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The Lost Billionaire Luna Queen Revenge

The Lost Billionaire Luna Queen Revenge

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Indeed fate can be cruel, she was sold out by her parents and found herself mated to her enemy. His he really her enemy? Are shadow hunters really cruel? ....... "I will seek my revenge! I will kill them all, and anyone who stands in my path will surely leave this earth! I am Yasmine Clifford The First, and I vow to carry out justice, all my enemies will be wiped out, including my biological mother! " Luna vowed, she took the sword and cut her eyes.

Chapter 1 My daughter is missing

"Of course, I belong to him, he owns me, and I own him.


Clifford's Manor 
"No! No! How did this happen? Who did this to me? What am I supposed to do now?" Lady Bella Clifford the first asked a rhetorical question. 
Panic, distress, yells, yelps, groans, wails, growls, laments, angry voices, cries, and painful tears filled the air as the servants, maids, and house helpers, ran halter-shelter in horror. 
Sadness enveloped the atmosphere, everywhere looked gloomy and the angry police face made the helpers frightened. 
The usual bright face of Lady Bella Clifford the Second was cold and dull, and the annoying little voice of Lady Yasmine Clifford the First was surprisingly quiet. Lord James Clifford Junior's laughter was absent and his troublesome baby wolves were crying. 
Clifford's manor was filled with a large crowd of comforters and the beautiful garden was covered in ashes. 
"Why me? Why? Why my daughter? My poor baby, my baby girl, my naive sweetheart, why!?" Lady Bella Clifford the first cried bitterly, her eyes were red and swollen and her gentle voice was filled with anger and regrets. 
"Not her, not her, it can't be her! It can't be her!" Lord James Junior kept saying in tears, probably to assure himself that everything would be alright, but it was not working, the more he talked, the more he cried. 
Lady Bella Clifford the second locked herself up, threatening to harm herself if her sister was not found. 
Monica Clifford, Vicky Clifford, Anita Clifford; Lady Bella's Clifford the first sisters were dressed in black, with ashes on their heads, Even the busy Jasmin was around, and her face was that of a pitiful puppy who just lost her favorite bone. 
Monica Clifford sat on the floor deep in thought, worried about the future of the Skylight pack. 
"This is so shocking, accept our consolation," Ken Carroll the vampire's best seeker consoled the heartbroken Bella the first; he tried his best, and he did, he sent out his best shifters to search for the missing girl, but the entire search was fruitless. 
Corey and Cambridge, the witch sisters were also sorry that they could not find the beautiful girl. 
"I know that everything will fall into place, so please take it easy, It will surely be alright mi-lady," Corey said with a mournful voice, Her face was covered in ashes and her heart was bleeding internally, crying and interceding for the poor little girl. 
"I will kill her!  Yes! I will kill Rose!  She failed to protect my daughter, she failed in her duties, she failed her queen!" Lady Bella the first screamed as a wounded mother bear, indeed she was wounded, and her lucky charm suddenly disappeared into thin air. 
"Rose is already in prison, the police are questioning her, Don't worry she will be dealt with severely,"  Vicky Clifford assured her big sister soberly, She was not close to the little girl, but she heard beautiful and amazing stories about the missing girl, and it made her heart to yearn out for the little girl. 
"Big sister, you need to be strong, your children need you, your company needs you, and most especially our kingdom needs you," Anita Clifford said with her hoarse voice;  although her voice sounded calm, her face proved otherwise, she loved the little missing girl and she was shocked when she received the sad message that her favorite niece was missing. 
She was in a salon braiding her hair when she received the shocking news, and without thinking twice, she jumped out of the salon, running as fast as her long legs could carry her. 
Jasmin Clifford was the closest aunt to the missing girl and she loved her very much, she loved her dearly. Jasmin is a very busy woman, always traveling from one place to another for research and work purposes, but she always makes sure she creates adequate time for her elder sister's children;  Bella the second, James Junior, and Yasmine the first. 
