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The lycan’s virgin pet slave

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Their kiss left them craving more, their bodies aflame with desire. Brynn willingly granted Killian entry to her mouth, his yearning evident in a throaty moan. His scorching lips ignited a passionate fire within her, and his hand gently traced along her curves, coaxing seductive sounds from Brynn's lips. While they hadn't ventured beyond their previous encounter in the study, Brynn's readiness was palpable. She longed for him so ardently that the mere thought of having him made her quiver. Killian was enraptured by her taste, his desire overwhelming. He broke the kiss momentarily to gaze into Brynn's eyes, which smoldered with a hunger that mirrored his own. They both ached for each other. As his fingers deftly undid the buttons of her attire, a shiver of anticipation coursed through Brynn's skin. When Killian beheld her exposed breast, he couldn't resist a hiss of desire, sending her into blissful sighs as her garments fell away. Her gown pooled at her feet, leaving Brynn in a sensuous black two-piece lingerie set that left Killian spellbound. The way her voluptuous curves accentuated her body left him in a state of eager anticipation, his excitement evident. "D*mn," he muttered, reminiscing about their previous passionate encounters. "You're incredibly seductive," he declared, his voice husky with desire, as he guided her gently to the bed. "And you're all mine."

Chapter 1


Broken Utterly broken was how I felt; I couldn’t believe it. Just like that, my life had turned into shambles. Not only have I lost my parents, but I have also been betrayed by the person I thought loved and cared for me the most. Nothing could have prepared me for this; if anyone had told me this was what would happen to me a week ago, I would have laughed bitterly to their face. But here I am now. I'm being priced like an animal in an auction house, and only Moon knows where.

"Sold to the gentleman in the back for 70 million dollars!" The auctioneer points to me. No matter how much I repeated to myself, this was just a bad nightmare; I just couldn’t wake up from it. Was this my life now? I have just been sold to the Lycan king. .•.•.•

I tried To close my eyes and picture myself back in my pack, safe and happy just like I used to be, but I couldn’t go back to that now .not after what Damon had done. I still remember that very night a few days ago, when I and Damon went out on a date, his roguish smile had me feeling hot and bothered as Damon’s curious hands touched and traced my body,and a song played on the radio, tuning out our moans And his warm lips touched mine in a lovely kiss. “gods, you’re so remarkable, Brynn Kelly,"

Damon Cole, my boyfriend of two years, had told me as we kissed in his car. He had asked me to come with him to see the sunset outside the pack. And the view did not disappoint, but mostly my view was of him as he kissed me deeply and sensually.

“I love you, Damon," I confessed to him, baring my soul into the open with another kiss, and he smiled back at me. "Me too, my love," he whispers to me, his hand flying to the buttons of my gown to peel it off me, as a part of me knew this day was surely going to end with s*x as I had prepared to give myself to him that very day. "So pretty for me," he calls as he has effortlessly taken a few buttons undone and landed a few kisses on my breast.

But suddenly, we were interrupted by the incessant buzzing of his phone, which he picked up and said, "What is it, Tye?" He muttered angrily to Tye, his best mate in the pack. I couldn’t help but giggle and button my clothes back up, but his face immediately turned sour from whatever Tye had just said. What do you mean dead?" He asked on the phone as he gave Me a weary look, and my heart immediately plummeted from my chest. I adjusted myself in the car seat to fully sit up as I faced him, and his face read so much emotion that it left me confused and in panic.

"We’re coming back now." He mutters into the phone before he turns it off and asks me," What happened?" I asked in almost a whisper, as I could hear how loud my heart was beating. His hands came up to push and tuck my brunette hair behind my ears. "I need you to be calm right now, darling. Can you do that for me?" He asks carefully, and that just makes me more anxious, to be honest. "What is it? Spit it out!" I shout at him. "Your father, Alpha Ezra, just had a heart attack a few minutes ago, love; he is dead." And just like that, my world stopped. I must have stopped breathing altogether too, since Damon had to shake me out of the frozen stance I was in.

"Brynn, look at me ,stay with me!" .

" No! That isn’t true"! I called; I didn’t even notice I had been crying until Damon’s hand rose to wipe my tears. My father, the alpha of the pack and the richest man in all of the West, loved me and treated me like his princess. Ever since my mom passed, we have been two peas in a pod, and now Damon is telling me he is gone! No! I can’t believe it. "No, he isn’t dead; that’s not true; maybe he just fainted". "Brynn," Damon sighed sadly as he tried to comfort me, but I pushed his hands away.

"My dad needs me right now; drive back to the pack!" I shout at Damon, who immediately turns on the ignition of his sports car and races home. I look out the window and stop my tears from falling. Just no! It can’t be! Perhaps the report on my father was wrong; it had to be. My legs shake nonstop in the car until we reach the familiar private lands that belong to my father; he was so kind that he built an empire here, a small city that housed thousands of wolves and was a sanctuary for them. But the moment I entered the pack’s town,

I could hardly see anyone on the streets, and I could feel my body get colder the more we neared the mansion that was my home. And in front of it was a crowd settled there, and what broke my heart was the teary eyes that all of them had as they faced Damon’s car, and the moment I stepped out of his car, they all looked at me with pity.

I immediately bolted for the mansion, opening the door and running up the stairs. Brynn, wait!" I heard Damon call me back, but I didn’t answer as I ran further up the stairs. Two familiar Gamma guards that were always with my father and guarded him looked up in surprise when they saw me there. "Where is he?" I stuttered, exhausted, but they both looked at each other as if they were holding back. I rushed toward them and pushed them aside to open my father’s bedroom door.

"Miss Brynn, don’t!" But I already did, and there he was, pale and peaceful, on his bed. And at his side was Herron Cole, Damon’s father and my dad’s closest friend. "Oh, sweet child," he muttered to me as I walked toward the bed. I knelt and reached for my father’s hand, which had turned cold and stiff to touch. I laid my head on his chest to look for a sign of life. nothing, My wolf trashed in agony for the loss of my father and for the loss of my only remaining blood. "Dad, please don’t leave me!"

I muttered in tears as I felt a hand rest heavily on my shoulder. "He is gone, dear; one moment we were talking, and when I left the room to answer a call, the next moment he had a heart attack!" Stories, stories, and excuses I would rather not hear, "And you should have called the doctor immediately!" I shout at Herron, who doesn’t reply, and I look at the guards with my anger hot in my body: "What were you all doing? When your Alpha was sick. You are all accomplices to his death."

I raged as the door opened, and Damon immediately ran to my side to hold me down. I felt like I had gone crazy; my body didn’t feel like mine; it just felt like a cold shell—an empty, wrecked cold shell. My father was gone, and I was alone.

Chapter 2

BRYNN• . …

School and everything else were stopped for a week, but I didn’t need to go; it was already graduation week anyway, and nothing was left to do there. It was the last of my worries.

But my father’s pale face haunted me for days. I could not help but get dressed in black and head to the burial, putting a flower on his grave before he was put six feet under and buried in front of my eyes. I felt hollow inside during the burial and now in a meeting.

A meeting about my inheritance and birthright was being discussed just after the burial. I couldn’t even hear anything or concentrate on their arguments. By right, I was his only son and daughter, and I was next to be the Luna, but I was a woman, and they still sat on their poor asses, accustomed to the old ways of males leading the pack. I hated being amid such negligence

. "She is the only child and blood relative of Alpha Ezra! She owns everything!" Herron argued while another elder was a


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