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Years Accompanied by Demons

Years Accompanied by Demons

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The most beautiful memory in the world of love is that every young girl hopes to meet true love, but Eleanor's love is winding and unfortunate. Her boyfriend Logan is a man with a family, and she has become a third party. She only learned the truth after being threatened by Lawrence Willow. Stella is Logan's wife, Lawrence Willow is Stella's sister, Alpha of the werewolf. In order to help Stella, he found Eleanor and threatened her. When Eleanor was still a child, she remembered her neighbor Mrs. Howard grabbing her husband and other women together. The people in the town cursed the woman who ruined other people's families and marriages. However, due to Logan's deception, Eleanor became the most annoying person. After learning all the truth, Eleanor was unable to continue this relationship. But things are not that simple The appearance of Lawrence Willow changed Eleanor's life. How was she manipulated by fate?

Chapter 1 Tears of humiliation

Eleanor's POV

"It seems that you are still a virgin." The man grabbed my hair and forced me to look at him, making me scared.

My name was Eleanor Hazel. I was an employee of a foreign trade company. That day, I was attacked on the way to the underground parking lot after work. The strange man dragged me to the corner of the parking lot, tore off my suit and skirt, and took off my underwear. Then without any foreplay, he directly invaded my body. He hit me violently as if venting his hatred and anger.

It felt excruciating. Because of his action, my back kept hitting and rubbing the rough wall. I didn't even know if there was bleeding. I could only reach out to push him, bite him with my teeth, and keep asking him, "Please stop. It hurts, please. I can give you whatever you want, but please let me go."

The man wearing a dark blue hat pocket coat kept kissing and biting my body. His breath was getting heavier and heavier. It was a kind of breath that I couldn't describe. It seemed that this kind of breath made him more and more out of control. Suddenly, he stopped, looked at me suspiciously, and said firmly, "You're a werewolf?"

I trembled and replied, "No, I'm just an ordinary human..."

I gasped as he rose, hid his head, and approached me. To my surprise, there were golden beast-like eyes. He was a werewolf!

In our world, werewolves and ordinary humans live together. Werewolves were born with wisdom and strength. They often acted as the upper dominator in society. So, as a normal human, I had no chance to go against the actions of werewolves at all. Just like me at that time in the hands of that man. Even if I were struggling, it wouldn't help.

The men seemed crazier after asking me, which made me feel pain and fear. I was constantly crying and begging for mercy. Werewolves were gifted in the sex aspect. I seized the opportunity to kick his waist like an ordinary human, but he folded my legs to his chest.

My consciousness was getting weaker and weaker. At that time, I seemed to see a red dot. There was a camera near us, facing our private place, with the sign 'live' on it. 'God, is this man crazy? He wanted to broadcast it live.'

My body began to stiffen. Although the location was remote, there was no guarantee that no one would come close. I couldn't imagine what humiliation and trouble I would face if my colleagues in the company saw me with this strange man or if this crazy man broadcasted what we were doing. It would be too bad.

The man's behavior became crazier. At first, he seemed to want to intimidate and threaten me or something to take revenge on me in this way. But then he seemed fascinated with my body, like an attracted beast that couldn't control himself.

He buried his head in my neck kissed it. Such contact frightened me. I wanted to push him away, but the man raised his hands and pressed them on the wall. He put me in a suspended position, and the other hand began to touch my back. "Has Logan ever touched you like this? It seems not."

The man suddenly mentioned Logan's name, which made me tremble. Logan Christopher was a werewolf and my boyfriend. We had been in love for nearly a year. I used to feel confused and inferior. After all, Logan is so excellent. He had a high position in the company and a lot of wealth. He could perfectly solve any problems at work.

In my opinion, he was also a very gentle and charming man. This kind many female colleagues in the company were interested in him, but I didn't even know why he chose me. But Logan's tenderness gave me the courage to fall in love with him, and I was willing to believe that these were no problems as long as I fell in love.

I asked him in a trembling voice, "Do you know Logan?"

The man replied, "Of course, I know him very well. I'm his brother-in-law."

It's impossible! Had Logan married? He already had another wife in reality? So, what kind of relationship was between us? Did Logan deceive me in everything?

I could still remember the last time I saw Logan. He put many flowers in my arms, which were sunflowers, and I liked them very much. Logan said it was very similar to me.

Then, he gently kissed my forehead and made an appointment with me for next weekend.

Logan was sometimes busy because of work. But on weekends, he would accompany me. We often went to the nearby cinema for dates.

The man pulled my hair and threatened, "Stella and Logan have been married for three years. They are destined mates, so your existence makes her very sad. Logan even wants to divorce her for you. I won't allow you to destroy my sister's marriage."