Jasmin was devastated when she heard the news, she didn't believe it at first, until she got to the manor and saw her elder sister in pain. 
"Where are my children? Where are they?" Bella the first asked with her puffy swollen eyes. Her voice sounded tensed and possessive.
"Bella the second locked her room door, threatening to harm herself if Yasmine is not found, while James refused to stop talking to himself," Catherine Clifford, cousin to Bella the first replied anxiously. 
"They have the right to be angry, just make sure they don't harm themselves, especially my Bella, She can be very dangerous sometimes," Lady Bella the first said with a sad voice. 
"Okay my lady, " Catherine replied her cousin and hastily left the room. 
"I will also make sure they are safe and away from danger, " Jasmin assured her sister with a quick bow, She hurriedly stood up and headed for James Junior's room, curious and worried about what happened. 
"Please only Clifford should be in this room we want to be left alone, Thanks for coming," Monica declared and ordered the room to be vacated by strangers. 
"Okay, we wish you well," the large crowd left the room, murmuring among themselves. 
"Hmmm," Nora sighed, looking around the room. 
The room was not crowded, there were only seven people in the room, all women; Bella the First, Monica Clifford, Anita Clifford, Nora Clifford, Vicky Clifford, Beatrice Clifford, and Grandmother Ora Clifford. 
Grandma Ora is mother to Bella the First, Monica, Anita, Vicky, and Jasmin; while Nora is Grandma Ora's younger sister, she is mother to Catherine and Beatrice, and they are all members of the Clifford family, the most feared and respected household in the kingdom of Bahama and beyond. Their family is feared because a descendant of the moon goddess was born into their family, and she is destined to rule the world. Unfortunately, the destined girl is nowhere to be found. Also, Clifford's family gained recognition, because Lady Bella Clifford the first, owns the biggest technology company in the world, or so we thought. 
Lady Bella Clifford the first, owns different manors and she is greatly respected because her husband Alpha James Tenor Senior, is the third and last Alpha the world has ever had. 
It is prophesied that after every ten thousand years, an Alpha will be born, but immediately the first Luna Queen is born, the curse will be wiped out, and Alphas will be born freely. 
Alpha James Tenor Senior and Lady Bella Clifford the First came together, and they had two children, the third and last child came after a long period of waiting, and she was not an ordinary girl, she was a descendant of the moon goddess, born with a special mark; she was destined to be the first luna queen, to deliver the entire werewolves from the curse of having an Alpha every ten thousand years, sadly Alpha James Tenor Senior was infuriated, he wanted to be the only Alpha, his selfish and callous interests destroyed his relationship with Lady Bella Clifford the first. 
Bella Clifford the First hijacked his pack, taking with her some of his members, After a lot of hard work she was able to have her pack, 'Skylight Pack', unfortunately, the Luna queen was destined to be the first female to own a pack of her own; so at a very tender age, Lady Yasmine Clifford the first was crowned luna of the Skylight pack. She was the first luna the world ever had. 
But due to her sudden disappearance, the Skylight pack is presently in chaos. 
"Something has to be done, the seat can not be left vacant!" Monica said with a cunning voice. 
"Nothing can be done,  Have you forgotten that only an Alpha can replace the position, " Vicky reminded her sisters, she looked alarmed. 
"I know, that's why we need Alpha James Senior," Monica said without thinking. 
"What are you saying, you of all people should know that Tenor and I aren't friends anymore, " Bella the first replied instantly. 
"Well, I don't care about that; what has to be done, needs to be done. Whatever happened in the past was between Alpha Tenor and you, it's none of our business," Monica thundered ruthlessly, her eyes black in color. 
"Wow! sister, I expected better from you. My daughter, your Luna just disappeared and you want to replace her so quickly, What is wrong with you Monica? " Bella asked her sister angrily. 
