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"Alpha, it's confirmed, we observed her emerging from the airport." Cyrus Carter's body stiffened at the news. It had been three years since he last laid eyes on HER, yet the mention of her name still stirred up the same tumultuous emotions within him. AriaThompson still had the power to make his heart race and ache, but this time, it was not with happiness...... it was filled with rage and determination. "Prepare the car. I'm getting remarried today, and this time, I'll ensure she does not escape me!…… us " he declared, his gaze fixed on the photograph of his mate.





"You look extremely miserable Cy, is Kiana giving you a hard time again?" Dylan asked his boss and cousin who was sitting behind his huge mahogany desk.

Cyrus Carter is 33 the youngest senator who was born as a pure-blood

Alpha lifted his gaze from the file he was reviewing for the first time since he arrived at his office almost half an hour ago.

"She never gave me a hard time Ian. She is still adjusting and--"

"Oh, for f*ck's sake Cyrus, it's been 3 years since her mother left you both! For how long are you going to fool yourself? Kiana needs her father, you need to take a f*ck*ng break so you could take care of her since you already kick out Ky--"

"Don't you dare mention that name in front of me again, Dylan! Besides, who the f*ck gave you the right to yell at me in my office?" Cyrus cuts his words off before he can get a word out.

The older alpha looks at him with equally sharp eyes, unfazed.

"Why don't you fire me then? You took me in as your legal advisor, but before we had any of these titles to our names, you are my cousin Cyrus, and seeing you living your life like this does not sit right with me. At least take a break. Spend time with your daughter and maybe she would finally...well, adjust to your situation." Dylan’s voice softened once he mentioned his niece.

Cyrus sighed. He hated Dylan’s silence most of the time, but he hated it even more.

Whenever the older opens his mouth and gives him a piece of advice regarding how he fathers his only daughter, his princess...his Kiana.

"You know I can't just take a break, Dylan. I have duties and responsibilities as---"

"And this is why we are here Cy. You have a whole office of staff to do things for you. Besides, you can always work at home. I am here and you know that I can do your work even faster than you do if you will just let me do it." Dylan tries to convince his cousin because Cyrus looks tired beyond repair.

Cyrus Carter does not even have time to cut his hair, he usually just ties it messily.

He wears his suit jacket on top of a plain white shirt and jeans just to look presentable, too. It’s sad to watch. He barely has time for himself to talk less of his daughter.

He is filthy rich not only because he is a politician and the one and only heir of the Carters, but also because of his own business. He owns the famous AZURE. GOLD, a restaurant chain with a lot of branches not only in the US but all over Asia, Europe, and Africa too. He was able to do this at a very young age.

 Cyrus is indeed more than a good catch. He is a total package because aside from being a billionaire, the young alpha is also smart. He graduated as a lawyer and got the highest grade point average in the BAR exam in his year.

He was the most sought bachelor in the country. People knew him for his charm and kindness. 

He started his business as soon as he graduated high school since he inherited his mom's talent for cooking.

 No one expected him to take up Law as his degree when he went to college, but because he wanted to please his father, he finished the course with flying colors.

His father had planned everything about his life out. He decided to let one of his older cousins Erica manage his restaurant since he chose to focus on Law as directed by his father. His father who was a politician and an Assemblyman at the time began to introduce him to his colleagues and started involving him in politics too.

At first, Cyrus was hesitant to follow the path his father is leading him. But in the end, he also learned to love what he did. He enjoys meeting new people, helping their constituents, and making changes.

He started a foundation. He started reaching out to improvised areas. And when his cousin suggested opening another foundation in another province, he did not hesitate to agree. He contacted his old colleagues and asked them for help with his plans.

They guided him. He was young back then, He was full of passion to help the poor. He was there for a reason but never in his life did he think of meeting the person who could make his heart race.

For the first time, Cyrus Carter’s sleeping wolf was awakened by the scent that almost drove him crazy that day.

On the day of the first snowfall, he met his mate, his fated...he finally saw her. He saw ARIA THOMSON.


Aria Thomson, a 26-year-old omega, who possessed a beauty that could rival Aphrodite. She was a beautiful young lady, blessed by Selene herself.

At the age of 3, the young omega became an orphan when a fire in their workplace took the lives of her parents. 

There were many speculations about tragedy but because she was so young then, she never got the chance to know the truth. 

The orphanage raised her and at 16, a scout discovered her during one of the events at the orphanage.Working as a singer at a fancy restaurant in the city not too far from the orphanage gave her an opportunity for a better life. Many of the customers loved her solo performances, and they earned her huge amounts of tips every night. It is there she met her sweet and kind Lucas Monroe.

Someone who became an older brother to her.Aria was just a simple girl who just wanted to sing. So when Lucas, the owner of the restaurant offered her a scholarship for her to pursue music, she didn't


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