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The Minoan werewolves

The Minoan werewolves

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What will happen to the ten grand alphas of the Minoan Werewolves who haven't found their mates? Typically, you find your mate between 16 and 21 but that isn't the case for them. The moon goddess told them once the king finds his mate then the rest will find their true mate. Magnus is the King of the Minoan Werewolves and the Alpha of the Royal Gold Heart Pack. All he ever wanted was to find his mate. Ever since the Moon Goddess told Magnus that he wouldn't find his mate until later in life, Magnus hasn't been the same. Magnus is now 30 years old and time is running out according to the moon goddess. However, the moon goddess has a secret and this secret may affect the future of the Minoan Werewolves. Will they find their true mates or will the Moon Goddess's secret mess everything up for them?

Chapter 1

Magnus Point of View

I am walking down the street, and I catch her scent. Her scent is heavenly, and it is a mix of vanilla and raspberries. My wolf is going crazy, and I follow her. I grab her hand and pull her into me and say, Mate. I start to hear my cell phone rang, and I look down at my phone, and it isn’t ringing. I realized that I was dreaming about my mate and opened my eyes.

I say to myself, why do I keep having this dream?

I hear my phone ring again, and I guess I never picked it up the first time. It was Xander, my Beta, and my younger brother.

“What?” I asked him.

“How are you already in a bad mood?” Xander chuckled.

I say, “what do you need?”

Xander told me that I needed to go to the command center asap. So, I say okay, and I get changed. Every morning, I write in my mate’s book. I have it in the right-hand drawer of my nightstand. I know it sounds corny, but I genuinely want to give my mate the best of the best. I write almost every day of things that we can do together, date ideas, gifts, and my feelings towards her. I want her to know that I will protect her, love her, and just give her the best life I could give her. I would eventually give this to her after we are together.

There is a lot of responsibility being the King and Queen of all of the Minoan werewolves, but I know she will be able to handle it. I know that she will be my perfect mate, but I am just getting impatient. I am a great King, and I love my people, but I am not the same person since the Moon goddess told me that I would not find my mate until later in life. I am 30 years old, and I just want my mate I don’t care what she looks like or her history. I just want my mate. I never had a problem with women, but I never took any of them seriously.

I could just find someone to be my Luna and Queen, but I am holding out for my mate. She has to show up soon. If I don’t find my mate soon, none of the Alphas or Betas of the ten grand packs will find theirs, and I don’t want that burden on my shoulders anymore.

I walk out of my room and get on the elevator to go to the third floor. I currently live in the Packhouse, and I have the top two floors. Only the top werewolves of our pack and their families live here, Beta’s family and the royal family live here. I like living here, but I want my own space. That is why I had Xander design and build my own house for my mate and me. I just want privacy once my mate comes.

I walk into the command center and see Xander and my father talking. I walk in and give both of them a nod.

Xander speaks first and says, “We have an issue; we had a major attack on one of our main borders.”

My father then says, “They have killed not just werewolves but innocent humans.”

“Who is behind this? It can’t be Alec, could it?” I say,

“Well, I am not sure, but we will need to figure it out,” Xander says. I rolled my eyes at him and walked towards the monitor.

“Well, let’s call a meeting of all of the alphas. I want a plan Now,” I say.

I usually don’t use my Alpha voice on Xander, but I am just so frustrated.

“Yes, Alpha,” Xander says.

My father smiled at me and says, “you will figure it out. Let me know if you need me.” I am incredibly grateful that my father is still around. I watch him walk away and hope that I am making him proud.

Xander’s point of view

I can’t believe he used his Alpha voice on me. I know he is getting frustrated about not finding his mate, but he knows that I am loyal to him no matter what. He is my brother, and I just want what’s best for him. I quickly mind- link my secretary to get all of the alphas here by tomorrow and ready their accommodations.

My brother has been King since he was 21 years old. He is a great king, even better than my father. He is very proactive and thinks logically. He thinks of the bigger picture but also thinks about the details to get there. He is a perfect blend of my father and my mother. No wonder the moon goddess wanted him to be King.