"Nothing is wrong with me, am just putting the interest of our pack before mine. Also, you don't care about your daughter, you are just worried about losing your selfish gains!" Monica replied quickly and sharply. 
"You little! " Bella growled and slapped Monica angrily. 
The two sisters raised their heads, growling and swearing at each other. 
"Quiet! " Grandma Ora ordered her voice filled with barbarity and anger.  "And you," she pointed at Monica, "Monica Clifford, you better respect yourself and watch your mouth whenever you talk to your elder sister; Bella is not your mate!" She growled at her daughter. 
"Always supporting Bella, right?" Monica scoffed at her question. 
"Did you say something," Grandma Ora asked with an intimidating voice. 
"No, I wasn't talking to you, " Monica choked in fear. 
"Much better; anyway, even if we crown Tenor and make him our Alpha, Bella's technology company still doesn't belong to him, " Grandma Ora let out.
"Hmm, why not?" Beatrice asked her aunty curiously. 
"The technology company is not mine, it belongs to Yasmine, I am managing it because she is not old enough. Moreover after me Bella the Second is her next of kin, Bella and I are the only ones who have the power and right to manage the company, " Bella the First explained with a smirk on her face. 
"That is true, Analogy Technology belongs to Yasmine, and only her, " Nora added with a light nod. 
"Well, what are we to do now?" Vicky asked curiously. 
"We'll crown Tenor, but if Yasmine returns, she will regain her rightful position as the billionaire Luna Queen," Grandma Ora suggested,  "do you all agree? " she asked, probably to make sure her words weren't useless. 
"I agree, but I doubt she'll return," Monica replied, determination and happiness could be seen in her eyes. 
"You can't be so sure. I know that one day my daughter will be back, and she will be back to execute vengeance on those that hurt her, She will be back, I can feel it, My baby girl is still alive, she is not dead," Saying that lady Bella Clifford the first stood up and left for her room. 
"She has lost it," Monica muttered. 
Bella the first walked majestically to her room, she washed off the ashes on her face and wore her long princess ball gown.  After dressing, she put on light makeup, and let down her hair, still looking at the mirror. 
Lady Bella looked beautiful and her face reminded her that she was still the young and gorgeous princess who rules a lot of people.  Taking a deep breath, she pushed her door open and walked out like the queen she was. 
"Attention! " She called for the audience of the chattering crowd. 
The crowd was surprised to see their lady royal all dressed up, and their murmuring became louder. 
"Quiet please," Lady Bella ordered, and the room became quiet instantly. 
"I know you all came here to console me, but I don't need consolation because my daughter is not dead!" Bella the first said with so much happiness. 
"Hmm, what does she mean?"
"Has the Luna been found?"
"Is she crazy?"
"Why isn't she wearing her mourning gown? She is crazy!" Different murmuring filled the room. 
"Go back home everyone, Your Luna is alive. Rejoice, celebrate, and be of good faith, Yasmine, My daughter is alive," Lady Bella Clifford the first announced with a smile leaving the crowd more confused. Their faces looked worried and concern was written on their faces. 
"Take me to Alpha Tenor, " She told her coachman fully aware of the consequences of her action. 

Chapter 2: No! It can't be

Clifford's Manor 
She walked hurriedly, worried about her fate;  "I hope they saw nothing," Jasmin reasoned as she quickened her pace, holding her gown's hems. 
Clifford's Manor is the biggest of all Lady Bella Clifford the first villas. Her family resides there, and it's home to her.
The manor has over twenty rooms, it has three big gardens, it has five large kitchens, and it has a huge courtyard, mainly for receiving visitors. Each room has a study room, a restroom, and a bathroom. 
The manor also has two libraries, one contains modern books, while the other library contains ancient books, the ancient library was abandoned because of an old scary legend.
The Clifford's Manor is an ancient house, which has been built thousands of years ago. 
"Hey you, have you seen James Junior?" Jasmin asked a startled maid. 
"Me?" The maid looked surprised, Well it's not her fault because Lady Jasmin Clifford


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