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Wanna Be Yours, Alpha! When Dreams Come True!

Wanna Be Yours, Alpha! When Dreams Come True!

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"I want to go home! I can't stay here!" What would it be like if all the fictional characters in your dreams come true? Anna Valerie is a college student who got lost in the wilderness where werewolves live! As it turns out, the people in that world have the same faces and names as the ones she sees in her dreams! Destined to be the mate of an Alpha, Anna Valerie has a lot to consider. Her parents and brother are in the human world, while Wiliam is in a different world! Not only that, her test to become Alpha—William Gerarld's mate is not easy. She is terrorized by a werewolf, namely his ex-girlfriend–William, who cannot accept Anna and William's togetherness. Not to mention, the relentless attacks from the Vampire clan who are after her blood! How will Anna and William get through this ordeal? Will they live in the same world or a different world?

Chapter 1 A strange dream!

How would you feel if you always felt strange things while sleeping? And no one believes what you're experiencing?

This is exactly how Anna Valerie, a 21-year-old girl currently studying at a private university in Canada, feels.

"Mommy!" she cried out loudly, making the middle-aged woman called by her name rush to her daughter's room.

Seeing that her daughter had just woken up, the mother let out a long sigh. "What's wrong, Anna? Did you dream you were in fairyland again?" she asked.

It wasn't the first time Anna had experienced something strange like this and her parents and younger brother were always the ones who had to believe what she dreamt.

"Mom, but this feels real!" Anna swore. Her face showed a very convincing expression. But still, would her mother believe her?

"Well, if you think it's real, take me there. So that I believe you!" replied her mother, who was still wearing the apron hanging around her neck.

"Anna, hurry up and go to the bookstore! It's time for you to be on guard!" her mother added.

Oh yes, Anna forgot! It was already 3 p.m. Being too busy with her dream world, Anna forgot about her activities in the real world.

The brunette girl walked towards the bathroom.

Just as she was about to open the bathroom door, the images in her dream suddenly reappeared.

Like a movie that had just pressed 'Play' for a moment, Anna was standing in front of the door with her hand on the doorknob.

"Gosh, that white-furred wolf is so pretty! Why is the timing so bad, just as I was about to approach his, I woke up?" For the first time, Anna felt annoyed at being woken up from her dream.

Usually, she was always eager to wake up from her dreams, as she found it strange to be in a fairytale world. However, this time was different.

BUG! The blow that landed on her back made Anna whimper in pain.

Her mother, who was already girded at the waist while looking at her with a horrified gaze, rushed Anna to the bathroom.

"I'll give you fifteen minutes. If you don't go to the bookstore soon, I'll cut your pocket money!" her mother threatened.

Of course, when her mother threatened her, Anna quickly cleaned herself up. She blamed herself for thinking too much about the white-furred wolf in her dream!

And now, the brunette girl had arrived at the bookstore. The bookstore belonged to her family. Since there were fewer and fewer people coming to the bookstore these days, her father decided to lay off his employees and make his two children part-time employees at the bookstore.

"Anna, what took you so long? I've been wanting to eat your mom's fried chicken!" her father said as he walked out of the bookstore. With both hands clutching his rumbling stomach.

Her mother had just opened a fried chicken stall about two months ago. Because her mother's cooking is so good, many customers go back and forth to her stall just to buy her fried chicken.

"Oh, my goodness. No wonder I always have strange dreams. Look, these fairy tale books are like my daily food!" Anna started cleaning the dusty bookshelves. She also tidied up the books.

Anna's eye-tail accidentally spotted one of her favorite fairy tale books as a child.

Her hand reached for the book and she remembered something.

"Ah, yes! Wasn't there a handsome prince wearing brown clothes in my dream?" Anna remembered one of the fictional characters in her dream.

And as the wind came from outside her door, suddenly ... BRAK! Anna fell straight to the floor of the bookstore.

"What's wrong with me? Gosh. I have to guard the bookstore. I'm afraid Mom will scold me!" But when Anna wanted to move her body, she found it very difficult.

It was like something was blocking her body from moving. And vaguely, Anna's eyes began to close. It was like being drugged!

"Anna! You're back!" Someone called out to Anna who was lying down, "Why are you lying on the ground, Anna? You'll get your clothes dirty!"

Hearing that, Anna immediately got up and looked around. It was true, she had been sleeping on the grass. There was a shady tree above her that protected her from the sun.

Was Anna now in her dream world again?

"Chris! Why am i here?" Anna asked a man who was about the same age as her younger brother.

Due to Anna's frequent visits to her dream world, she already knew this man named Chris very well!

Chris' body shape was very full. He was taller than Anna. He had very fair skin, a sharp nose, and always wore a brown bandana with no pattern!

The clothes Chris wears are exactly like the people depicted in his collection of fairy tale books!

"Anna, quickly change your clothes. Why are you wearing these strange clothes again?" Chris looked surprised that Anna was always wearing clothes that she didn't know where she got them. It was obvious that the women here had to wear long dresses.

"In a moment, Alpha is coming!" Chris pulled Anna by the hand to go to Chris' house.

Ever since Anna had those strange dreams, she had thought of Chris as her younger brother.

As Chris continued to pull her hand, Anna quickly let go of his hand halfway. And she stopped her steps.

"Chris ... Who is Alpha? I just heard about it," Anna asked.

"I'll explain later. Now, hurry up and change. Because the night is coming soon!" Just as Chris was about to pull Anna's hand away, the sound of someone's footsteps made them both turn 180 degrees to look at the person.

To their surprise, Chris and Anna saw a man wearing brown clothes. The well-built man was staring at the two of them.

"Mate!" he said to himself.

His nose sniffed the scent of the brunette girl's body.

"Alpha ... Ah, no, I mean William ... This is the girl I told you about," Chris explained with a face full of caution. He was also surprised when Alpha sniffed Anna's body odor.

"Why are the clothes she's wearing so strange? Also, why is she wearing pants that expose her thighs?" asked William trying to restrain himself, so that the girl who caught his attention would not be afraid of him.

Chris let out a long breath. And he whispered right in Anna's left ear.

"Anna ... This is William. I'm not sure William will accept my apology," he whispered.

Instantly, Anna widened her eyes. To Chris and Willy's surprise, Anna suddenly knelt in front of Willy.

"Hm ... Prince ... I'm sorry. I got this outfit from ...." Anna stopped her speech. There was no way she could say that she got her clothes from her wardrobe. She would be considered a crazy girl!

"Prince?" asked Willy while furrowing his brow. The term sounded foreign to his ears, "from whom?" he continued curiously.

"From ... Hm ... I sewed it myself!"


Chapter 2 Anna felt weird!

Seeing the blue eyes of the man said to be named William, made Anna mesmerized for a moment.

William's steps approached her and it was as if Anna's body couldn't move. It was as if someone was confining her.

She was afraid William would attack her! Not even the tail of her eyes could glance at Chris!

"Don't ... Don't ... Please, go away!"

Suddenly, Anna's entire vision went dark.

"Anna, what's wrong with you?"

Dad's voice! Anna started blinking her eyes.

Vaguely, what she saw was her father's face with a panicked expression.

Anna was silent for a few seconds. Until finally, she realized one thing, if she had woken up from her dream!

"Dad!" Anna immediately woke up her body that was already lying on the bed in her room.

Anna hugged her daddy tightly and she sobbed in his arms.

"Anna, what happened


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