He is the most powerful Alpha and King in all of the world. He has taken on some notable foes in his early years. He is not one to mess with, and his reputation speaks for itself. All the kings wanted to be him, but he still had a good head on his shoulders. We have an older brother, but he was not slated to be King. He is now the Alpha of the Blood Pack.

I, on the other hand, was the brains of the family. I didn’t think I would become my brother’s Beta that was always slated to Mason, my brother’s best friend and his father was my father’s Beta. However, Mason didn’t want the title. He is now the Gamma.

Besides being the Beta of our pack, I create new technology for all of the packs, designed new buildings throughout the building, and I am romantic at heart. I also wanted to find my mate, but I know that I will find her soon.

I look at my brother, and I see that he isn’t sleeping. He says he has had the same dream for the past seven months, and I am starting to get worried. He won’t tell me what it is, but now I am getting desperate.

“You look terrible,” I say to Mag.

He just rolled his eyes at me.

I look at him, and I say, “if you don’t tell me what you are dreaming about, I will just look inside your mind myself!”

The Moon goddess blessed me with the ability to read minds and sense and manipulate the emotions of people around me. Most of the alphas and betas have special abilities.

He looked like he was going to argue with me, but he says: “Fine, I will tell you. I have this dream about my mate every night, and I can’t get it out of my head, he says. It starts with her calling my name over and over, and then I see her. I don’t know why I am dreaming about her.”

I roll my eyes, and I say, “You got to be kidding me!”

He rolled his eyes and says, “What?”

I say, “Your mate has been calling for you for the past seven months!” He looked at me like I was crazy.

“Don’t you remember, this happened to our great great grandfather. He got his mate later in life, and the reason he found her was that she was calling him in his dreams!”

He says, “That can’t be possible.”

I shook my head and say, “Here, let me look right quick.” I closed my eyes, and when I saw who it was, I knew exactly who his mate was. We have met her once, and one of our Alpha’s know her personally. She was going to be his choice mate if he couldn’t find his mate. I knew that it was going to be an issue.

I quickly mind-link Derrick. He is the Alpha of the Buffalo Moon Pack.

I say, “We have an issue.”

He says, “What?”

“Olivia isn’t going to be your choice, mate,” I say.

“What why? I already got it approved by Magnus and the elders. They all think she will be a great Luna, and eventually, I will give her the option of becoming a werewolf,” He says.

“Well, the issue isn’t that,” I say. “The issue is that Olivia is Magnus mate,” I say back to him.

He didn’t answer me for a second, and I knew he was disappointed, but there wasn’t anything he could do. Olivia wasn’t his mate, and he had to deal with that. The good news was that he was going to find his mate. Luckily he hasn’t told Olivia that she was going to be his mate.

He finally answered and say, “Okay, so when are you going to tell her.”

“I haven’t told Magnus yet, but I think it would be best if you tell her. She is familiar with you and Magnus is just going to have to deal with that. You will always be a part of her life,” I say.

He says, “that would be the best. How did you find out it was Olivia?”

“Apparently, she has been calling him through his dreams for the past seven months,” I say.

Derrick laughed and says, “Typical Olivia. She was never patient. She is going to be one powerful Luna,” he says. I ended the mind-link and opened up my eyes.

I was hesitant to tell Magnus, but you can tell he just wanted to know who his mate was, and I needed to tell him. This isn’t going to be easy, but I think the transition will go well if both he and Derrick work together.

My brother looks at me and says, “Well?”

“Your mate is Olivia,” I say. My brother looks at me, confused.

I say it is again, but with more details, “Your mate is Olivia, Derrick’s choice mate.”

I saw it in his face. It was a mixture of anger, happiness, and sadness. Before I could say more, he was calling Derrick. Well, this is going to be interesting...

Derrick’s Point of View

Xander’s words repeat in my head over and over again. “Olivia isn’t going to be your mate,” he says.

How could this possible? The moon goddess sure likes to play tricks on me. I was confident that she was either going to be my choice mate or my actual mate. My wolf Jasper loved Olivia. Ever since we met ten years ago at college, he was hooked. It is funny how we met. I was studying film at the Pitt Art Institute. All of us alphas went to a school near our capital. It was also a way for all of us to meet and discuss any issues that came up. It also gave us insight into how human society worked and how we can mimic or change how we run our packs to better our people.

