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The Pack's Rebels

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Book five in The Havermouth Pack Series - Book One, The Pack's Secret Keeper, Book Two, The Pack's Triquetra, Book Three, The Pack's Vampire, and Book Four, The Pack's Hybrids. Please note, trigger warnings from previous books apply. Will there be a happily ever after? With Havermouth under the control of the Van Helsings, the Triquetra, Aislen and Talen are divided at the outset of a war to end all wars. Zombies and other dangerous supernatural creatures have been set loose upon the town by the explosions at the high school, and the humans of Havermouth have had enough of staying inside without power or medical support. And what is the pack upto? Will the supernatural world be revealed to humankind?


Gabriela Haskins

Review after half of the novel

I'm feel so satisfied getting this opportunity to continue the Havermouth Pack Series. I truly enjoy the characters and their journeys.I appreciate that the plot twists and develops in unexpected ways. Its an entertaining story, with memorable and emotional scenes. The differing perspectives are a novel me. I have read stories where the perspective changes as the tale goes along. However, this is the first story that I've read that revisits the same scene through different--and often contradictory--lenses. It's an amazing and effective way to develop my understanding of and investment in the characters

May 7, 2024

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