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The Werewolf dormant Powers

The Werewolf dormant Powers

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She is sent by a power-hungry alpha to active his son's dominant Werewolf Powers_ at the expense of her and her family's existence Anna is a young and beautiful lady, who makes a life-threatening decision when she meets up with an elderly man that makes a mouth-watering proposal, for the sake of her mom's treatment, she accepts the proposition, nonetheless when the truth of what she is about to do gets disclosed, she makes an effort to run away from town, but at the same, her mom and brother were taken away, and now she has no choice but to begin her probe.

Chapter 1

I just finished closing from work a bit late in the night, I pass by a pawn shop and helmed toward the bus station.
I was just about to get my hand into my bag to grab my phone when a man bumped into me.
"Hey!" I reacted angrily.
The man unhurriedly tilts his skull and walked away, I turned back quitting, and precisely then another man materialized and showed me a gun.
We were almost at the bus station, it was tardy in the night and not even a single soul was out.
I was hauled to a corner and requested to take out the money I had in my bag.
I made an effort to reason with the man, but the more I think about the fact that I might get shot, the more scarer I became.
"Please, don't do this,!!" I begged and restrain myself from fetching the tips I got from working at the bar.

"Shut up! Take out your money or else I'll kill you,".
The man pointed the gun at my head.
I didn't know what to do, I unhurriedly yanked out the money from my bag and just when I was about to give the money I worked for hours, a hand emerged out of nowhere and grabbed the cash away from me.
"Don't give them anything,!" A young man alerted.
"Who're you,!" I stuttered as I pushed to the limit to control the fear I felt of actually getting slaughtered tonight.
The man held my hand and brought me behind his back, he came meeting face to face with the gun.
I introspected that the goons who had come to rob would shoot him, however, they both ran away and went back to where they came from.

"Thank you, sir," I put the cash inside my bag.
"You should be careful," he veers around back and confronted me.
"Are you fine,?" He questioned.
"Yes! Thanks," I carried my bag under my armpit and sauntered a step outlying from him.
My eyes kept on moving back and forth, and I didn't when I walked my head and clanged it against an enormous tree in front.

"Hey! You okay,?" The man that saved me, grab my hand and kept up me from falling over.
"Yes!" I said and I eventually got myself..
"Please be careful," he says and lets go of my hand.
I gained an opportunity to see a cab drive by, I got in and went home.

I got home safely and I went directly to bed.
Today has been overwrought, I cannot begin to imagine how much trouble I would be in if my hard-earned money was stolen from my hands.
Thank God for the man that emerged and saved me, he rescued me and I don't even know his name.
Why do I have this feeling we would be seeing each other again?..

The following morning, I came back to the bar, today I have night duty, and I won't be off until the time stricks eleven in the evening.
"Miss Anna, go to the table and serve those men,".
My manager honed at the table across from us.
There were two men seated there talking.
I held two bottles of beer and went to the table.
"Your drinks sir," I kept two of the beers on the table and veered my back on them.
I was rough to leave when one of the men held me from a departing distance.
"Dear, we need more beers,"
He lets out to me and glimpsed at his friend.
"Right away sir," I brought his hand away from clutching onto my hand and I went to get more beer from the bar.
"Hey! What happened, you look aggravated,". Stella came and she helped me take down more beers from the shelf above our heads.
"Nothing much happened, some men are being revolted,".
I complained to her.
She assists me with the beers and kept it on top of the tray.
"Don't worry about them, just ignore them and do your job, men are assholes,".
She gave me the tray and propelled me out of the bar.
I came back to the table of those men and organized the bottles of beer I came back with.
"Here you go sir," I pivot to leave
"Hold on dear," he grabbed my hand and thrust me back to his gaze.
"what do you want sir," I discontinued his hands from clasping my own.
"Nothing but do you mind if we could at least see after your work hours," he said and again darted at his friend, posing comfortably in his chair.
"You want to see me,?" I asked.
"Yes! I want to," he talked with an alcoholic breath straight into my nostrils.
"I'm sorry I can, and I don't wish to talk to you,".
I chanced a morsel to leave.
But again he halted me from doing that.
He brought his cranium over like he was about to kiss me but I reacted by thrusting him and I also smacked him on the cheek.

I scurried away and ran toward the back of the bar.
What a ridiculous man, how dare he try to do something like that with me, I cannot withstand him or anyone touching me without my consent.

I came back to do my job.
"Anna! Boss wants to talk to you," Stella came ahead and told to me.
"What happened,?" I asked.
"I don't know, you'll have to go check,". She touched my shoulders and went to the back door.

What does Mr. Sam want to speak to me about it? Possibly have they gone to complain about me?..

I wandered inside my boss's office.
"Sir, you called me,?".
I let out.
"Yes, Anna I want you to pack up your things and leave my bar,".
He brought out some cash and kept it on top of the table
"What sir, did I do anything wrong,?" I engaged him.
"Don't you know, you slapped my customer and I don't like your rude conduct,"
He grabs the cash and shoved it down to the floor.
"Take it and leave" he instructed.

I saw that arguing with my boss will prove nothing but a waste of my time.
So I leaned toward the cash on the ground, gathered up my remaining self-esteem, and went out of his office.
I met with Stella on the way to get my things from my locker.
"Don't tell me he sacked you,?" She takes the word right out of my mouth.
"Yeap, I am now jobless," I said. And rode past her pitiful glow.

Chapter 2

I packed up my things and I left the bar, I didn't have anything else on me aside from the money Mr. Sam had paid me to leave his bar and not to forget, I had to pay my rent for my rented apartment, I don't have anything aside from half of the payment.I am sure, Zack, the landlord wouldn't want to take the half payment, because I am two months Short. I stayed for a cab to take me home.And while I was doing that, a huge truck came onward and two abled men came down and jumped on me, they carried me into the cab and didn't allow me to protect myself.I was taken to a secluded place, and one of the men propelled me out of the car and made me come after him without his consent.I wandered moving in a selected line.We strolled toward a cabin, in the midst of nowhere and he requested me to stay."Don't go anywhere," he ordered me and went in to meet with the person that had sent him to fetch me over.I wasn't alone outside, I had men at every corner loo


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