Flashback to 10 years ago

My friend Kelsey asked if I wanted to drive a few of her friends to Five Guys. I told her that I didn’t have my car, but she asked if I wanted to come anyway. I said sure because I can interact with the humans and maybe find someone to take my mind off this whole mate thing. I met Kelsey, and standing next to her was her friend Fred. Fred introduced himself and told me a little bit about his friend group. He was a stocky guy but not too bad to look at. He told me that two girls are off-limits. It sounded like I wasn’t even supposed to make eye contact. One of them was the friend of the group that he tolerated, and the other one was the one he had his eye on. She had a boyfriend, but he said that he cared about her. I said that is fine, man. I am just looking to escape right now. I am not interested in any of the girls in Pittsburgh.

We met up with the rest of the group, and I was introduced to Kaitlyn and Olivia. They were first-year students at Point Park and were pretty cute. They were night and day. Ebony and Ivory. Kaitlyn had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was skinny but had a little figure on her. Olivia was African American. She had an athletic but voluptuous build. She had medium-length black hair and brown eyes. Her eyes were strikingly beautiful. I’ve never seen anyone with her eyes.

I instantly thought that Kaitlyn was the one that Fred liked, but boy was I wrong. I didn’t realize it until we got back from Five Guys that I had those two switched. Olivia was the one that Fred had his eye on, and Kaitlyn was the friend. Fred wanted Olivia, but I can tell she didn’t feel the same way. Instead, she was interested in getting to know me the entire time when we were all together. I was not on Fred’s good list anymore. I chuckled to myself, of course, she wants the Alpha, but she didn’t know that about me.

End of Flashback

It was weird. It was like Olivia could look into my soul, and I didn’t like that. She was funny and sassy. She looked more like a female werewolf than a human. She could be shy at times, but boy, if you get her mad, you better watch out. I liked getting her riled up because the power inside of her was super sexy and turned me on. I was amazed at what she had achieved in a short life span.

She was a human, though, and I am supposed to have a werewolf mate. I mean, it isn’t uncommon for human mates, but I just knew deep down that I was supposed to be mated to a werewolf. My wolf Jasper instantly took a liking to her. He always wanted to be around her and wanted to protect her. I didn’t understand, and frankly, that annoyed me. The more I spent time with her, the more I fell in love. Humans don’t have mates, but they do have a thing called soul mates. It doesn’t bond two humans together, but it is pretty close.

It was from then on that we had a long rollercoaster ride of a relationship. She broke my heart a few times, and I disappointed her a few times, but I was hooked. She was like my drug. I wanted to be with her. I spoke to Magnus about it, and I told him I wanted her to be my Luna. He was all for it. He understood our chemistry, and if I didn’t find my mate, then Olivia was going to be my Luna. The Luna of the Buffalo Moon Pack. I always liked the sound of that. It is funny because Magnus met Olivia once back in college. I am surprised that he didn’t realize then. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be his mate back then.

I guess I should be happy that I didn’t make her my choice mate before I found my mate, but then again, I wanted her to be my Luna. I guess she will be happy with Mag, but I will watch out for her no matter what.

I look at my phone, and I see that Mag is calling me. Shit. Well, here goes nothing.

I picked it up, and I saw his face. I guess I should turn on my camera on my phone. Mag looks uncomfortable, and I don’t blame him. I let him speak first because I wasn’t sure if Xander told him that I knew already.

“Derrick, I am sorry, but I have some news that you aren’t going to like,” he says.

I played along and say, “what is it?”

He says, “Olivia is my mate.”

I sat back and pretended I was shocked. I knew Xander didn’t tell him I already knew.

“I know you applied for her to be your chosen mate, but I can’t ignore the fact that she is supposed to be my mate,” he says.

“I know, I get that. I just don’t know how I feel. I knew in the back of my mind that we weren’t meant to be together,” I say back to him.

“Maybe you should come early so we can sort this all out,” He says.

“Yea, I think that would be for the best,” I say.

“Could you get here tonight? I can send my jet if your jet isn’t ready. I want us both to be on the same page,” he says.

