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Torn Between The Alpha and The Vampire King

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Sannie
  • Chapters: 69
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 640
  • 8.5
  • 💬 21


Her father gets murdered right in her face. The images of the killer imprinted into the depths of her soul. Rhila is young and is taken in by her uncles family. But those after her don't spare her new family and kills them, all because if her. Rhila plans her revenge, but learns about the fact that her mother she had considered dead for almost a year is actually alive, but living in danger. She is forced out, into China, where she learns her true identity and the extent to her powers. Rhila sets her revenge plan in motion and jets back into the country, ready to make every single one of them pay. Love unexpectedly knocks on her door, two amazing guys out of this world. The truth about her father's murder will force her to choose.

Chapter 1

It all started on that fateful day, few minutes past midnight, Rhila bid her father goodnight and headed into her room. She was totally exhausted but glad at the same time. Her father's birthday party was something she had been planning for a long time now. It had been successful and the guests already left.

Rhila entered her room and dropped on her bed facing the ceiling. She smiled at herself as she remembered the last dance she had with her father. Rhila could not wait for her eighteenth birthday to have one more dance with him. Rhila was grateful that she had him as a father, filling all the void she had in her life, it was just the two of them now. Rhila decided that she would cherish every single moment she spent with her father, life was too short and she experienced that after the death of her mother.

Exhausted Rhila was about to close her eyes when she head noise in the house. Rhila was sure that everyone had left and that it was just her and her dad. Earlier on she had instructed the servants to head back to their quarters and clear everything the next day since they had worked tirelessly the entire day.

Rhila got out of bed and stealthily made her way out of her room, she could tell that something strange must be happening in her home. She could hear voices coming from her father's study. Rhila descended down the stairs careful not to make a sound.

Getting closer to the room she peeped through the slightly opened door and watched in horror what was happening, she tightly held her mouth to prevent herself from screaming. Her father had been held at gunpoint and was kneeling down, his hands at the back of his head. Her father caught sight of her and motioned her to get away from there but all the energy had left her body and she slumbered to the floor.

" We don't have to do this," one of the masked men said.

" I promise that I'm telling you the truth, I don't have it, I already sent it to the president," Josen said, his body soaked in sweat.

" We warned you a long time ago and you thought that we were bluffing, you continue sniffing your nose where it doesn't concern you," the other guy said and made a signal, another guy stormed out of the room.

Rhila who felt footsteps coming her way tried to get up and run but all her energy had been drained. The guy captured her and dragged her into the room.

" Father are you okay, what is happening?" Rhila asked shaking all over.

" It's okay my daughter, everything will be alright," Josen replied trying to reach his daughter but he was kicked back to his position, blood oozing out of his mouth.

" The disc, or I'll blow her head off," a voice warned from behind them. The guy got up and stood behind Josen.

" Please sir, let my daughter go, she got nothing to do with this. It's me you want, I promise to do whatever I can to retrieve the disc and bring it to you," Josen pleaded, his heart breaking in a thousand pieces as he watched the tears in his daughter's eyes.

The next second Rhila dropped down on the floor like a sack of potatoes, she had been hit pretty hard on the head .

" Rhila....." Josen cried but a bullet went through his head and he dropped dead, lying in a pool of his own blood.

The other guys could not believe what just happened, they were supposed to scare him but not kill him, worst they hadn't retrieved what they had come for.

" Why did you do that? That wasn't the plan," Zack said pacing about in the room. Police sirens could be heard closeby. The group immediately made their escape through the tunnel the had dug.

Back at the mansion Rhila was losing consciousness but the image of her dead father would not let her close her eyes, she had witnessed that man pull the trigger till her dad dropped dead. Tears of agony streamed down her face as she lay there helplessly, she could not move even a finger to help him . Rhila called out to him but her words were stuck in her throat.

Minutes later she heard footsteps getting into the room, she saw something bright light up in her face, and voices that she could not make what it was they were talking about. Unable to hold on any longer, she slowly crept into the world of darkness.

Few metres away from the mansion inside the woods, five guys emerged from the tunnel and took off their face masks.

" Why did you do it Don, your brother specifically ordered that we just scare him, not to murder him," Zack said.

"I don't owe any of you an explanation, you should report back to my brother," Don replied and spat to the ground, a smirk appeared on his face as he moved away. This was just the beginning.

" This is not good men, we can't tell Yuri that we didn't retrieve the discs and that Josen is dead," Ras said as he sat dejectedly to the ground, he could not imagine the wrath of the beast if things didn't go as planned.

" I can't have my head on a platter tonight," Stan said and followed after Don, two more guys followed after them.

" I guess it's time to choose sides, Ras are you coming with me?" Zack asked as he held out his hand to him.

" If we die tonight it would be our fate," Ras replied and took the hand to get up, the two then followed after the four.

The drive back was the longest Ras and Zack ever experienced, the next few minutes their fate would be sealed. At last they arrived after six hours of drive.

It was pitch dark inside the forest as they alighted, but their vision wasn't affected one bit, being vampires they had hunted in the dark for the better part of their lives till recently that they ventured into the light after inventing medicine that enabled them stay in the light.

They alighted out of the car which was immediately driven out of the forest by someone who had been on standby. The five got into another van and drove through the vast estate.

Yuri had been waiting for them to arrive, he had been fuming mad since he received news that Josen had been killed, but after the hours past his anger had subsided, but he couldn't wait for the guys to arrive.

" Why did you guys f*ck up the operations?" Yuri asked the moment the guys alighted from the van right infront of the mansion. The guys didn't dare to reply.

" Alright, give it to me," Yuri said and extended his arm.

" Who do you think you are brother, to order everyone around you like dogs, for once do things for yourself. We won't be doing all the dirty work for you," Don said and spat to the ground, he then brushed past him after he dropped down the gun infront of Yuri. Stan and Rex followed after him.

" You two get out of my sight," Yuri barked angrily at Ras and Zack.

Chapter 2

Five days later at one of the country's top hospitals, Rhila who had been unconscious began to slowly open her eyes. It took her a few seconds to get accustomed to the light in the room as she had stayed in the dark for long. Rhila had wanted to get up but a throbbing pain in the head attacked her that she screamed in pain lying back on the bed. She glanced around and realized that she was at the hospital. She called for her father but there was no one at the room. Memories from before began flooding her brain and she began screaming.

" Father....father.. please don't leave me ...." She began taking off the tubes attached to her when a nurse went in to hold her down, begging her to stay calm. At the same time a doctor walked in and sedated her, she might cause injuries to herself when her wound was beginning to dry up.

" Call her family and let them know that the patient is awake," the doctor directed and observed the patient.

Within a


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