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When Two Wolves Collide

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When Tiffanye Rebel and her mate Quinton McKnight rejected each other, Tiffanye left her pack, never to return. Five years have passed, and Tiffanye had returned to the same place that brought her nothing but pain and misery. As time goes on, all the bad memories begin to surface. There are secrets to be revealed, Will Tiffanye ever get past all the lies and betrayal, or will these unfortunate events finally break her?



Review after the novel completion

Let me start by saying that so far I have really enjoyed reading this book. I love that, (1) the main character is black and a female, (2) I appreciate the fact that even though she was emotionally and mentally abused by her family, she did not let them break her and she stood up for herself despite everything that was against her, (3) she was able to take care of and provide for herself by herself, and (4) she was fearless. However, I do suggest having someone proofread over everything because there are a lot of misspelled words and wrong punctuation.

March 2, 2024

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