I mind-linked my Beta and told him that we are leaving in an hour to the royal pack. He mind-linked me back, saying the jet will be ready in an hour.

“No need, the jet is ready, and I will be there in a few hours,” I say.

I hung up, and I was still in shock. I was planning to tell her by the end of this year about werewolves and asking her to be my chosen mate. I went through all of the appropriate channels and got her approved to be my Luna. I was going to have her by my side, and I was going to give her everything she ever needed. I could finally prove to everyone in her life that I was good enough. I didn’t like that feeling that her friends and family didn’t trust me.

I knew she would be a great leader, and she isn’t afraid to challenge me. She surprises me every day. I know that she will be a great Queen, but, in my mind, she was supposed to be my Luna.

My Beta Tyler came into my office and says: “what’s wrong?”

My Beta has known Olivia for a long time and understands our history. I had to tell him and get his thoughts. He always told it to me straight even when I didn’t want to hear it.

“Olivia is Magnus mate,” I say to him. I was waiting for him to say something, but he just stared at me.

I guess maybe he didn’t know what to say.

I started to say something, and he says, “Well, this isn’t the best news, but we will figure it out together. Does this mean we will tell Olivia about us?”

“I believe so. I just don’t know how she will react. We are going early to the capital sort everything out,” I say.

Tyler was in thought and just nodded in agreement. He walked out, and I just sat and stared out the window. I knew Olivia, and she doesn’t like secrets. I mean, I know I had to keep it a secret, but she is not the most understanding person sometimes.

I got up and started to pack. I grabbed my journal because I knew I needed to give it to Olivia. She needed to understand where I was coming from. My journal had all of my thoughts and feelings about our relationship. I was going to give it to her as a wedding present. Weddings aren’t tradition in our community, but I knew she would want one. I was going to give her that. I received a mind-link from the pilot saying they were ready whenever I was. I mind-linked him and told him I would be there in half an hour.

I ran downstairs and grabbed a few snacks for myself and Olivia from the kitchen. The best thing to do when you are giving her bad news is to give her Swedish fish and Twizzlers.

I had my secretary start ordering bulk orders last month because I thought that Magnus wasn’t going to find his Luna. I know it sounds silly, but I wanted to make Olivia feel like home when she moved in. Plus, it would get me out of the doghouse if I ever made her mad. I chuckled to myself.

I walked out to my car, and Tyler was already in the passenger seat. I drove to my private airport, which is about 10 minutes away. I stepped out, and the crew grabbed my luggage.

I looked at Tyler and gave him a small smile. He looked over and said, “Derrick, I got you no matter what happens, you know you have my support.”

I say, “thank you.”

We walked onto the plane, and I greeted the staff. Before we take off for Pittsburgh, I call Jesse. He is one of my top warriors, and I moved him into Olivia’s apartment building this past year. I wanted her to feel safe.

“Alpha,” He says.

“How is Olivia?” I asked.

“She is doing well. She has just been lounging around her apartment,” He says.

“I will be visiting her in two days with the other Alphas, Tyler, and Xander. Make sure your apartment looks presentable,” I chuckled.

“Will do, Alpha. See you soon,” he says.

I wasn’t going to like this, but I had to do it. It was my duty as Alpha of the Buffalo Moon Pack to see this through. Before I knew it, we were getting ready to take off, and I knew that this was all real. Olivia was going to be Queen and not my Luna.

Chapter 2

Magnus point of view

I got off the phone with Derrick, and my head is spinning. I can’t believe I found my mate, but on the other hand, Derrick and I need to get on the same page. I hope he understands that this is my mate. I knew Xander pre-warned him by the way he was acting. Derrick doesn’t show emotion often, but when it comes to Olivia, he shows it. Not to her but to us. I knew that this would be hard, but I am not going to shut him out of Olivia’s life. I just needed my mate. It is going to be a transition, but I knew it would be worth it.

Xander looked over and says, “well, what now?”

I told him I want to know everything I can about Olivia. I knew we had a file on her because of Derrick’s proposal. He ran and grabbed it from his office next door. He handed it to me, and it was a pretty big file. Xander outdid himself, but he is the most intelligent werewolf I know. I trust him with my life, and he helps me sort through things when I need help.

I opene


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