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The Luna's Betrayal

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Helen was the Luna of the Oden pack who finds herself enticed by the allure of power. However, in her quest for dominance, she unwittingly betrays her Alpha mate – the incredible Alpha of Oden pack, unaware of the grave consequences that await her. As Helen delves deeper into her pursuit of power, she finds herself caught in a web of deceit, betrayal, and unforeseen challenges. With each step she takes, Luna's world crumbles around her, and she begins to realize the true cost of her actions. Will Helen be able to redeem herself, or is she doomed to suffer the devastating consequences of her betrayal?

1: Mated to the Alpha

  ~ Helen~

Marshall quietly sneaked inside our residence. I sighted him, and our eyeballs met, causing us to smile. I walked toward him and sat beside him, clutching his hand, a gust of scenarios running through my mind: "Will the Alpha clan accept me? Will I be able to play the role of a Luna perfectly well if eventually I become the Luna? What if his family rejects me because I come from a low-profile family?" All this was lingering on my mind when I felt a soft, caring tap on my shoulder, which sent a sharp jolt in my spine.

"Free your mind, Helen; I know you've started thinking again of our fate as mated wolves despite coming from different family backgrounds. Me coming from a royal family doesn't guarantee I must marry into a royal family," Marshall enunciated.

His words sent a pleasant shiver down my spine.

"In fact, I'll disown anyone who tries to put asunder in our union; I'll kill them if they try such a thing," he added.

I felt like a princess at that moment, though I always do whenever I'm with him. I love him more whenever he acts protective and defensive.

"I have heard you Marshall, and I won't border about the situation anymore, what would I say? Am the luckiest girl on this planet, despite that the moon goddess fated me to a future Alpha, yet he cares and cherishes me regardless I come from a low background" I was overwhelmed with joy.

We discussed for a long time when I sighted my parents coming back from their daily routine, which induced the dismissal of our get-together. I was not happy seeing them, because of my special visitor, Marshall, my mate. He stood up to take off when I held him. "Marshall, wait. I have a special gift for you. Just give me some time to get it" I said and dashed inside my room to get a beautiful rose I plucked from the boundary between humans and wolves. I took the risk just to get the sparkling gift for Marshall.

"Where did you get this from?" he exclaimed as he collected the gift from me, grinning. I was overwhelmed with joy seeing him excited after receiving the gift.

"This can't be seen within this kingdom; this must be the beautiful flower that is within the wolf's and human's boundaries." You mean you took the risk and went to the boundary to get this for me?" he asked.

I glared at him smiling

"And I would do more for my mate whenever I have the chance," I uttered.

My response baffled him, leaving him speechless. He hugged me, and his lips made their way to mine, he gave me a mind-blowing kiss. We could not hold on to the kiss as my parents were fast approaching.

I shrugged him off to make his leave

"My parents are almost here please go we will meet next time," I said patting and caressing him on the shoulder. We bid ourselves goodbye as he is leaving.


Fast forwarded to when Marshall has become the Alpha after his father died, and I have successfully become the Luna of the great Oden pack.

I and Marshall were still on our honeymoon. Today we decided to spend the evening at Zulu lake where rocks and mountains were decorated with water springing up from them in different forms.

We were gallivanting around the black-colored rivulets discussing when we heard a painful howl nearby the stream, leaving us confused. Marshall made his way to the spot where the sound was coming from.

I followed him, not minding what could happen when we got there. We saw a tiny, weak wolf lying helplessly in a pool of his blood with some wounds on its body resulting from a wild wolf bite. Marshall held it and raised it, but it wasn't as tiny as we thought; probably the wild wolf s*ck*d out half of its blood, leaving him with no strength.

"He is battling with life to survive" I uttered as Marshall was holding him and gazing at him observing what only him comprehends.

"D*mn! they have devoured Casper, the tremendous angler" he grieved.

"Do you know him?" I asked Marshall, but he didn't reply to me.

"He's still alive! Marshall what do we do " I replied fretting if the weak wolf might give up on life and die.

The wounds on Casper's body sent a shiver down my body. They were capable of sending goosebumps down on anybody, the wolf didn't tender any mercy at all. "Who might have done this?" I uttered, but Marshall refused to gaze at me and reply. Instead, I saw him in a strange form, I haven't seen him in this form since I knew him right from our teenage years.

His hackles were raised, baring his teeth that fear even catched me off guard. But my temper calmed down when I saw the blue light oozing from his hand. I never knew Marshall could possess that power.

"It's coming out!" I exclaimed. He placed his hand on the weak wolf for healing, but it was too late, the wolf was already dead.

He was devastated that he isolated himself from me.

"This helpless wolf spoiled our honeymoon," I whimpered.

The death of Casper pained him so much that he did not talk to me on our way going home after being isolated for some time.

We left the poor wolf at his dead spot to bury himself, and because he died in his wolf form, many won't believe it's Casper. And the pack might be suspicious of us, according to Marshall.

On our way going back home, I thought of many tricks to break the silence between us. "How could this Casper spoil our honeymoon and also spoil our beautiful beginning" I murmured.

"So what plans do you have for Casper now, since you said we won't bring him back?"

"No plans. " He'll just stay there and get his remaining body devoured by other hungry wild wolves. I tried my best to get him healed, but he insisted on dying," he replied.

2: Suspicion

~Luna Helen~

A week after the incident at the Zulu stream, Rick approached me, reminding me of how much harm the Alpha had done to me but I shrugged him off for the first time, I can’t do anything that would lead me to leave Oden pack because of my position and the pack’s dominance and grandeur, which are dreaded by other werewolves in another wolf pack.

It was the festive season of our pack, and a few days before the festival, Alpha Marshall ordered the entire pack's werewolf youths to go and set up the venue.

The entire Oden werewolf youth is seen gathered in a coordinated manner.

The Alpha stood to address them and let them know the reason behind their summons.

"The great Oden youths!" The Alpha echoed.

"Great!!" The werewolves chanted.

He hops while addressing the audience: "You all know we're already in our festive season, and the festival will be held in a few days to come," he declared.



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