'Stella, who's that? Logan's wife?'

I did hear Logan call a woman named Stella before. His tone was very ambiguous every time he talked about her. At that time, I thought Logan had another woman and had a quarrel with him, but he explained that it was a high school girl who always liked to bug him. Also, he said he would introduce us if he had a chance.

I believed him without reservation, but now, the man's words turned out to have deceived me.

My tears came out, but the man's attack continued, and my body kept hitting the wall because of his actions.

I felt hurt, but it didn't seem to matter anymore. The man finally threw me to the ground and warned, "Don't get close to Logan again. Or I'll make you more desperate than this!"

The man left. My naked body leaned against the corner wall and looked wet.

It took me a long time to get up from the ground, tidy up my clothes, and quickly return to the company.

It was too bad here. I didn't want to stay here anymore. Maybe leaving was the best choice.

I should forget Logan and everything here, including what I just experienced in the underground parking lot.

I went back to the office to pack up. My colleagues were off duty. Logan once called me, but I didn't answer.

I didn't know how to face him. The man I love and infatuate with was a liar.

While I was packing, someone came in. That was a woman with red hair and tight black clothes. She looked sexy and powerful. I guessed she was a werewolf because werewolves were different from ordinary humans. It was easy to judge them on appearance.

Seeing me packing up, she rushed forward, grabbed the box in my hand, and threw it to the ground. I thought she should be Logan's wife, the woman named Stella Willow.

She seemed insane and hated me.

Stella asked me angrily, "Are you, Eleanor? Logan's little girlfriend outside?"

I was exhausted because the experience in the underground parking lot made my body tremble. The werewolf had great strength that I couldn't push them away. I could only say, "Stella, all this is a misunderstanding. I didn't know he was married, and I was also a victim..."

Stella pushed me to my desk. My back hit the desk, and the documents were scattered on the ground.

She strangled my neck and yelled at me like crazy, "how dare you seduce my husband? Otherwise, he won't divorce me. It's all because of you! If you disappear, he will stay with me forever! "

I had difficulty breathing and kept patting Stella's hand, saying in a hoarse voice, "Stella, please calm down."

I tried to push Stella away, but she threw me away and hit my forehead on the next desk.

My forehead was hurt. 'It must be bleeding right now.'

Stella approached me and threatened, "Leave my husband, or I'll let you know what it's like to die."

Stella turned and walked away. I was left on the ground, choking and coughing violently.

I quickly got up from the ground, touched the phone on the table, and booked a flight to Bristol. The flight at 5 p.m. tomorrow meant I could leave there entirely in more than ten hours.

My family and relatives had lived there. So, I should go back and reunite with them. Maybe for the next time in life, I would find a job and start a new life there.

I picked up the things scattered on the ground and escaped from the company before finishing all the things. But it was too dark at that time. There was no one in the street, and I felt someone was following me. 'Who is that? Stella? Or the man who has left?'

What did this man want to do when he caught me up? Or was it Stella who tried to kill me?

I was scared and ran along with the path downstairs. Because I was wearing high heels, I fell to the ground and injured my ankle. The things in the box also fell to the ground.

I felt that the man was getting closer and closer. I was terrified, left the things in the box, and ran to a nearby place as fast as I could.

Thank God there was an abandoned Cafe Billboard on the roadside. It was abandoned in the corner of the park entrance, but it looked safe.

I ran over and hid behind the Billboard, holding my breath. Because of the shelter of the Billboard, I couldn't see around clearly. But I still could hear the sound.

The man's footsteps came closer and closer and seemed to come towards me. My heart was about to jump out because of fear.

I tried to squeeze out of the narrow space to escape, but he grabbed me first. The man put me against the wall, and the cold voice sounded again, "Finally, I found you."

Chapter 2 Be his prey

Hearing the man's voice, I trembled with fear. I raised my head and saw those blue-gray eyes.

I tried to get rid of him and walk around the other side of the Billboard, but he grabbed my jaw. He stretched out his legs and trapped me inside.

I kept begging, "please let go of me. You've got what you want" I shed tears because of fear, and my voice trembled, "You have destroyed everything about me. Why do you still try to find me?"

The man pressed my hand against the wall, and the way he looked at me made me feel terrified. 

It was like a beast staring at the prey in his hand. He seemed to be greedy for the smell of me. He lowered his head and sniffed gently at me. Soon, he seemed to calm down, but I felt the grasp on my hands was strengthening.

He pinched my wrist, and my bones seemed to be about to break. I could feel that he hated me, even though I didn't know why.

He came close to my ear and said in a low voice,


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