has changed. I'll surely make her pay.Nathaniel stood up taking a look at the surrounding."The whole house isn't even as huge as my bedroom",he scoffed.He then saw Lucy who was humming to a song as she moped the floor."This is such a great chance to make her suffer",he thought and grabbed the cup of water on the table pouring it on the floor silently."Hey,How come this place is so slippery,do you want people to fall to their death ,come back here and mop it clean”,he ordered haughtily and she immediately walked over."What a pushover",he mused, satisfied at himself that she would have to mop the whole place again but he didn't notice the mischievous smirk on her face.She pretended to mop the floor seriously."Am not a pushover", she thought smiling mischievously."Here, it's clean now", she patted her sleeves and he smiled arrogantly.As soon as he moved closer to her,he slipped and fell onto the floor in a sorry state."Is,is that all you got", Lucy had a hard time controlling her laughter."hope you're not injured"."Fvck you",he scrambled to his feet hurriedly but he slipped again."d*mn you b!tch,am going to kill you"."Awnn, you look so cute, my camera mustn't miss this",Lucy laughed mockingly before taking his picture.His clothes, his specially customized clothes were now messy, dirty and wet, even his hair was rough and disheveled, the hairstyle that cost him several minutes to style."YOU.ARE.DEAD",he yelled and started chasing her around the room.When he was unable to catch up to her due to the slippery floor,he started throwing the cushion to trip her but she evaded it all.The noise attracted the three elders;Mr and Mrs Lennon and Lucy's granny and they all rushed to the room.Immediately Lucy heard the approaching footsteps, she sat on the floor and dirtied her dress before wailing out loud.Nathaniel who was a fair distance away from her was shocked at her sudden attitude."Is she suffering from a split personality",he was surprised and stood there staring at her in awe as she pretended to be the frail lady in distress."What, what have you done Nathaniel"Mrs Lennon cried, pointing at Lennon accusingly and he immediately threw the soft cushion he was holding onto the floor.and his father gazed at him disappointedly."This d*mn girl, she changed so quickly playing the pity card while am the victim here",he cursed silently lost of words as his mother helped her up carefully.he glared at her angrily."It,it wasn't his fault, I was careless and didn't mop the floor carefully so we both slipped, it's my fault", she supported him but her expression was clearly saying the opposite.she look as tho she has been bullied badly.

Two Can Play The Game

"Bully", Mrs Lennon pointed at him disappointedly."She had really forced me to a corner, there's no way I could redeem myself",he thought."No mom,he didn't bully me,I was at fault", Lucy cried shaking her head and looking more pitiful completely gaining others sympathy."Fvck,when did the mom stuff begin, this girl really knows how to garner sympathy",he was going crazy.Everybody seems to have believed her except granny who looked at her doubtfully, shaking her head subtly."Why are you supporting him, look at you, so generous and kind-hearted, sorry my baby ", Mrs Lennon smiled patting Lucy's hair lovingly as they walked towards the living room.Lucy looked back to see Nathaniel standing there dumbfounded,she winked at him before giving him the middle finger, mouthing the words"fvck you "."Alright, alright, you won for now, the


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