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The secret triplets of the Alpha

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"I, Elijah, reject you as my companion," the words, at last, were said, "From today you will again be what you have always been within the pack, a worthless wolf. Grace is a young orphan who mysteriously lost her parents. After living a difficult life alongside Uncle Boris, she sees her life change when Elijah, future Alpha, chooses her as his companion and saves her from living a miserable life. But on her eighteenth birthday, Elijah rejects her and she is forced to flee the pack not to be humiliated by the whole pack. Grace flees to the human world carrying a secret and when her triplets are kidnapped, she is forced to seek out the only person capable of helping find her children. Now Elijah is a powerful alpha and feared by all, besides having at his side, Elara, his destiny companion. But when Grace comes back asking for his help, he realizes that not only the past has returned, but that now he is the father of three boys who are missing. Will Grace and Elijah be able to overcome the past and join forces to find the triplets? Elijah will know once and for all if he is willing to face anyone to find his lost children.


Marion Hamon

Review after the novel completion

It ended very well I just hope everything works out. I want to see grace happy. It well be the best thing that could happen. It was wonderful to have them back together. I know not everything works out but this has to. The boys deserve to be with there mom and dad even though he didn't know he was there dad. I hope for everyone involved everything works out for the best. I also hope there will be stories about the boys

March 31, 2024

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