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A billionaire's secret wife

A billionaire's secret wife

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Menot29
  • Chapters: 10
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 32
  • 3.0
  • 💬 10


Zara was so disappointed that Mike canceled her wedding when the vows were less than an hour away. Tension occurred in one of the rooms rented specifically to wait for the event. Until the arrival of Nathan Wijaya, who was supposed to be a witness to the marriage of his co-worker's daughter, had to turn into the groom. Zara was forced to follow her father's request. The 22-year-old girl never thought she would be left behind by Mike and now become the wife of a man she didn't know at all. Nathan Wijaya, a man who has a cold and heartless attitude is forced to marry Zara because of his favor to Pratama's family. Nathan asked for his marriage to be kept a secret for business reasons. The bitter truth is, even though Nathan is married to Zara. He does not want to let go of his girlfriend. Will Zara be able to make Nathan fall in love with her?

Chapter 1. Marriage preparation

Zara, a cute girl, was riding her cousin's sports bike. Without hesitation, she was looking for a shortcut to avoid traffic, and she was driving her motorbike at an above-average speed because it was getting late. However, while she was focused on riding her motorbike, someone suddenly stopped her by stretching out both hands in the middle of the road.

Zara immediately braked suddenly, otherwise, it was certain that the person would be hit. She immediately got off to approach the man in black. However, suddenly a gunshot sounded so close.

"Help me," the man said softly.

Zara still stood transfixed, she was confused about how to carry the man who was now asking for her help.

Just as she was about to extend her hand, someone pointed a gun at her head. The girl did not move, because after that came five people already surrounded her.

Zara gave a code to the man who was now kneeling, she begged the person who was now standing behind her to let her go.

"Let go of this woman, I will surrender," the man said.

At the words of the man she had almost run over, Zara gave him a sharp look. She took a deep breath with a twisting motion, now Zara managed to take over the gun and pointed it at the tattooed man's head.

The five men who saw their boss defeated by a woman so easily were curious. Without waiting long, the five men attacked Zara.

Zara smiled slightly, wanting to get to her uncle's house as soon as possible. However, now she was being ganged up on by people she didn't know.

A fierce fight was inevitable, Zara who had martial arts easily dodged and fought her opponent. The girl twisted her body and her kick hit her opponent in the chest.

The man, who was none other than Nathan, immediately got to his feet and helped to immobilize his enemy. It only took fifteen minutes for the five men to be immobilized.

"We'd better get going before their colleagues arrive," Nathan said.

"Wait, you hurt your hand, sir," Zara said.

Nathan looked at the blood oozing from his fingers, he just smiled. "It's just a small cut."

Zara pulled on the man's hand who was still wearing the hat and mask, the girl ripped off his shirt and tied the unfamiliar man's hand to stop the blood temporarily.

After Zara finished, a car arrived and the man just got in.

The girl immediately headed for her motorbike, not long after Zara arrived at her Uncle's residence. She smiled when she saw the silhouette of Mike sitting with his cousin.

"Assalamu alaikum," Zara said.

"Waalaikumsalam," everyone replied in unison.

"Zara, what happened?" asked Zara's cousin, surprised that her sister's clothes looked so dirty.

"It's normal, sis." Zara sat next to her boyfriend.

Reyhan, who saw Zara coming, went in and left Mike and his sister.

"Our wedding is less than a fortnight away, are you going to Berlin first?" asked Mike.

"When are you coming home?" asked Zara.

Mike didn't answer, but he smiled at the innocent girl who was so good at martial arts.

Zara only complied when Mike asked her to go home first. After that, Mike said goodbye as the night was getting late.


The next morning Zara went straight home and joined the afternoon flight, she had also given the news to her parents.

Tama was so happy because her son would be going home earlier than planned, while Mike would only be home for another week.

After a long journey, Zara finally arrived at the airport. The girl immediately got out because she didn't have much luggage.

After the wedding, Zara and Mike would settle in Turkey, although Tama initially objected, it was only natural that a married woman would follow her husband.

Once Zara arrived at her parents' house, she was welcomed by her extended family from her father and mother's side.

There was a sense of emotion because everyone had gathered to see her get married in two weeks.

"Zara, why doesn't Mike come along, son?" asked Zeni.

Zara just smiled slightly, all this time it felt like she was the only one who always struggled to love Mike, while he had never expressed his heart directly and only through chat if he loved her all this time.

She had to think positively, maybe it was Mike's way of proving that he loved her. The proof is that her lover dared to propose directly to her parents.

Zara suddenly remembered the man who was injured at that time. She hoped he would be okay.

Zara, who is now in her room, is surprised by the arrival of her mother. Zeni disagreed with Mike coming with his family to propose to her only daughter. However, if Zara was sure that the man would be the priest in her household, she could only pray for the best for her daughter.

"Honey, are you sure about Mike?" Zeni asked once again.

Zara, who was focused on her mobile phone, turned her head and looked at her mother in surprise.

"What's wrong mum?" Zara hugged the woman who had brought her into this world.

"I don't feel good, I hope it's just a prejudice," Zeni said.

Zara took a deep breath, the woman felt as if there was something on her mother's mind. However, she did not want her to be sad.

"Mum, if something is bothering you just say it," Zara said.

Zeni smiled and stroked her daughter's long, wet hair. As a mother, she was anxious about Zara and Mike's wedding. Especially now that the invitations have been distributed, and the extended family is happily welcoming Zara's marriage to the businessman's son.

Zara, an IT graduate at a prestigious university in Turkey, has a business in software, so she can work anywhere. However, her parents didn't know because she started the business with her cousin Reyhan.

While Zara was in Indonesia, Reyhan was in charge.

Reyhan will come the day after tomorrow with his parents to attend the wedding.

"Bun, trust Zara. Everything will be fine," Zara said, not wanting her mother to get sick.

Zeni smiled again, the woman looked at Zara and then excused herself to rest. After her mum left, Zara took a deep breath. The girl rubbed her chest. She surrendered everything to the one who gave life.

Zara lay down, staring at the ceiling of her room. It wasn't long before a message came in from Rey that one of the businessmen in Germany wanted to use his services to look after his family.

Hearing that Zara smiled, the girl preferred to do the task herself, sometimes making Rey nervous about her cousin's sister.

Zara read all the data of the people she was going to look after, the wedding was a week away and tomorrow Mike was coming. The woman was a little hesitant to take a job in Germany because of her schedule, after one week she got married.

Chapter 2. Mike escapes

Tomorrow is Zara and Mike's wedding day. Starting a week ago, the girl had not been allowed to leave her room and her cell phone had also been confiscated by Zeni.

Zara could only surrender, she hoped it would be morning soon to be able to contact her future husband. Suddenly he felt bad, until exactly three in the morning Zafa could only close his eyes.


In the morning, Zeni was already in Zara's room, the woman wondered why her daughter hadn't woken up yet.

"Zara, wake up, child." Zeni rubbed the arm of her daughter, who would soon no longer be her responsibility.

Zafa, who felt his sleep was disturbed, covered his face with the blanket again.

"Astagfirullah, Zara. Let's get up, girl. It's already past five o'clock!" Zeni exclaimed irritably.

"Mommy... I'm still very sleepy," said Zara, who immediately lay back down.

Zeni saw that her daughter went back to sleep, and


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